Thursday, February 9, 2012

Justine Winners' Circle Pics- Charleston->Player who makes a difference

So for the past photos of the Justine Winners' Circle, I decided to start off with "Charleston-Player who makes a difference" album title, last time on her site:

Thumbs up everyone, you did a great job for charity! 
Allez Justine, we want your golden signature!!! Please use a golden marker. 
Can you feel the warmth despite the windy weather? 
Ju:"I wanted to thank all the people for the support to make all these possible!" 
The family circle cup cute! 
Looking speechless? 
A smile will do!!! Oh, with the trophy too! 
Yes the focus is on this charming cute lady but looked at those words behind!!! 

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post these photos but I really see no harm in doing so since what Justine did is for the good cause. And besides, I just can't resist that cute smiling face! Just like my pooh bear...oops! Both are cute to me!


  1. Hey Chia, sorry I havent been around on here, been busy as usual. It's nice to see Ju doing good things, and wearing casual and sports clothes, her on the court reminds me of the good old days of her career :)

  2. It's alright Sarah, I understand that :)
    Ju has always been trying to help others, that's what I admire her too. The photos are taken I think in 2005. These are the old photos but it's still worth the memory.