Sunday, August 26, 2012

Justine Unicef for Sports

Hello, long time no see! hahaha, I break my promise of coming back to blog in a week's time but turns out to be more than a week! Oops!

Thanks to Justine's Belgian fan Danielle, for the news update: here's UNICEF event photo which Justine was present in. Unicef for sports and the sport at that event is tennis!

I'll only paste those that have Justine in it, for a complete set of photos with more cute kids, please visit:

Here comes the photos together with my usual boring captions:
Justine is always serious when it comes to meeting 
Such nice features of her face :) Just a little frown 
How I wish they have a zoomed in of Justine in this photo! I really love this photo with the cutest Justine-head-tilt smile! So super cute!!! 
Justine in a big pair of cool shades, from cute to handsome~ 
And from handsome back to cute when you are being accompanied by so many adorable kids! And the kid holding onto that big big tennis ball, kawaii!!! 
I kinda like Justine in this casual wear, blue and white seems to be a nice match! Love the T shirt! And cute little girl, your big big tennis ball finally has a much greater value with Ju's autograph!  
Hmmm, Justine giving tips on how to hold a racket using both hands?  
I wish too to have Justine giving me some tips on how to hold and swing a racket and hit a ball nicely without going out or hit the net! But boy, be careful, your shoelace is coming off. 
This photo shows that Justine has a nice skin complexion with artistic long fingers (you can see that she has long fingers when her thumb itself is already that long) 
Justine is still wearing Rolex, that little boy is like a boss! Hahaha! 
What are they discussing that Justine seems so enthusiastic about? 
It seems that Justine, just like me, also can't stand strong sunlight shining on her face, her eyes will be squinted  and she looks like she's frowning even when smiling. 
Justine's ring is so shiny here even when blocked from the sunlight 
 That boy must be a shy one..he should stand closer to Justine, or Justine is the shy one? (^o^)
 I can see that Justine loves children alot
The "waterfall" caterpillar! And a very colourful one!
Somehow..just somehow...I envy that little girl but they make a pretty good team in blue! 
Even when signing autographs, Justine had this serious look on her face...a serious smile 
The shy smile of Justine, I love how the lady besides her is smiling so happily! 
This photo is all smiles, something to cheer you up when you're feeling down, because I simply love this smiling Justine!
All of them looking so well built and sporty! 
Yay! A side view of Justine! 
If only this has a video of her, cos I really wanna hear her speech! But photos are good enough for me :-D 
That pair of beautiful eyes that seems to tell everything, it's these eyes that got my attention in the first place. 
Hehehe, Justine looking super teenager like in this wear and especially small when standing next to that tall big guy... 
Sometimes I just think that she looks younger, but no matter what age she is in, her smile remains as charming and radiant as ever!
Justine holding the champagne like she's holding a trophy! 
Oh red dress lady, you are so tall to Justine that she had to do a one legged standing leaning towards you =)
This would be a good informal group photo 
I don't know the dutch words but look at how slim Justine's arm has become :( 
Eh? there's still some muscles on her arm, at least it still looked toned and not super skinny or flabby 
Ju:"I'm proud to be a member of unicef and will do my best to help, here's my kiss to all of you, muacks!" 
"And see you all again soon, thanks for the lovely flowers!" 
The dreamy laugh of Justine, I love this photo! But then again, I simply love all the photos that have Justine in it, so... 
I don't think Justine knows which camera to smile at  
Justine is suave looking, I tell ya! Look at this handsome side view of her with that handsome smile, girls beware! 
This photo proves that there's a lot of cameras there 
Justine looks like she's just won a lottery hehehe 
Justine suddenly looking so small among the tall ppl 
This time round, Justine finally looking at the correct camera but not all of them were
What is it that Justine is holding? 
The focus of this photo to me is actually the white collar shirt mister on the left..another one like a boss! 
So basically, Justine is just standing at the same place in every group photos with different groups of ppl, hahaha, Ju is so slim in this photo!
 fa mi re do re mi fa 
The epic look of that little kid hahaha! 
That macho father on the left needs to stand closer to Justine for a group photo, there's a gap in there, or are they reserving that gap for me to photoshop my picture in it? :-P 
Earlier on is a gap in the group photo, now is not enough space for that guy behind 
The sports ppl group 
Only Ju is wearing 3/4 pants. Why did Ju say her shoulder is broad when obviously it isn't? 
Only Justine's unicef shirt is the one that had the sport in it (and also a lady-scroll up to the top of this post to see the photo)