Monday, November 22, 2010

Allow me to go MIA again II + Justine Pics

Sorry again~ ("Sorry" is becoming my usual quote). As my exams are coming in less than 3 weeks time, to be exact, my 1st paper starting on 11 Dec and yes, it's on Saturday -.-|||

So I think I have to excuse myself from blogging. I've slacked and lagged behind too much, time to burn midnight oil and as the chinese says 临时抱佛脚 (Direct Translation: "Last minute then hug the Buddha's legs")

So I'll be back to blog after my exams...yeah, that would be after 16 Dec (seems so far away, yet the time to study seems so short), So my dear frenz, cya again!

Well, just some interesting? pics of Ju to post up here again b4 I'm gonna "disappear into thin/thick and polluted air":

Oh My Juju, You're already so cute when young! Of course you still look the same and youthful as always...when can I see you wearing earrings again? The cutest look of a person drinking water! 
Eh...Justine, don't look so serious leh...I think she injured her foot? But this one her leg looks extremely flexible and fake (I know it's real but it looks weird). So she's getting her treatment I think...this guy doing Reflexology for Justine? 
The grass and the clay below. I don't know what to comment about for this pic...can I say...Justine, you're one really very handsome lady!  
Just a casual pic of the young Juju. And yes Juju was looking pretty boyish last time but now, she's one beautiful woman. 
Justine Henin-A promising future Tennis Police! Really very suave looking, Ju! And I see, Justine had "stolen" the cap from the Uncle on her right, leaving him revealing his "botak" head!
Oh Pls Forgive me Justine! I'm becoming a very bad bad fan, always posting her un-glam pic. But, Ju, you really have very rich facial expressions...even your sad and disappointed look really looks so sad. :-( 
But I hope to see more of your smiles and laughs than these pouting facial expressions though they're cute as well...

And here's a pic to compensate for Juju un-glam pic:
"WHAT?" HAHAHA! * infinity (sorry Justine, so SORRY! ~Runs off~)

And I shall reuse this GIF:
Wish Me GOOD LUCK for my exams! Allez Justine! Allez me and all!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Justine's old advertisement videos

Firstly, pls forgive me for "illegally stolen" videos from the original or other sources and uploaded onto the newly created Youtube account.

I know it's wrong to do so, but I just wanted to create one YT account in which only Ju's videos will be uploaded and though the videos are put as "public", I tried not to tag "Justine Henin" and also include her name in the title as well (I tried to minimize the publicity as much as possible)...

Just wanna share with any other Ju's fans who happened to be like me, missing out the whole part of her 1st career as well as any videos in between those yrs. Hopefully YT won't delete my account and I hereby sincerely apologizes to any breaching of copyrights.

Justine's Tennis Academy Advertisement (not sure the title is correct):

Justine's Skydiving video made by Maximum Gravity Team (I think):

Justine Henin et Justine Pirsoul (You can also find it at:

Justine must love kids alot..this video is very sweet and she looks cute! Look at Ju's expression at 0:35-0:36! That boy is cute too!

Just help me keep it a secret? 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Updates~Ju's OS video

Sorry I'm extremely late for this...and forget about my yesterday test =P So the extremely entertaining interesting video's from Justine's OS website under the news tab:

Edit (added in the YT vid):

~Screen captures~
Is this the new Water Karate? 
So Ju is swimming while wearing the (Is that Rolex) watch-testing the water proof ability of the watch? But I read somewhere that she can't live without her watch, even bathing, she will still wear it. A very time efficient lady.
Ain't she cute? The smiley Justine! Smile more, SMILE MORE! =) 
I must say, I really can't do this in the pool. This is sort of balancing as well? My legs will touch the ground if I tried to keep my head above the water, or else, my head will be submerged deep into the pool if I tried to raise my legs...Maybe I'm too lousy =X 
So I assume Justine knows how to swim? She looks pro in the freestyle swimming 
Seriously, this is really like relaxation. Anyway, nice bikini you have, Ju. At least it's not only a single color but very colorful mixture of purple, yellow and white(if I'm not colorblind) Nice athletic sexy body Justine! Wait till I train mine to be like yours (may have to wait for 100 years)
I don't mind if you don't smile~for the sake of laughing out loud! Love this happy happy Juju!
Deuce is such a brave doggie! Not afraid of being injured by accident while Justine's doing her physical training. 
Sorry for my poor English...wad's victim of battery? Anyway, I think the assault may be referring to Deuce's attack
Yeah~ everybody loves this pic! I call it the "Deuce-stamping-on-Juju's-mouth" pic. I find it very cute that Deuce suddenly walks up onto Justine's body and Justine was still wondering what her precious Deuce might do to her, then suddenly "Deuce's attacks" came! Additional thoughts: Deuce has a very good stability and balance as well. Justine's body was "shaking" at that moment and Deuce was not afraid and even can stand well.  
And there's the training on court! I love seeing her with racket...and this is my favourite pic of her, the slice while coming to the net.

I'm wondering...does Justine's OS had her these kinds of videos in the past during her first career? If not, then this second career is simply entertaining to fans and these videos are definitely a bonus! And her videos are certainly very interesting and funny =D I love Justine!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Justine Sports for Life (Olympic training camp)

I'm late to post this but again, allow me to copy and paste all the info from the forum, I'm always such a lazy pig, but yeah, I'm busy as well, sorry. Have a test this Friday, so after this post, I'll go MIA again for a couple of days, at least until Friday.

