Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry X'mas!!! ♥

A Merry merry X'mas to you all! Here's a cute little seasons greetings picture I "stolen" from google images:
And yes, I love pugs! My late grandma used to have a cute pug which unfortunately also no longer living in this world but makes me loves pug ever since :)

Oh, and a happy new year too!  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justine in Kim's farewell party

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging these days, I know there's news of Justine regarding Kim's farewell "party" but I'm feeling very down and low energy for these past few days + my network sucks!

News articles links are here:


The photos:
Kim may be a good disco dancer, Justine...she can't dance with the baby in her tummy 
This is the non verbal way of "Allez!" 
Why did the ball cover Mr cute's face? No wonder Justine don't look that happy 
2 loving couples, one is the royals of the belgium, while the other is the royals of my heart, Ju is queen of my heart, get it? 
Wah...serious Ju and Benoit! 
The Belgian champions 

The rest of the photos, you can find it at Belga pics website, just search for Justine's name. But all have watermarks in them.

In any case, I need to rewatch Justine's matches to lift my mood up and maybe a virtual celebration that the world still continues

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Club Justine Henin

Yoyo, the tortoise me is back! Justine tweeted on Facebook and twitter 4 days ago, finally like 2 months+ since her last updates. Apparently, she has come to inform us about the new look of the website of her Club Justine Henin

This is her Club Justine Henin website:
I trimmed it, so the alignment here is not as nice as the one shown on the website itself

Just like Justine, I personally loved this version as compared to her previous 2 versions of her Club Justine Henin website. This one is colourful, and has a "Justine's theme" of bright pink and white, giving it a very lively feeling. Love the slider of images at the top, at least it's not a plain static site and the agendas and events are listed clearly in an orderly manner.

Links to her Justine Henin Academy website, facebook, twitter, her sponsors and the restaurant in her club "La Vache Sur Le Toit" are easily navigated and found, simple and sweet. Only thing I would complain about is the lack of English version of the site..everything is in French. But a motivation for me to learn French though :)

So what do you think of her club new website? Alternatively, if you want to find just the links to her academy and websites, you may look at the right of this blog for the links or just go to the "Justine Henin Academy" tab on top of this blog ^^

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Belgium Charleroi Sports & Fashion Evening JFK

Sorry, I'm being late to post this old news again (new news become old due to my laziness)...It's about the event of Belgium Charleroi Sports & Fashion Evening Justine For Kids. I found these two photos from twitter:
Ju's shirt is perfect for x'mas  
Oops, Ju's hair is a lil messy here but cute!

And thanks again to FB source, found these links for the news, video and photos!

It's been a long time since I last saw a moving Juju! Haha, finally some motions and sexy voice!

The photos!
The happy yet sometimes serious looking couple 
This is one of the few photos I could see the serious expression of Mr Cute
notice how Justine still wears a belt? But luckily, her belt is pretty loose 
Oh Justine, I just simply loves your sheepish smile 
Hmmm? Justine is very independent, she'll try to pull a chair for herself to sit
But of course, the father-to-be Benoit would choose to offer her a seat himself
yes, out of love <3 
5 months preggy yet the tummy still looking rather small, Justine's body is naturally small framed 
 Benoit always has such a friendly smile just like Justine
lol at Ju's expression! 
Welcoming our cute mama Justine! 
Ok, now I can see your bulging tummy better, ok it looks bigger than I thought :) 

Ju's hair new cutting, not bad, pretty stylish! 
Yay, I love this contented look of Justine! 
 I'm thinking that Justine must be wearing a skirt...finally no more jeans in this photo set but a pity all the photos didn't take a full body length of her, can't see if she's really wearing a skirt.
I love this photo! Both of them are laughing so heartily! Really so happy for Justine to see her so blissful looking! Share the joke leh...why laugh so hard? I want to hear too!
This photo makes Justine looking a little pale but looking good with no pimples, smooth skin
The expressive emoticon face of Justine
Justine stoning but smiling, is she still wearing rolex watch?
Somehow, in every smiling Justine photos, there'll always be one or two handsome Justine photo emerging. If Ju had a baby boy, and that boy looks like his mama, he will be super handsome. But if a baby girl and looks like mama, will be also super beautiful haha! If boy or girl looks like papa, will also be cute and good looking! After all, both Justine and Benoit look good and photogenic!
This is my most fav photo out of this whole set! Look at this super cute cheeky smile from Justine! CUTEEEE! I don't care if Justine likes to be called cute or not, cos she can't deny the fact that she's looking cute! =P sorry Juju!

And here's another news of another event:
Justine is there to give a speech to students about eh..sporting diet? 
Justine wearing Jeans again but well, it must be cold there, for her to wear so many clothings
The friendly Justine giving envious of them!

