Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

I promise I will be back to blog soon once all my stuffs and work are successfully done! And then to continue with more Juju cute photos, although nothing recent photos but at least she hasn't change her cuteness, so it's about the same!
My Chris Pooh encouraging me with his motivation words, lol!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WTA 40-Love Juju luv!

Yes, I am extremely late in posting this news. This was I think a few days ago news and the event was held at Wimbledon itself. There was a YouTube live link and you can search for it although I'm not sure if it has a saved version of the event cos now is of course no longer live video.

These are the photos and screen captures of Justine at the event, taken from facebook pages, twitter, chinese tieba forum shared by her fans, thank you all for sharing!:
Click the image for actual resolution, and try to spot Juju
Compared to some others, Justine's message is the shortest and neatest :) Oh why didn't Justine draw a complete heart? Symbolizes never-ending love?
Considering being a model, Justine?
This photo will get a "Nike" logo on any resumes for job applications, smart and suave! 
Danielle, I must say, you did a very good screen cap of Justine! This one is my fave! So cute looking Justine and look at how much respect Justine had given this senior lady by listening so attentively and enjoying it! 
WTA 40 Love with Justine! 
Interviewing Juju, I wish I could so so too! 
Business woman Justine <3
She looks like she's speaking french
This angle of Justine is so lovely! Like the contrast, all of them looking pretty casual while Justine is so formal and serious! 
I don't know why but I find this one to be very 2007 Justine face

I didn't post all of her screen caps taken by others, you can find them on these links:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/120727487952740/ (members required)

Btw, those who understands french, may read Justine's journal on Wimbledon's matches here:
http://lejournaldejustine.skynetblogs.be/ Justine is simply happy for Kirsten Flipkens to reach Semi Finals, what an achievement and congrats Flipkens!