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Recent Ju news updates sep-oct 2013

Aiyayah! Where have I stopped? Seems that there's a whole lot to update for, one moment (accumulated) of laziness can cause me to lag behind in updating Ju's news so much! I will post the news links, videos and pictures only, as for the content, you will have to be more hardworking than me to click on the links to view :)

Anyway, I'll start from the earliest to latest news sequence to update with, pls check out for Danielle's English translation or use any reliable translator for French to your preferred language.

1) Ju participated in the cycling event of "Beau VĂ©lo de RAVel":
Check out the videos, it's amusing! And I miss this sporty juju!
Staying fit and healthy for a good cause! I assume this photo is this year's event although Ju seems to wear the same as last year, must be the cute sporty jacket!
2) Les Copains d'Agadir supports of "JustineForKids" event (refer to this site:
Always for the kids, Mama Juju 
It's too small, I can't see what she wrote :-(  but it looks as artistic as her tennis! :-D
It must be very cold there, or rather, cool nice weather! 
Thanks for the support to JFK!

3) Ju's perspective and emphasis on eating healthy (participate in the conference of the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk (ICCR)):

4) Olympic Committee president, belgian, Jacque Rogge retired, Justine pays tribute to him:
Ju in suit! She looks stunning though ^o^

The pics below are from Belgapics, anyone could find these without watermarks?
Just a watermarked version of her, same as the above photo, except that this, we can see her holding a stylish purse with a touch of blurriness of the whole photo 
Feminine Ju wearing a dress! Her fashion style not bad, I like!  
Ah~ once again, my mouth opened wide wide and my saliva flowing down again, Ju is so attractive!
The both retired famous and honorable belgians in their professions
What were they laughing about? Care to share?
Oh yes Ju's side view, I love it! 
Omg, I'm totally electrified by her! Yes I'm supposed to be straight but Ju is so beautiful!
5) Cap 48 charity show, Justine experimenting wheelchair tennis with Joachim Gerald:

It must have been tough to play wheelchair tennis, have to move the wheelchair quickly and hit the ball in time... 
Noticed how the wheels are inclined inwards, I wonder if it's custom made to play wheelchair tennis?  
Joachim is truly an inspirational figure, just like Justine too! 
The amazing backhand~~~~~unfortunately it failed when Justine played wheelchair just isn't the same but I still love her backhand! 
Unity is the strength! 
The after match interview and thoughts? 
Ju must be trying to get the hang of being in a wheelchair and playing tennis with it

Do watch the video, missing Justine with a tennis racket so much!!!!

6) Justine Henin Academy Camps in Aberdeen, Scotland
Fitness training
More Fitness training
The top coaches from Justine Henin Academy who go to the camp
Justine was personally present at the camp as well, lucky for the kids!
Uploaded by Danielle onto the facebook page, I've conveniently and thick skinned as usual to steal it here

Here's the news journal typed and shared by Danielle, let me copy and paste here:

18 oct. 2013The Press and Journal (North-East)BY DANNY LAW
Henin’s Granite City talent search

Seven-time tennis grand slam winner Justine Henin was in Aberdeen yesterday to help discover the next Andy Murray.
The former world number one held a camp at Westburn Tennis Centre this week to pass on some tips to 16 of the northeast’s most promising tennis players aged 12 to 18.
Henin is not surprised the sport’s popularity is booming given Murray’s successes and the Belgian expects the Scot to add to his Wimbledon and US Open titles before too long.
She said: “Andy is a massive inspiration for the young people because of the way he plays.
“Everyone was desperate for him to win Wimbledon for so long and it was great to see him finally do it.
“He has grown up a lot in the last two years and I have been really impressed with the way he has improved – I think this is only the beginning for him. “I see no reason why he can’t continue that over the next few years.”
Henin, whose superb tennis career was cut short by injury, was hugely impressed by the talent on show at Westburn Tennis Centre yesterday. The 31- year- old added: “Usually the children come across to our academy in Belgium but we decided to bring our academy coaches to the children on this occasion.
“I think the week has been a success. We have seen some good players but more importantly we have seen the right commitment, respect and attitude.
“The philosophy behind our academy is that no matter what level someone plays at, we want to see that commitment and respect for others.

“We don’t expect them all to be champions but they have to listen to the coaches and work hard.”

7) Side news (others):
  • Justine Henin working with Daniela Seguel:
Selectively chosen a few:

Phew, I've finally managed to update them all here, thanks to Danielle for Justine's news updates too! Now awaiting for upcoming events like Televie and hopefully we have more wonderful photos of Justine! Cheers and good luck to all!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Be back on next weekend

I will be away until next weekend and I hope I will be able to update this blog with all the new-turned-old but still recent news of Justine. Cheers to Juju and all!

How can I end a post without posting any cute Juju photos, right? Cya soon!