Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Club Justine Henin

Yoyo, the tortoise me is back! Justine tweeted on Facebook and twitter 4 days ago, finally like 2 months+ since her last updates. Apparently, she has come to inform us about the new look of the website of her Club Justine Henin

This is her Club Justine Henin website:
I trimmed it, so the alignment here is not as nice as the one shown on the website itself

Just like Justine, I personally loved this version as compared to her previous 2 versions of her Club Justine Henin website. This one is colourful, and has a "Justine's theme" of bright pink and white, giving it a very lively feeling. Love the slider of images at the top, at least it's not a plain static site and the agendas and events are listed clearly in an orderly manner.

Links to her Justine Henin Academy website, facebook, twitter, her sponsors and the restaurant in her club "La Vache Sur Le Toit" are easily navigated and found, simple and sweet. Only thing I would complain about is the lack of English version of the site..everything is in French. But a motivation for me to learn French though :)

So what do you think of her club new website? Alternatively, if you want to find just the links to her academy and websites, you may look at the right of this blog for the links or just go to the "Justine Henin Academy" tab on top of this blog ^^


  1. Hello Chia,
    I checked out the website, it is very well organised and also inviting :) It is such a joy to see Ju holding a racket! All she needs now is her ponytail/longer hair which I kinda miss... Ju hadn't updated her social sites for a while but I'm glad she did now :)

  2. Haha sarah, I miss her ponytail too and her "trademark" tennis cap but I think short hair looks fine on her provided she doesn't make it too messy look lol! And I think she likes to keep her hair short so it's easy to manage especially now that she's preggy, it's just for convenience...maybe in the future, we'll get to see her long hair again?

    I'm not surprised that Ju took a super long time to update her social sites, it's part of her style, such a low profile gal, hehe but good to know that she's doing fine, Allez!