Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

A big Merry Christmas to everyone here! Enjoy this festive season with your loved ones and be blessed!

Here's one reminiscing picture of Justine's OS site (still remember this? it's last year pic):
Yes, time flies and the cute Juju still lives in our hearts forever! <3

Here's a new Rolex watch picture of Justine:
The elegance~ Mmmm so charming!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Glam Ju + interesting interview

Sorry for being MIA for so long...Christmas is coming and busy shopping and buying presents, my pocket had been drilled a big hole for this festive season =( but so long as everyone's happy!

So what's Juju up to these days? Luckily right now, we still can get the news from her two facebook fan groups, the links on the right hand column.

I'll start off with the latest news, and yes, although it's about KC getting the sportswoman of the year, Justine is the presenter and of course I'm more interested in Justine than anyone presented there. Ju looked absolutely fabulous!!!

The video link is here:, you can see attractive Justine inside and yes drooling Ju-ing time!
This looks like an "informal" pre-wedding photo :-P 
They both have big eyes and same cute smiles ^o^   
Justine!!! What a sophisticated Elegant look! I love her coat! Such beautiful slim shining legs!
Mr Cute is beaming in delight and he looked like a sheriff somehow, still handsome lah :) 
Is it very cold out there? To wear so many clothings... 
The catwalk of Justine on the red carpet
I'm drooling for Justine! So Ju-licious!
I am only focused and interested in Justine no matter if she's holding the trophy or not. She's a real champion in my heart already...She looked so cute and petite and feminine! One word to describe her is "LOVELY"! 
Justine...I miss you more than ever...
Good find, suhu san! Justine looked so glamorous in this photo! Yummy! And Justine looked tall too hehe!

For articles of the news above, pls visit here: 

Next down is the news of Ju meeting tennis talent Damien Laporte (The meeting was initiated by his coach and organised by the honorary consul general of the Seychellen in Belgium, Philippe de Baets.)->copied from Ilse's words :
According to the news, Justine is now committed to follow the talent and encourage children and is now focusing on training and youth development through his tennis academy.
Skinny Ju...look at her arm, no much muscles le...I think it's the first time I see her wearing this kind of pants

And one of the most favourite interviews of Justine:

Courtesy of Ilse for the translation:

Everything Justine never told to the press !
An interview with Justine Henin in Brussels (15/12/2011)

Justine has not yet completed her first full season without tennis. But, as far as we know, a third career is not on her program. The former number one of the world answered , in a very relaxed way, some special questions....

The First Time that....
Q: .... you received a racquet? 

JH: "I was five years old." I loved my little Donnay grey, my racket was always with me, even when I was going to bed. Today, I am connected emotionally to this objects."

Q: ......that you drunk too much?

JH: "I was 12 years old". (laughs) "EH! Yes, I know, it is young. I accompanied my big brothers to celebrate new year. We were all gathered in the restaurant of our uncle. But I assure you, I never drunk anymore after my 14 years." 

Q: ...... that you kissed a boy?

JH: "Also when I was 12 years, only a little bit later then that new year's eve." (laughs) "The boy in question, my first love, was cooking for all the tournaments in the environment."

Q:....... that you have met a star?

JH: "In 2004, in Orlando. I was in the airport and I didn't dare to approach Steffi Graf. When I told her later this story, she was very surprised, because I was already number one of the world. But I was 15 years when I've met Pete Sampras' eyes. Being junior, I was walking in the Wimbledon tunnel when that happened, I will never forget that look."

Q: ..... you have smoked a joint? 

JH: "Never."

The Last Time that....

Q......that you have bet?

JH: "I dont know anymore....I bet only when I am 100% sure."

Q:....... that you lied?

JH: "We all lie sometimes. Lets say that I sometimes deform a bit the reality."

Q: ..........that you cried?

JH: "When I was looking to the movie Les Intouchables. I cry easily in the cinema. I also cried when I was looking to "les petits mouchoirs". Formerly, I didn't dare to cry before the eyes of others. I preferred to wait to be alone in my car before I melted into tears. But now I am changed "

Q:.........that you became angry?

JH: "Last time when I was returning home from work, I made myself angry on Deuce. She was walking too slow, between my feets, and I walked on her tail but not on purpose.
And, because I had a stressful day, I was going off the rails when she barked".

Q:........that you have done a stupidity?

JH: "I called nobody after my jaw operation, while I needed comfort.
Otherwise, when I was a little girl, I played doctor with a student of my class."

Q:........that you have received a fine?

JH: "This week! I was parking my car non-paid in the centre of Brussels. I drive rather cautiously, so that kind of fines I don't have often."

Q:.........that you have insulted someone?

