Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funny Faces II

I'm dying from the lack of "Justine's Entertainment" and so here again, I'm gonna self entertain with Justine's pics that I find them funny myself, not sure about the humour level in other ppl though.

Any Prince Charming wanna get my Queen's style VIP kiss?

(I'm sure Justine doesn't want this pic to be taken)

"Oops! did I say something wrong?"

I believe I can fly...

If I can't hit the ball with my racket, at least I believe I can blow it away. (Sorry Justine, but this pic reminds me of Jelena Jankovic who seems expert in blowing balloons)

Ok, that's all for now, I hope Justine can update us about her elbow injury and I hope to hear good news from her soon! God Bless Justine good health!


  1. LOL

    the 4th pic really! =)

    I'm tempted to do a pic spam in the JH Uforum too due to this loooooooooooooong break...haha but this post is like a cold soda for my very hot summer... thanks for Juju quirkiness ST ^-^

  2. Haha, sly, I don't mind if you do a pic spam in the forum cos I'd loe to see you doing so :)

    Haha, ths summer is one long boring summe without Justine. I can only self entertain by watching her past matches and blog about her randomly

  3. would you mind if I ask you a permittion to translate some of the info in your blog to Thai for Juju's Thai fan.
    and everytime I use any info from your blog, I'll give you credit...

    here is some of part of my blog about Juju..

  4. Hi nn_niki, welcome to this blog and I don't mind if you use any so called info here if you're doing for Justine's fans :)

    Justine is a great player and a kind warm hearted person who deserved to be loved and supported by ppl all around the world ;)

    I will link your blog as well, and maybe I could use your idea to put music to this blog too one day...mixpod...hehe

  5. oh thank you so much....
    you are so nice....^^
    there are many fans of Juju in Thailand, most of them don't know Enlish, so I try to spread news about Juju for Thai fans as much as I can.

    Oh and we have so much problem with Serena's fans, they seem hate our Juju so much.

    you can call me Niki or Ninja whatever you want.
    and glad to know you...


  6. Hi Niki, you're welcomed! But if you want more info and updated news on Justine, you can join the forum:


    My blog here is only for fan-obsession in Juju, and occasionally posts some pics or videos of her but I didn't really post all her news here.

    I can see most (I won't say all) of the Williams Sisters' fans "hate" our Ju, but it's the same case the other way round. I must say those who hate Justine must be those miserable trolls who don't appreciate beautiful artistic Tennis.

  7. lol.... totally agree (about W. sisters's fans)

  8. finally some news!
    google translate:

    Henin resumed training in late August? 07/28/2010
    Justine Henin (WTA-12), still recovering from an elbow injury that she suffered in London, on Tuesday took control of the doctor.

    In the Walloon newspaper, Gazette des Sports spokesman tells her that if anything positive is continuing Henin in the best scenario at the end of August to resume training. "The four weeks rest have done their work. Justine has to be cautious and remain patient. "

    Henin, just returned from a holiday in southern France, taking her injury in its own words 'philosophy' and continue working hard on her condition. "It was the right decision not to opt for surgery," her spokesman decision.

  9. Thank you Jo, I'm glad that she's recovering well, and that the whole team is not rushing things but take time to carefully let her elbow heals

    Now, let's hope it's positive all the way!!!