Friday, July 30, 2010

Alright! Update on Juju's injury!

Thanks to all the sources given, Jo, I'll just paste the whole thing here...thanks!
google translate:

Henin resumed training in late August? 07/28/2010
Justine Henin (WTA-12), still recovering from an elbow injury that she suffered in London, on Tuesday took control of the doctor.

In the Walloon newspaper, Gazette des Sports spokesman tells her that if anything positive is continuing Henin in the best scenario at the end of August to resume training. "The four weeks rest have done their work. Justine has to be cautious and remain patient. "

Henin, just returned from a holiday in southern France, taking her injury in its own words 'philosophy' and continue working hard on her condition. "It was the right decision not to opt for surgery," her spokesman decision.

That's a good sign and yes, I'm so glad that she didn't go through surgery cos look at what happened to Maria after her shoulder surgery (if I'm not wrong), she took so much time to heal and it's nv be the same as b4 again.

So now, I'm glad Justine is healing well, hopefully this progresses good too and we'll be seeing her soon! We fans should pray for her full recovery and bright future!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Added a new Gadget

Thanks to niki, I went to her blog and I liked the idea of putting some music to the blog. Sorry if the songs I've put doesn't suit your taste, you can always press the pause button to stop it ;)

And to Sly, I've used your video and 51sepf's video of Justine cos I really loved them and the music used in them, thank you for the youtube clip! I've added in the US Open 2007 semi final Highlights cos to me it's the best most intense and exciting high level match I've ever watched!

There's one video on Justine singing as well hehehe...she's not a bad singer! I actually find her voice pretty sexy! A very feminine voice, she can try publishing albums and I'll be sure to buy them!

The rest of the songs are random added by me, cos I find them very touching, romantic and some of the song lyrics are dedicated to Justine.

Weird Dream

Ok, this is not an interesting post but I post it here cos it involves my Queen Juju ;P
Ok, here's my weird short dream:

I was sort of in a big room, I would say probably a hallway, alone. I ddn't know where to go and I remember walking aimlessly around until I reached the lobby area. I couldn't remember the details, only remember that I saw Justine coming out together with a group of ppl. But then my dream suddenly doesn't include me being there anymore or should I say I bcame the invisible ghost and the dream only focused on Justine.

I ws curious as to why there were so many ppl surrounding Justine and I followed them until they reached a place where it was a big field in the stadium. And guess what? The match started soon but oops, Justine was not playing Tennis, she's in a soccer tournament! It was like not long after the match started did Justine received a very god pass from her team mate and she dribbled past a few opponents and then she kicked the ball to the right of the goalpost. And SHE SCORED!!!

Everyone cheered! And Justine's team won by that point. Then my dream like fast forward to a score board, where there's also a list of draw and also the scorers' names and their no. of scores. There's one super human who scored 16 goals whom I dun bother to remember the name. Justine got on the list with that 1 goal, but she's much better than most players who scored none.

Then, I woke up. It's a pretty lame and no link dream, but most of my dreams are like that. This is probably the second time I've dreamt of her. The first time I've forgotten about it. Though this is a short dream and seems boring but to me, having able to dream about Justine, has make my day bright and full of energy! Allez!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funny Faces II

I'm dying from the lack of "Justine's Entertainment" and so here again, I'm gonna self entertain with Justine's pics that I find them funny myself, not sure about the humour level in other ppl though.

Any Prince Charming wanna get my Queen's style VIP kiss?

(I'm sure Justine doesn't want this pic to be taken)

"Oops! did I say something wrong?"

I believe I can fly...

If I can't hit the ball with my racket, at least I believe I can blow it away. (Sorry Justine, but this pic reminds me of Jelena Jankovic who seems expert in blowing balloons)

Ok, that's all for now, I hope Justine can update us about her elbow injury and I hope to hear good news from her soon! God Bless Justine good health!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm out of town, will be back to blog next week....

Meanwhile, pls continue to support Justine Henin and pray for her good health :-)
Allez Justine!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ju in "combat suit" - is it skydiving or just plane flying?

I wonder what she's doing in that plane....I'm not sure if she's doing a skydiving, more like learning how to fly a plane. Or she has learnt b4 and already had a pilot license?

I believe she's only in her early 20's, more like 21, 22 yrs old. She seems nervous, hehe.
Still can't hold her nerves? Such intense look!
Finally a warm smile from Juju!
Ju has such long hair, longer than shoulder length.