JH: "I am polite but resolute. Sometimes, I get a bit mad on drivers just before me who are driving bad ."

Q:........ that you felt any shame?

JH: "After my operation on my jaw. I didn't like it when the people were watching me."

Q:.......that you felt fear?

JH: "When Deuce had crossed the road without leash. A car just passed not far away from her".

Q:.......that you went to the cinema?

JH: "I saw Les Intouchables and Tintin."

Q:.......that you went to a concert?

JH: "For my association Justine For Kids, I attended a concert of classical music."

Q:......that you cooked?

JH: "I cook more than before, but still not very often. It is primarily my companion who is the victim. I am not a very talented cook.
But okay if I have good preparations it succeeds, because I'm not clumsy, I just don't dare."

Interesting interview, isn't it? How I wish many of her interviews are so interesting and unique such that the answers from Justine will not be those standard official answers but more of personal views and thoughts from her. 

Oh and her first kiss is at the age of 12..hehehehe, Justine you are so mature at such a young age! Hahaha! And at poor Deuce: awww....
I wanna see a drunk Justine, see if she'll sing when she gets drunk...I'm an evil bad fan! omg!

Love Justine always! <3

Friday, December 9, 2011

Updates at a go!!!

Ah, I'm so behind the news, even new news are becoming old news, sorry about that. So here's all the Ju updates which were posted on the 2 <3 facebook groups and this is gonna be a long long post....

First of all, please visit Justine's official website, there's news updated->
click on news and you'll see that on 26th Nov, Saint Nicholas was invited to Club Justine Henin for a fulfilling entertaining event held for the Liege Hospital Children. For more info, please visit: 

I'll only post some of the pictures here, for more photos, please visit her website, go to, then click Gallery->Justine->2011->Justine For Kids
Ju:"Hello sweety! What is that on your hand? Can show it to me?" 
Haha initially I thought how come the tigger soft toy is attached to Justine's back until I realised that Justine is carrying a child. 
This is sweet! All smiles ppl! It makes me happy seeing ppl smile =) 
Love the crowd, it looked like a fun event in a nicely decorated place 
Shake your bon bon! Let's dance! 
Of course not to forget the cool MIBs! Handsome! 
Oh I love the background <3 A new Justine's dance haha!  
These 2 kids look so familiar...ah I remember, they appeared in "Make a Wish 2010" charity event where Justine danced "Now it's time" in it too 
Everyone smiles for the camera, including Saint Nicholas! 
Does the cake taste yummy? I can't judge from the kids look 
The kids admiring Justine's glorious moments, ALLEZ! 
I want!!! Ok, I'll switch back to reality, love how Justine wrote the 'J', so artistic =P 
What is the artistic Ju doing? Autographing or doing art on the kid's hands?
Justine for Kids name cards, simple and cute

And there's an article about Justine's Club:
It was saying that Sandra Leborgne became the new Club manager of Club Justine Henin now that Carlos went to China and one of the objectives of the club is to organize a WTA tournament ultimately. 
Ilse did a translation for this article but since it was pretty long and I want to keep this post as short as possible cos I still wanna paste the videos below =P, I suggest ppl to go her group and read the translation (Thank you Ilse for the translation):

Here's another article of Justine wishing Kim goodluck in her 2012 season (Good gracious Justine!):

And earlier on, there's a mystery video of her urging ppl to give her a 4x4 which someone explained to me that it is like a jeep car for Christmas:

Unfortunately there are haters and naive ppl who really think that she needed a 4x4 for herself and that she is  just a greedy woman and hence spit all the venom on her on youtube. Please ppl, Ju is not those greedy type, she's much more kind hearted than 800% of you haters! And she probably donated much more than you guys do!
Here's a second video in response to the first (explanation of why she needed a 4x4):
Souvenez-vous, Justine Henin vous avait lancé un vibrant appel pour l'aider à acheter un 4x4 pour Noël:

Ce 4x4 fait partie des HappyPack - des cadeaux pour sauver des vies ! Lorsque vous offrez un HappyPack à un ami ou à un membre de votre famille, cette personne reçoit un certificat personnalisé reprenant la photo et la description du cadeau que vous avez choisi et un message personnel. Votre cadeau est alors envoyé en fonction des besoins vers les pays dans lesquels l'UNICEF est actif. Les HappyPacks sont des cadeaux qui sauvent des vies et font la différence. Rassurez-vous, il n'y a pas que des 4x4, il y en a pour toutes les bourses. 

Rendez-vous ici pour offrir un HappyPack:

EAT THIS HATERS! It's for the Happy pack UNICEF! Instead of hating on Justine, why don't you guys do more meaningful stuffs like Justine? Spend more time loving than to hate!  

