Sunday, July 4, 2010

Table Tennis Justine!

Since Justine is out for the whole hardcourt season due to injury, I shall post some other non-tennis stuffs for self entertainment.

I remember reading somewhere that Justine started playing Table Tennis since young b4 switching to play Tennis? My friend said that normally this kind of player will be very strong in Tennis cos they already have the foundation of the angles and positioning when playing Table Tennis..hmmm. Anyway, below is a clip I "stolen" from the Internet which I dunno whom to credit for, sorry :

The front part of the vid is still Tennis, it's the behind part where she plays Table Tennis :)
Seems like she's pretty strong in Table Tennis too!

I wonder if the way she grabs her bat is the same way she holds her racket?


  1. O_O wow very cute and interesting video ST =)
    thanks for sharing...

    I hate watching TT specially in int'l tournaments because of the way players strike the ball specially when they
    I said, a singles match is unbearable to watch for me, so what more for doubles... the table would definitely look so small... but again Justine works her magic to me... that video was definitely the best table tennis doubles match that I've seen... lol =)

    It looks like they'd played in one of Justine's club... Limelette maybe? and I think Olivier Rochus was her partner... though I'm not so sure...

    Omg, the rallies were AWESOME... lol same BH approach for Ju even in table tennis...haha

    I love the video... thanks again for sharing ST ^^

  2. Fantastic Backhand at 1:16 then inside-out Backhand at 1:20

    Sheesh Justine is too good...haha ^-^

  3. Haha sly, you're very welcomed. Table Tennis sometimes are good to watch but I hate those players who love to use slice alot which slows down the game. I prefer fast one.

    And yup, the best mixed doubles TT match I've ever seen cos it's Justine! And I can say that if she plays Tennis, she may even won quite a number of titles! Look at the way she smacks! So impressive!

  4. wow table tennis, really quite cool.

  5. Even much more cooler when Justine's playing it!