Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Justine (part 2)

I found some more of little Justine's pics and shall post them up here. And some of the pics are from Ju's Une Femme Star (dunno spelling correct or not) show:

This is one cute little Juju! Her eyes are already so big when she's young, this pic actually looks like Justine in 2006, one of the Fedcup pics

And little Justine in her mum's arms!

Is Justine the one at the very front? The tanned Justine!

And this one, the Specs-tacular Ju again! Looks like they're having great parties! Who's the two kids on the left? the right one should be Ju's sister (unless I'm wrong cos the pic is blur to see)

And Ain't our Juju talented? She even knew how to play pool! And she looks so cool! (I assume the leftmost is her)

Again...who's the other two? I only see Justine and her sister, somehow I can see the resemblance of Ju and her sis here.

??? Did Ju wear braces on her teeth?

More like brother and sister..hehe. Ju is really like a little boy when she's young. Luckily, she has grown into a beautiful lady!


  1. haha, little Juju's smile in the 1st pic is still the same as her super cute smile now. =)

    Justine plays pool??? I remember my highschool days, this is the very few sport that I'm good at... I love sports but I'm only a little bit good in chess and billiards :(

    Justine Une Star Une Femme: I will always remember her bizarre, she let her stylist took advantage of her... ;p

  2. Ju's smile always a charm :)
    And pool is my favourite activity too even though I'm not good at it and my physics is poor to get the angles well. Billiards is much harder than pool with the holes smaller and the table larger and the cue sharper.

    Haha, yeah, Une Star Une Femme is where everyone will remember Ju's bad hair day, otherwise, that show is really very good! I wonder who's her stylist at that time...she should sue that person.