I am certainly saddened and feel disgusted by these haters who would pounce on every chance to hate on Justine even if she is doing something meaningfully good. These ppl, I am speechless and can only conclude that idiocy can only exist in them.

And now I'll paste what Danielle had posted and translated to English in the Fan Club Justine Henin FB group, it's very interesting to read:
1st article:
Saturday, December 3, 2011 the guest people “I have not gained 1€ any more for a few years”
Ten months after her final sporting retirement, Justine Henin (29 years) spends her energy in the club which bears its name in Limelette, close to Wavre. A club of tennis not like the others since one finds there an Academy for elites, a normal school of tennis, a cabinet of physios, a restaurant “At Justine”, of the rooms of seminars and the seat of the Foundation “Justine For Kids”.
LG5,12,6,3,0, LO_RJ_PICTO_TEXTE, 8,0,18.5, 17.0
“It is in this club that I work from now on the every day. I took again the head office with Limelette, even if I do not like to put titles because I would be nothing without the assistance collaborator close relations. It is not obvious to coordinate all these activities, but I wanted to really bring my key here. So that this club which bears my name is credible, it was necessary that I would be really present there. I wish that each person, the occasional member to the elite, via the young people feel there well and at ease. It is not because it is the club of Justine Henin who it is inaccessible, quite to the contrary. ”
The champion becomes a businesswoman, with joys and disappointments: “I manage about thirty people with the daily newspaper. It was necessary that I learn this human management and to assemble a financial plan. I can ensure you that nights ago when I do not sleep always well with these responsibilities. I work much and I have not gained 1€ any more for a few years. I am already content if one arrives at balance and if each person is paid at the appropriate time. ”
And which is the philosophy of work of our new businesswoman? “I grant much importance to the transparency and clearness. When I engage somebody, I try to show me even more demanding as of the beginning. The mission is clear from the start. One likes or one does not love Justine, but at least, there is no surprise.”
It is from now on with the handlebar of a company! v. L.

2nd article:


Saturday, December 3, 2011 the council of Juju to the young people
LG5,12,6,3,0, LO_RJ_PICTO_TEXTE, 8,0,18.5, 17,0Justine Henin learn three lessons from its short experiment in the business world.
1. “That is very expensive to assemble a small company to Belgium. To arrive there, there is only one solution: the work of quality. I sometimes made mistakes and I suffered people who deceived me because I was called Justine Henin. ”
2. Young people: “Without making general information, I notice that the young people do not invest themselves any more. They want all and immediately. This state of mind materialist, before to have even shown its mettle, that shocks me. They want to be revolutionary but a few days are enough to realize that it is only wind. I grant much importance to the personal investment. A person of quality which is not afraid to work will be rewarded. It is a kind of creed at home. Everyone can thus with what expect. ”
3. Belgian mentality: “In Belgium, people are systematically jealous of the success. If a person succeeds in the life, it is that it was easy for it or that it cheated. I seldom intend to say that it is because she especially worked. One never speaks about the authorized efforts. I suffered from it during my career. I do not envy large-thing the United States but, there, the success is an engine and not a taboo. One would make well be inspired some. ”

Thank you Danielle for the translation of these 2 articles! And I believe in the 2nd article where Justine said about the mentality of some Belgians was because of these some losers haters comments on the press articles about Justine. They attacked her mercilessly with nasty words and It's terrible to think that such ppl actually exist, their lives must be too miserable without love.
Justine, don't worry, you still have many fans from Belgium and also international fans who care about you and love you as much. We'd rather spend time to love than to hate and are not as boring as those haters who have "no life" and are cowards to only sit in front of the com and comment nasty stuffs about you on the Internet. God please gives these ppl some lives and entertaining meaningful stuffs to do.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

7ème challenge allan sport Télévie

Sorry for the late updates again, but now I'm gonna post the pictures of the charity event held in Club Justine Henin. Firstly, I'll post the pictures taken and uploaded by Danielle and Patricia, thank you both for sharing the photos on the facebook page:

As much as I would like to post all of the pictures, I have to respect the privacy of maybe some ppl who do not want their full face to be known to the public. So I shall exclude those photos of them with Justine together.

