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Merry Christmas 2014 & happy new year 2015! (With Ju news updates)

Hello, I'm back! Merry Christmas to all and I will post all the Ju updates from where I last stopped. As usual, I'll go from the latest news to the oldest news, and not forgetting Ju's posts on her official facebook page:

And here we have Justine Henin Academy wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy new year! I love the business woman image of Justine! So professional, but I bet she's wearing an adidas T-shirt inside that blazer :-P

Most of her recent news are for JustineForKids charity events, so let us see what our golden heart Justine had worked hard for:
Taken from JFK facebook and Danielle explained that JustineForKids had given the sick children the dream to go Lapland with a meeting with Santa Claus thanks to the donations from the kind hearted ppl. You can see the excitement from the kids :D

And here from, we can get the photos and the video of Justine celebrating St Nicolas:
Below is the translation of the article by Danielle:

For the children in Belgium the party of St Nicholas' Day is a big event, the children receive candies and toys. This party gives us the opportunity to see a magnificent gallery of Justine's photos (28) with the children and St Nicholas. Photos are visible with the French-speaking text, besides Justine's video which explains her commitment and that of " Justine for Kids " with the aim of giving a little of enjoyment to the children in distress.
Justine Henin in assistant of Saint Nicolas
Today at 8:32 pm Cristel JOIRIS source: L'Avenir
Accompanied with the big saint, Justine Henin spoiled the children of the middle of welcome " The Small Drums ". An action carried out with her foundation.
Photos: Caroline FIXELLES
For once, Justine Henin was not the only one to catch the eyes it on Tuesday afternoon. In the middle of welcome " The small Drums " to Lasne, the old children from 3 to 36 months, their brothers and the sisters, had eyes only for Saint Nicolas, come distribute them presents taken out quite straight ahead of the basket of the ex-champion of tennis. With her association Justine for Kids, her works in particular at the children in situation of handicap.
" "" I was always very sensitive to this cause, and even more since I am a mom. These children, whose maturity is surprising, bring us and their parents a lot also ".
In this middle of welcome not as the others, all the children are not different and it is what makes its wealth. " It is the said structure of inclusion that is that welcomes, from the youngest age, expanding children of a handicap (1/3) and others (2/3), explains Catherine Stalas, president of the ASBL Hélios, to the initiative of the Small Drums. This contact enriches them mutually. The day-nursery was born when my daughter, Joanna, was 5 years old. I learnt that she was trisomic three days after her birth. I had to make something positive. I wanted to set up this structure which facilitates the everyday life of the parents and assures them the most normal possible life. "
In this day-nursery of 18 places based in the building of the "Essentiel", the place of welcome for the disabled people, the different children can benefit of numerous care the everyday life (logopédie, physio, psychologist) and of the stimulation to optimize their development and their potential. " We hope we can offer to them of avatage thanks to our annual evening of support which will take place on December 6th at 7:00 pm to the cardinal middle school Cardial Mercier in Braine-l'Alleud. "
From there to 2017, Justine Henin would like to open a " house of respite ", a center of welcome and activities for the children sick or handicaped as well as their family.
And now the photos and video (all captions are placed below the images):
Come kiddo, here's something for you <3 I love how happy Justine is smiling in here!
Do you like the gifts?
This kiddo is so blessed and loved! 
I so wanna be there to see the cute kids and Ju!  
This baby is so cute!!! So is Justine! 
I always love to see the different expressions of Justine 
Including this "mouth itchy" expression of Ju
Ju:"Hello little girl, you are just as cute as my little fairy, what's your name?" 
Ju:"Here, let me show you something interesting!"
This is one sweet photo~^o^~
Same for this photo too! And I love the L'oreal-commercial soft hair of Ju, nice to see that she's growing her hair long, very feminine, not forgetting her beautiful smile ^^ 
Ju:"Yo kid, no need to be scared, I've got something for you too!"
Ju:"Here it is! Come on, take it, it's yours"
Ju might be wondering, "Maybe I will have another baby soon to make Lalie a big sister", seeing this pair of siblings (I assumed they are brother and sister)
Brother and sister right? Because they look alike
Ju is friendly to all <3
What a warm hug, hugs and smiles!
Not sure if she's signing an autograph or taking down notes 
Let's take a photo together, shall we? 
Of course, the more the merrier 
Everyone, let's say cheese!  
Thank you Justine! Lovely bouquet of flowers for the lovely lady