Maybe she hasn't even started skydiving at that time? And this kind of plane more like combat plane, so I assume she's just trying out as a pilot? I totally had no idea but I can see that other than Tennis, Justine had tried alot more things, much much more things than I have. I'm so envious of her! But it's so nice to see Justine having fun, taking challenges and sure she loves challenges!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Justine (part 2)

I found some more of little Justine's pics and shall post them up here. And some of the pics are from Ju's Une Femme Star (dunno spelling correct or not) show:

This is one cute little Juju! Her eyes are already so big when she's young, this pic actually looks like Justine in 2006, one of the Fedcup pics

And little Justine in her mum's arms!

Is Justine the one at the very front? The tanned Justine!

And this one, the Specs-tacular Ju again! Looks like they're having great parties! Who's the two kids on the left? the right one should be Ju's sister (unless I'm wrong cos the pic is blur to see)

And Ain't our Juju talented? She even knew how to play pool! And she looks so cool! (I assume the leftmost is her)

Again...who's the other two? I only see Justine and her sister, somehow I can see the resemblance of Ju and her sis here.

??? Did Ju wear braces on her teeth?

More like brother and sister..hehe. Ju is really like a little boy when she's young. Luckily, she has grown into a beautiful lady!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banner Changed!

While Waiting impatiently for Justine to get 100% well soon and come back to play beautiful Tennis again, I've made another animated gif for this blog, dedicated to her.

I've also made smaller gifs for the previous banner and the current banner:

Do pardon for my poor skills in doing animated gifs, I'm not a pro, just trying it out. And the pics I used for this banner are shown below:

(The above pic is the only pic which I didn't used cos I just can't think of how to fit it in)

I may try to do a wallpaper with some of these pics as well, not a complicated one since my desktop will have many icons which will cover the left side of the wallpaper. You can try it too with these pics, I find the pics a very nice set of Justine's photo shoot.

Monday, July 12, 2010

WB pics comparisons again

Here I am, posting another boring things but this is of my own interest :) Yes, it's the Wimbledon pictures of Justine Henin again, but I'm comparing her this 2010 Wimbledon and 2007(I think)Wimbledon.

2007 is her peak condition yr (even though Wimbledon she lost surprisingly to Bartoli, I still think she's great in 2007, and hopefully even better in 2011), and from the pictures, I assumed she hasn't changed much at all in terms of skills, so I still have much hope of her winning Wimbledon title one day in her second career!
1st set (straight backhand hit):
2nd set (half-squat backhand hit):
3rd set (forehand slice?):

Justine, I really miss you now, I hope your elbow heals faster! Have a speedy 100% recovery!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Best Of Belgium, Best Of Justine!

I'm late to post this, but I really can't resist looking at beautiful Justine's photos! Allow me to borrow these pics from the forum and other sources, I need to beautify my dull blog with Justine's lovely photos!

Pics are not arranged in order here:

Oh Franny, you're always on cute funny woman, you made them laugh!
Celebrating World Cup too?
I always loved Ju's side view, very nice and charming! The prince and princess love her too!

The "Belgian Sisters" waving to the crowd, saluting them!

Seriously, if I were that driver, I would probably nose bleeding by now, surprised how he managed to look so calm and in fact, emotionless (maybe he's trying to act cool?)

Oh, Ju sitting in front, Uncle driver, how can you still act cool and not blushing? Probably in this pic, we can't see him nose bleeding cos Ju's hand helping to cover it!

Ju is the prettiest of all, IMO!!!

Lady JuJu, so beautiful and so lady like!!! She looks so gorgeous in dress! I wish she would wear more of these dresses during off court time and not always the Adidas sportswear (though I love it too!)
I'm sure we'll be seeing you in more thrilling actions soon, Justine! Cya and get well soon! (Still pains me in the heart to see her arm in cast)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Empire of Sports?

I went to Justine's website and found out one of her sponsors is the Empire of sports. I was curious so I installed the game and try it out but I seldom play it anymore, anyway, I've screen captured some of the pics, you can see "Justine" in there :)

Does the above woman looks in the least bit like Justine?

This is her Clubhouse in the game, nice beautiful Justine's pics and yes I'm trying to wear the same colour of her sports wear, the pink pink combination.

Carlos is standing and posing very cool in front, oh and little Justine is right further behind of Carlos.

There's some parts of the place where you can click to link to her sites such as her OS, her Justine4Kids, I think.

They have used beautiful Justine pics to beautify the place, hehe!

And time for a short QA session with Justine!

And guess what? I got a racket from Justine in the game after completing her mission!

I'm so happy even though this is only a game and no, I'm not gonna pay to play for more access to her VIP room so, sorry, no more further interaction with Juju in the game.