*Thank you all of you who participated in the event, it was a huge success! According to Ilse's translation: The Télévie day in Club Justine Henin achieved € 7712.50 and that's the highest amount until now of the 2011-2012 Télévie season. Source:

I find this pic super Christmas feel...and no, Justine is not the Christmas tree though she is just as colourful and beautiful as one. Once again, I love her sharp nose and looking sharp too for the eyes.
Justine:" Oh little child, be good. I may not be a real Christmas tree or Santa, but I will give you your present later, so stay good k?"
Justine is a good listener
And a good chatter too! 
Right? *Scratch scratch*
This photo showed  the food they're eating, looks yummy
For sure the food is finger licking good!
It's blur but it does not make blur the fact that Justine is cute!
I have the proof that she is cute!!! This is the photo...see? Even the woman is drooling at her (just j/k)

Some Mr Cute and Ms Cutie's moments of sweetness:
Starting from the lowest  level of sweetness pic
Gradually warming up...attracting more ants~
Becoming closer~do they look cute?
To even cuter, almost-face-2-face if they had remained eye contact!
To the highest level of sweetness! The ultimate photo of the sweetest moments...
Mr Cute: "My name is Romeo! And you are...?"
Ms Cute:"Ermm...and my name is Justine"

Now we get to see some of the trophies and awards she had won and was showcased:
Wow factor no.1
Wow factor no.2
Wow factor no.3
Nice trophy but how come the woman statue looks like she sprained her waist?
Oh, the memorable bird nest that she had won herself a gold medal! Why didn't she place the gold medal instead of this bird nest?
Oh I remember this...I think it's the award when she had this unique hairstyle
1989! When I was just 2 years of age...

And now there's two clips of Justine on youtube!

And the following official pictures from the Allan site thing: (whole album)

I only posted some of it, for all the photos (Ilse, I'm not sure if you'd allow me to post your emotional photos here, so I didn't post them), pls refer to the link above:

The "Poster" of the Televie event 
What a crowd! 
The lovely couple ^^ 
It must have a nice ambiance there with live music band! 
Where's Mr Cute? Toilet? 
A picture to show that you can enjoy your meal while watching the ppl playing tennis on the clay court 
This is...Justine? The "aftermath" of losing 15KG due to jaw surgery. Justine, now you have those arms-like legs, and stick-like arms. 
But she's still our sweet Justine who loves children 
And still a charming one too! Looking good! All smiles Justine! 
How many indoor courts are there? 
Boy, can send me your shirt with Ju's autograph on it? 
Ju:"Little boy, I think I've saw that cap somewhere..."
Loves this pic! Justine is so lovely there! 
So this is the original Justine's size without all the extra muscles, petite and slim 
Spot Justine
A bigger picture for you to spot Justine, it's easy!  
Thank you photographer for her charming side view! 
Oh, that guy in the left front is so handsome! Eh, but I'm more interested in the handsomely beautiful Justine ;-P 
And this is a cute astonished Justine look 
This is part of the video clip where she gave an interview
<3 Justine's side view always! Allez Justine's side view! Haha! 
Little gal, are you interested in becoming a pro tennis player with single backhand? Hehehe (evil thoughts) 
The new logo of Justine's club-> the pink tennis ball designed by Justine herself 
Thank you all for attending the charity event held in Justine's club! 
I'm sure you all enjoyed the facilities and amenities there, there's even a tv on top :) 
And a wide indoor view of the tennis courts! 
Looks like a nice party with ppl of all ages gathering together for a great cause! 
Enjoy the food! Oh the greedy me wish I was there to taste some of the cookies and pies :-P
Fun art for the children 
So they even have indoor clay courts!
Love the shirts! Seems like the little boy on the left is a fan of Justine only ^^ 
Wow, what a nice backhand shot for this guy! There should be no limits to disability ppl! 
The awards~ 
Front view 
I want this tennis ball! Look! It's Justine in the heart! Yes, in my heart 
Only Justine's signature is the most identifiable one..just one look and you know which one is Justine's
I wanna join in the crowd!  
Oh, the bar! Looks comfortably nice place to chill
Why the black & white? 
Are they announcing the awards winner? Look at the smiley look on Justine 
And may I announce the grand prize winner... 
Btw, I wonder when did Justine they all change their clothes to this Green color outfit? Looks nice though and is Justine doing some arm stretching or what? Maybe she's trying to scratch her  itchy right brain =X
The award winners with Ju in it part 1
 The award winners with Ju in it part 2 (spot the difference between part 1 and 2)
Is it very cold in the club? Justine looked like a modern "mummy" wrapped up with so many clothings! 
I'm focused on Justine even though I did get distracted by the cute Donald Duck on that man's shirt

And here's a press article (You can see the killer wink of Mr Cute who probably charmed Justine with his wink in the first place)
And from the look of Justine, it may seem otherwise?

It was a huge success for this charity event and I hope there's one more next year held in her fabulous nicely designed club! It's still a pity I wasn't in Belgium nor have the ability right now to travel to Belgium, else I'd love to attend this event too! Justine with a heart bigger than her fist and as pure as gold. Forever ♥ J.H.