Anyway, enough of my lamentations, here goes the pics:

Justine joined the Belgian Olympic training camp in the Canary Islands and will be there for a week to improve her performances. Nov 14, 2010 (Quote copied from the forum as well):
Hmmm...Justine's taller than Carlos? Btw, I really love Ju's jogging pic, she's so athletic!
How come I think Justine looks the fittest and the most fitting image of a runner here? Sorry Carlos, you look like you're dancing, and sorry to the big guy besides Juju, I think you're very big sized, I think if you walk in front of me, all I can see is your butt =X
Their Stamina is really good! Can laugh and jog at the same time! PRO! 
If I ever happened to saw Juju on the streets running/jogging like this in the pic, I don't care whether I'm wearing slippers or barefooted, I'll jog with her (I'll probably run out of breath though-thanks to my small lungs)
Carlos, be careful of the cars from behind you...
Ah, Ju and Carlos "ignoring" the big man, and started chatting?
I wish for such a scenery near my house, it would be so relaxing to jog while enjoying the beautiful sceneries..(I'm not sure if the background scenery in this pic looks beautiful or not, at least being blur, it looks nice)
No prize for guessing who got to the destination first...
Justine looks so small here
Ok, the background is really nice (damn, I'm running out of words here)
After a long jog, time to rest and enjoy the stretching~the grass looks like a fine piece of cushioned carpet, I think Ju might even sleep on it!
Actually I think Justine has a very long pair of sexy nice legs! I love her legs, very toned and slim. Damn! When was the last time I jogged? It seems ages, no wonder my flabby arms are becoming the canoe paddle, swinging from east to west, and I think the layers on my tummy may exceed that of the rainbows soon. The only fat burning machine part of my body? My's like Roti Prata 

Ok, enough of my lame shit again~I'm so tired, and this semester seems very difficult and confusing~ i hope everything eventually turns out fine. The schedule is tight and now I'm gonna really be away from blogging until at least my Friday test is over. At least, I'm glad now at this moment, Justine's new pics are popping up on the screen and I pretty much needed it to de-stress myself. Muacks Juju, you saved some of my brain cells again, I love're my brain saver!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dizzy GIFs animation part III

As promised in my comments, I will post some of my cute Juju GIFS again...sorry, one of my limited "talents" is to make simple animated gifs, forgive me, I'm not a multi-talent like Justine but I will try to discover my real talent (if any)...I feel like creating a new page tab on top in this blog and add in all her GIFS inside...maybe I'll do that next time, but right now, just enjoy these dizzy Justine's poetry in motion (like what rottweily's site's title had put)

*To view the actual resolution and size of the GIFS, just click on them.

Let's start from her famous Backhand shots:
The two GIFS above can be used as a teaching material for ppl who wanna learn perfect beautiful backhand shots like Justine's...simply beautiful backhand!
Sorry Jelena, but I love this deadly backhand cross-court weapon of Justine used against you and any other players, what a grace!

On Court Expressions:
Too HANDSOME!!! Sorry, I just couldn't help it, I'm drawn to Justine's handsomeness again. Well Justine, you are too handsomely beautiful, not only your game style is handsomely played but even your expression too! (I meant no insult to Justine, I'm just a weirdo who loves both the handsome and beautiful side of Justine)
Sometimes, I really can't figure out what her next expression will be. You see from this GIF, initially she looked ok and then suddenly, she frowned for ??? But that's when I get my chance to make more GIFS of her, hehehe...
Is Ju unhappy with something? 
Weird GIF but I think that time when I made this GIF, I was attracted to her "glaring" sharp and focused
Hehehe, this one I happened to see it in the match with Mauresmo in Eastbourne 2007 (I think)...she seemed to be relaxing in her lala land and then suddenly she got conscious of her surroundings and woke up. Her face is so cute's even interesting if you looked at this scene from the match itself, cos this GIF is much faster and couldn't show the cute effect to the max.

Now her winning expressions:
Sly, remember the GIFs that you showed me last time? Now I made a bigger, shorter version of it...forgive me for being so "no copyright", I couldn't care for much if Ju is too cute to resist. And yes, this although is a fake winning point, but it's part of her winning expression too.
And....this is the cheeky GIF of the pic which I've posted in my previous post, she really looked very "cartoonized" in a good and funny way. Oh Juju, do more of these pls, they're delicious to my eyes and sweet to my heart. No wonder my house seems to be infested with ants nowadays..

Her off court expressions:
Specs-tacular Justine ^^
Blur Juju in her specs...does she look nerdy?
Oh, Juju is tired...have a good rest Ju!
Ju:"I love you all for loving my Tennis, Muacks!" 
And I always love her side view smile, very photogenic! Of course her front and back views are photogenic as well =)
Now, she's BEAUTIFUL!!!  I'm obsessed....
And this is the coolest Justine at a very cooling place....

Ok, now it's about 2:15am here in Singapore and I'm very sleepy...wanna watch one of her past matches but sorry, I think there's stones on my eyelids forcing them to close the gates. Gonna sleep now, Justine, please appear in my dream dreams are always adventure like and the sceneries are very beautiful, so Ju, come join in my adventure! Ok, enough of my lame shit, Bonne Nuit!