Thank you to all the ppl who donated to the charity for Justine For Kids, nice to see so many nice ppl still out there! And good to see Justine actively participated in charity events!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News, photos, videos, interviews of Ju from Televie @ Club Justine Henin

Yoyo, here's the updates on the Televie charity event (Le 8ème challenge de doubles de tennis au profit du Télévie a eu lieu au Club Justine Henin le dimanche 25 novembre 2012) held at Club Justine Henin! Thank you Danielle for the news updates on facebook and for sharing the photos with us too! It's always good to see Justine participating in such a meaningful event, this shows how big of a heart she has, pure gold!

As usual, I'm a super lazy pig, so I'll just paste the news links here and hope the google translator helps you in understanding the content :) Photos pasted below after the news article links and video ^o^

For a more coverage of reports of the event, please refer to this site below:

News & Interviews of Justine:
video regarding the event here:

One more video link but my company blocked the playing of video so no embed;

And the gallery link from these sites:
  4. (credits to Danielle for the photos)
I'll paste the beautiful motherly Justine's photos from the news links here:
From Sudpresse:
Ju:"Come, my dear boy, let me hang this medal around your neck..oh wait, where's the medal?" 
Ju is gladly to do autographs for them, such colourful shoes they have! 
Ju becomes serious when in discussion, lol at how she gently "rest" her arms on her tummy 
Finally saw Mr Bertuzzo aka "Mr Cute" (no offense but he looks really cute, same as Juju) 
The participants with Justine, thank you them all! 
The cute couple, even their hands also have the same positions! 
Again, it's so easy to spot Juju 
You know for this photo, I got eye tricked into wondering whose hand was that? Did Justine hold onto him or he hold onto Justine? 
Oh this photo doesn't look like a happy photo :( too nervous maybe? 
Notice how Justine and Benoit still had the same gestures? 
I say, boy, are you willing to give me that cap with Ju's autograph? 
It seems that Mr Cute had slimmed down (training for more marathons?) while Ju's tummy getting bigger and bigger she had to hold it (^o^) 
Seriously, It's hard to see that Justine is pregnant in this photo

From lalibre/DHnet:
Oh no, did the baby kicked Justine in her tummy? Look at Ju's serious expression as she caressed her tummy 
The main highlight in this photo is Benoit's expression 
Is Justine giving tips on how to hold a racket in the correct position to hit the ball well? 
The astonished look of Justine surfaced! 
Ok this is the "revised version" of the "unhappy photo" Now they look much more happy 
It's always good to see Justine smiling, maybe cos there's a handsome kid besides her 
Adjusting her belt..hmmm too loose? Actually I think she would do fine without the belt too! 
Ok Ju's tummy looks big from this angle 
But not this angle 
The cute couple photo again <3 Ju looking sweetly at Mr cute 
This angle of Justine is so charming!

From Danielle's photos (thank you Danielle for sharing on FB, only pastes some of them, for full set, pls visit this link:
Hehehe this is the sheepish cute smile of Justine, scratch scratch her head 
The radiant smile from that Ju-pronounced "Ribbon" aka Ruben on the right? 
Justine and the prizes 
Voila! C'est "Motherly Juju"! 
I love this close up look of her cos can see her smile clearer :-D 
Ice watch? Eh, the ice will melt with the warm presence of motherly Justine, so where's the ice to watch? (Just joking, no offense)
One of my favourite photos of Justine 
Justine's eyes actual size...super big, just like Mr Cute! Why so serious, Justine? 
Told ya! Mr Cute's big eyes can be compared to Justine's, a new "competition" for the title: "Who's got the bigger eyes" 
Does anyone has the transcript of what she's saying for the whole event? 
Sleepy Justine 
Again, same body posture

Some random photos of the event from this FB page:

The buffet, looks yummy!
Can't believe I still get the chance to see this jacket with Justine's head logo on it!
Actually I think Mr Cute is looking pretty fine :)
Enjoying Tennis? Maybe he has a talent in it!
Motherly Juju will super love all these kids!
Allez! Another smiling Juju!
It's not only about Tennis
Awww...So CUTEEEEEE!!!!
He will be an inspiration for all~
Chubby Juju!!! This is the 2005 chubby Juju right? Whoever drew this, I love you!
I really want this painting to hang up on my wall!!
The tennis team?
This is what it's all about
Another potential talent
I don't care if she looked tired or not, it's her smile that counts ;-) 
Justine got the big sister look, I'd like her to be my sister too 
The handsome Justine look, thank you photographer for this photogenic look of Justine and thank you to Justine's face for being so photogenic :-P
Justine still has this student look, eh..motherly student Justine?

Thank you Justine and all the participants of the wonderful, meaningful event as well as the medias for providing us the news coverage of the event! Good day to all of you~