Here's the video:
Don't you think Ju's singing is pretty good? I can replay that portion over and over again just to listen to her sweet voice. You can also view the photos and video here: but you need to register.

Speaking of JFK, the schedule for the annual 10km des grottes for JustineForKids next year has been announced:
Any one can help to support the cause by joining in the event and run for charity!

Here's another news of Justine for kids again:

Un baptême de l'air offert à près de 600 enfants à l'aéroport de Charleroi

Danielle's translation here:
Again Justine is involved in a charitable operation concerning children, this time it is a question of +/-600 children who took the plane for the first time. I do not put the total of the article but what concerns Justine!
600 disadvantaged children take the plane for the first time: discover their reaction to the take-off (video)
About 600 children and teenagers of the province of Hainaut but also Flanders were able to realize a dream on Saturday morning: a first flight from the airport of Charleroi. A charitable operation sponsored by several personalities of whom Justine Henin.
Justine Henin was in on this
All in all, 4 flights were organized. The star of the Belgian tennis Justine Henin joined to the project. " I enormously travelled within the framework of my job. It is true that we forget that for certain families, certain children, it is difficult financially or for reasons of health, for height of reasons, they have no possibility of it simply ", indicated the ex-tennis player.

Here's one little news for JFK again, a fashion show with the soccer players of Anderlecht and Charleroi as models, in this link, there's a video as well. I suppose this fashion show raised money that was donated to JFK foundation:
0:42-0:46 to see cute Justine and Benoit

Now, a news that's not related to JFK but Justine herself. She's certified as an international GPTCA A* coach and also her participation in the activities of GPTCA:

Danielle's translation:
ITW - Justine Henin: " a desire to transmit "
By TennisActu

Photo: "Tennis Actu" 
Published on 10/11/2014 in 17:18
Justine Henin more than ever at the heart of the tennis and of all its development. TennisActu went to meet her near Limelette in Belgium where is settled " Justine Henin Academy " created by the Belgian champion in 2007.
Discreet, quadruple vainqueure of Roland-Garros is however one cannot any more voluntary in her wish to transmit her experience and her values. She also welcomes in her academy the "Hope and Spirit foundation" of Daniel Meyers. Justine Henin is also the president in Belgium of Global Professionnal Tennis Coach Association ( GPTCA) chaired by the Italian Alberto Castellani. The GPTCA offers in fact opportunities of formation to the trainers of tennis worldwide whole. All these formations proposed by the GPTCA are recognized and certified by the ATP World Tour.
Words collected to Limelette by the editorial staff of TennisActu

Tennis - Justine Henin : "Mon envie ? C'est de... by tennisactu
The enlarged photo of the certificate
Justine, the incredible woman! So will we see her as a coach in a tournament in the future?
More info about Justine in GPTCA:

Cap48 charity in october:
Ju participating in the charity show by doing a dreadmill, excuse me, a treadmill run 
That handsome smile of Ju
Video link here:

Something random to let us know more about Ju's personality-her good sense of humour:
Translation by Danielle:
Justine Henin's humor
Published on September 29th, 2014 by Jacques Mercier
At that time, my radio program " The Game of Dictionaries " received all the known personalities. We so had the honor to welcome Justine Henin.
We had put back several times the recording date, because of course her schedule is overloaded. And then finally we fix Thursday evening and her ex, Pierre-Yves, confirms us that they will come although it arrives.
What took place of extraordinary, it is that previous Sunday, wins for the first time finale of Roland-Garros and is great dedicated star!
You imagine the excitement for Thursday following in the Library of La Louvière where we recorded. Not only a public everywhere, in corridors, outside, but the local and national press, the TVs, the JT(TV news) had sent themself their correspondents.
Motorcyclists of the police had escorted their car since the highway up to the back of the room, where we waited for her.
Nice, but not wanting to grant no other interview: she was for our broadcasts there, that's all! I remind her the progress of the " Infernal Week " and the " Game of Dictionaries " and we get ready to rise on stage. In the meantime, Pascale, the manager of the library obviously asked me full of things: it would be necessary to announce this, to announce that.
And finally I rise on stage and I begin to present all the members of the team under particularly fed applauses. An overheated atmosphere. And finally, I end by saying: " and here is the world champion on hard-packed surface, etc. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is … Pascale Henin! " In the excitement of moment, the pressure of cameras, flashes of the photographers, now it was the first name from the librarian who had come to me to the mouth …
Everybody laughed, some people believed that I had done it express.
I am a little bit red with shame and bored face to face by Justine Henin, our guest. I ask her some traditional questions and then I ask her, what always intrigued me by looking at these matches, if when anybody of the public shouts before that she serves the ball, it does not disturb her?
She answers me: " not really, Jacques, only when somebody shouts " Pascale! " Instead of Justine. "
She has a sense of humor!

With all these, I end my long post, forgives me for not updating this blog for long. I ain't forgotten about Ju, just trying to find time and my hardworking self back. Nice to see Ju being active in charities especially her own JFK projects. And Ju really has that motherly and feminine look now ;) In any case, I love all her looks, be it the professional business woman look, the focused and determined suave looking on court Ju or the motherly Ju, she's still the best idol I ever had!
And I'll see you all again next year 2015, I'm gg on a holiday to experience some snow in 한국. Will be my first time experiencing snow since I grew up in a place where there's only the boring rain or shine. Hope I don't become ice over there. Cya then!

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X-Challenge 2014 photos & videos

I'm sorry for being away for so long again...although I've slacked in the past but these few weeks and the coming few weeks will be quite a busy schedule for me and Justine has been getting active lately but I haven't got the time to blog about her activities. Let me briefly blog about them here now:

First of all, for any of her facebook status updates, please refer to this link here:
In fact, she has just updated her facebook status today, go check it out!

Next up, these are the news and photos that I've gotten from here, thank you very much Danielle for the updates of Justine's activities as always <3

1) Justine in the event -Le Beau Velo de Ravel, read the translation over here:
accompanied by the video here:

This was the photo I've gotten from rtbf le beau velo de ravel's fb page cover photo

2) The X challenge 2014, for the benefits of JustineForKids foundation, full photo sets here:
and the interview video of ghislain marechal:
Fancy some motions of Juju? Here's a video clip with our cute Juju squeezing a teddy bear:

Justine Hénin organise un ultra-triathlon pour son association "Justine for kids"
The news link is over here:
Translation by Danielle:
The crazy challenge thrown by Justine Henin for the children: " it is simply to chain 20 triathlons to the continuation "
Justine Henin explained of what consisted "X Challenge", for her charity " Justine For Kids ".
In August 29th, 2014, 21 hour 07
Justine Henin calls on to the sportsmen and to the generous donors to help her charity " Justine For Kids ". The champion throws a baptized ultra-triathlon "X Challenge". " It is a little bit crazy challenge. On the initiative of Ghislain Maréchal, which is an athlete, one ultra a triathlete, it is a discipline of madman, because it is to chain triathlons. X Challenge, it is simply to chain 20 triathlons to the continuation, thus 77 kilometers of swimming, 3600 by bicycle and then 844 on foot. The whole, we hope for it, within 20 days to approach the world record ", she explains to Adel Lassouli's microphone.
Take children in Lapland to meet the Santa Claus
" Ghislain looked for an association, and through a friend, we met. He wanted to be able to collect fund, with this event for the benefit of Justine For Kids, thus we are there to support him, encourage him. Me I admire the athlete, because similar distances, that appears almost just impossible. With these funds, we are going to take sick children in Lapland, on the meeting of the Santa Claus in at the beginning of December ".
You can follow this X Challenge event through this facebook page:

