Saturday, November 20, 2010

Updates~Ju's OS video

Sorry I'm extremely late for this...and forget about my yesterday test =P So the extremely entertaining interesting video's from Justine's OS website under the news tab:

Edit (added in the YT vid):

~Screen captures~
Is this the new Water Karate? 
So Ju is swimming while wearing the (Is that Rolex) watch-testing the water proof ability of the watch? But I read somewhere that she can't live without her watch, even bathing, she will still wear it. A very time efficient lady.
Ain't she cute? The smiley Justine! Smile more, SMILE MORE! =) 
I must say, I really can't do this in the pool. This is sort of balancing as well? My legs will touch the ground if I tried to keep my head above the water, or else, my head will be submerged deep into the pool if I tried to raise my legs...Maybe I'm too lousy =X 
So I assume Justine knows how to swim? She looks pro in the freestyle swimming 
Seriously, this is really like relaxation. Anyway, nice bikini you have, Ju. At least it's not only a single color but very colorful mixture of purple, yellow and white(if I'm not colorblind) Nice athletic sexy body Justine! Wait till I train mine to be like yours (may have to wait for 100 years)
I don't mind if you don't smile~for the sake of laughing out loud! Love this happy happy Juju!
Deuce is such a brave doggie! Not afraid of being injured by accident while Justine's doing her physical training. 
Sorry for my poor English...wad's victim of battery? Anyway, I think the assault may be referring to Deuce's attack
Yeah~ everybody loves this pic! I call it the "Deuce-stamping-on-Juju's-mouth" pic. I find it very cute that Deuce suddenly walks up onto Justine's body and Justine was still wondering what her precious Deuce might do to her, then suddenly "Deuce's attacks" came! Additional thoughts: Deuce has a very good stability and balance as well. Justine's body was "shaking" at that moment and Deuce was not afraid and even can stand well.  
And there's the training on court! I love seeing her with racket...and this is my favourite pic of her, the slice while coming to the net.

I'm wondering...does Justine's OS had her these kinds of videos in the past during her first career? If not, then this second career is simply entertaining to fans and these videos are definitely a bonus! And her videos are certainly very interesting and funny =D I love Justine!


  1. Hi ST,

    As the English/International writer on the old OS for Justine. I can vouch that we never had these types of clips - there was only that Sky Diving video. Justine was very shy before and preferred to her off court & home life personal or private moments to her

    I think it's nice that Justine has very traditional views toward her relationships, and respects family members or in-laws that aren't celebs and won't invade her public status on them. Unlike other tennis stars; Justine's relatives aren't jetsetters or media attention seekers. The majority of them have regular jobs or students.

    P.S The pool stuff was interesting. They're in the deep part of the waters, and floating around doing those exercises.

    Was Deuce trying to do some Doggie Shiatsu on Justine?
    LOL :)

  2. Thank you greenout for the clarification! And yes, Justine is very thoughtful towards her families and frenz. And it's good that Justine's relatives are keeping a low profile. Justine is a pretty low profile girl, but a very professional player, I love that about her. very focused on Tennis only.

    And yup, the pool stuff was interesting, nv thought that she could do the exercises in the pool after that serious elbow injury. I was still wondering what kind of exercises she could do with an injured elbow. And drooling at her bikini wear~ That's some new stuffs! =P

    Deuce is super cute! Haha Doggie Shiatsu! but Deuce is too small and not enough force to massage Justine, and she's a pretty "dangerous" doggie...look at that attack! Haha a love attack though!

  3. I love how they always add some humor to these videos. "Justine Henin, a woman with balls" -hahaha.
    Deuce is such a cutie. I like where Justine has to sort of discipline her... firmly puts her hands up to Deuce.. "I've kind of had it". I played that part for my husband because those are the exact words I have used over and over when my pet bird decides to start screaming at me when I am listening to doctors speaking in my ear. Of course, I sometimes say a lot worse than "I've had it" -usually leads eventually to "shut the hell up" and worse.

    I am so encouraged watching Ju... she looks serious about her training, of course, but determined, healthy, and like she has fun with it too. I hope she can stay injury free this season. She works so hard that just watching a video like the recent one motivates me to get my own work done... Thanks Justine -bet you have no idea how you inspire so many out here in the world!
    ST -hope you are having a less stressful week. Cheers to you and the fans who love your blog. (and you know I love it!)

  4. Haha yes, I love that sentence as well. I love the commentator as well, he has a very nice voice, very sexy :P but Justine's voice is the sexiest to me, especially when she speaks her native language.

    Hehe, Justine is nice to Deuce and good to see how she discipline Deuce. You can see that Deuce was scared of Justine being angry and started licking Ju's hands to appease her anger?

    And nice way of shutting your pet bird up! I could have said the same thing or even much more worse? But I don't know, I nv had a pet b4, maybe I'll be more gentle?

    I always feel very much encouraged and motivated to watch her videos, be it training or other entertainment vids of her. We love to see the fun personal side of her and at the same time, her seriousness on court-it's a showing of her professionalism. I love it! And yup, Justine probably didn't know how many ppl she had inspired, maybe she should look at the WTA website and look at the youngsters' comments. Most of them idolize/like her.

    And I'm gonna be away from blogging till 16 dec, so hope you take care and stay healthy and cheerful! And thanks for the liking this blog, it motivates me to blog more about Juju though sometimes it's my heart that's itching so much thinking about Justine that I had to satisfy my heart by blogging it out!


  5. Thank you ST, and all the fans!

    Not only is Justine encouraging, but reading all the replies makes me motivated to. Tough time yesterday, but I've made it. Reading this blog puts a smile on my face, it's relaxing and highly entertaining.

    See ya,

  6. Hi Greenout, thank you very much for any info given and also thanks to Ilse's FB or other sources for the photos and info as well.

    Justine is one inspiring lady, we all love her!

    And congrats to you for passing thru difficult time yesterday, nv give up like Justine =) Hope everything will be smooth in the future ^^

    And I'm glad you find this blog entertaining, cos my creativity ain't that good, and looking at that Mona Lisa pic didn't help much. Hopefully, blogging more on Justine will increase my creativity brain cells...

    And in between if I have time, I will still keep a lookout on Ju's news and stuffs, so see you guys next time! And best of luck to all, including our loveliest Queen, Justine! ❤