Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ju in "combat suit" - is it skydiving or just plane flying?

I wonder what she's doing in that plane....I'm not sure if she's doing a skydiving, more like learning how to fly a plane. Or she has learnt b4 and already had a pilot license?

I believe she's only in her early 20's, more like 21, 22 yrs old. She seems nervous, hehe.
Still can't hold her nerves? Such intense look!
Finally a warm smile from Juju!
Ju has such long hair, longer than shoulder length.

Maybe she hasn't even started skydiving at that time? And this kind of plane more like combat plane, so I assume she's just trying out as a pilot? I totally had no idea but I can see that other than Tennis, Justine had tried alot more things, much much more things than I have. I'm so envious of her! But it's so nice to see Justine having fun, taking challenges and sure she loves challenges!


  1. wow i love this! ju learning to fly!!

  2. Hi Jo, thanks for coming in here. Yes, Justine is so cute! She has talent in almost everything she does it seems. ;)

  3. Chia, Justine was invited to fly in an Alpha Jet as part of Belgium's National Day Celebration - 21st July 2003.

  4. Thank you Annmarie for the that means Justine has a pilot license too!