Thursday, July 1, 2010

Suddenly feels so lost...

I dunno why but without Justine's matches in play, I suddenly feel like nothing to do, even with the internet, there's nothing much to surf. And Justine is such a low profile gal :( You can hardly squeeze out any news from her only when there's Tennis matches of hers lined up.

Right now, I seriously hoped that Justine's arm is ok and nothing serious, but from the interview, she said it's hurting, I feel so worried about her condition. My poor Justine, her body always seems to easily get hurt!

Stupid Grass in Wimbledon, making Justine falls so many times! This yr Wimbledon really sucks! Justine's out, Federer's out, the semi finalists are all not of really notable great players (maybe except that power dominating SXXX, I'm waiting for an upset!)

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of ur wonderful plays in Wimbledon next year!

Juju, pls get well soon and take extreme good care of ur body and health, I want no more injuries from you and I hope you can triumph in ur peak form! Allez Justine! Now moving on to hardcourt season...hope it's a good one for Justine! God blessing our Justine good health and good match!

You're a Legendary Champion Justine Henin!!! Just like your idol Steffi Graf!

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