3) Another organization that supports JustineForKid is the "Bikers for Children" which also supports the X-Challenge 2014:
This is the facebook page of the Bikers for Children:

I have combined some of the photos which Danielle has shared from some of the websites and facebook pages here:

JFK and X Challenge collaborated together to fulfill the dreams of some needy children, all for a good cause ^o^
I like how they put up the banner around this pavilion 
Getting ready for the camera
Interview time, media has to involve to spread the news of a good cause, spread the love ya!
The hero before the challenge
Ju is always a natural speaker, look at how composed she is when she's giving her speech!
And always serious about her work and projects~
That guy besides her is called ghislain marechal right? He looked determined to complete the challenge, all the best to him!
This Juju is very charming. She really looks like an experienced speaker, who knows what she's gg to speak without hesitation
Personal interview of Ju, I think the video is showing this part
Looking at Ju's posture, I'm imaging that she's asking him on how to swim effectively without getting too exhausted.
If my above assumptions of her question is true, then this photo would depict the scene where this guy doesn't really know how to answer her
Biker Guy:"Come Justine, I have something to present to you"
Ju:"Oh what is it?"
Ju:"Is it this cute teddy bear?"
Biker Guy:"Nope, it's something even more beneficial for your JFK organisation"
Ju:"Oh really? May I know what it is?"
Biker Guy:"you will know about it later"
Ju:"Ok, meanwhile, let me continue to squeeze this fluffy adorable bear (squish squish)"
Biker Guy:"Alright Ju,  here it is! You can stop squeezing the teddy bear."
Ju:"Oh Wow!"
Let's take a zoom in at Ju's "Oh Wow" expression here (ok, i'm being lame)
Ju:"Let others know of your generosity, let's show them what your Bikers for children organization has given to JFK"
This is not a small amount, it will greatly benefits the projects of JFK
Let us have a full view of the cheque presented to Justine for JustineForKids's project
Biker guy:"Well Justine, do you like this big cheque?"
Ju:"Oh, merci beaucoup! The kids will be very happy to have their dreams fulfilled with this amount! I can't thank you enough!"
Biker Guy:"Then keep it well"
Ju:"Yes, let me roll this up and shall we take a photo afterwards?"
The photo of happy faces!
The photo of happy backs hahaha, I think this photo is to show the Bikers for Children logos and Ju representing JustineForKids Organisation. So I think you get the full picture.

Some serious Juju for you (ya, when she puts her finger on her lips, she's not asking you to be quiet, but rather, she's in some deep thoughts and concentration)
This photo was her getting-ready-to-place-her-finger-on-her-lip photo. She would first do a "V" sign on her chin
And while the camera angle is away from her, she has subconsciously moved her index finger to her lip 
And voila! This is it, sheesh...Ju is trying to concentrate here...
Ju is trying to know how sharp her nose is? Don't worry Ju, you have a perfect nose which I really like.
Guy:"You know the weather doesn't seem to be very good, I hope it won't rain"
Ju:"Hmmm....looking at the misty grey clouds, I suppose even the rain would come to support you too"
Ju:"I think it's time..."
Ju:"The time of the challenge has come, let's go and check if our hero is ready..."
"Where is he?"
"Oh sorry, I'm still eating...I'll need all these energy and the additional support of the Teddy Bear (probably the same one Ju squeezed)"

Alright, let's take some photos before he set out!
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Some angle shots
There, one of the brightest smile of Ju in this set of photos
Ju's smile is even more outstanding in this photo, and you know why..oops!
"Alright I'm ready for the challenge, give me some kisses of support, you kids!"
Ju:"You know, I'm still worried it will rain"
Lady on the right:"Oh don't worry, it won't, look at how beautiful the weather it is now"
Oh yes, it's a very beautiful weather and the waters are calm

In the still rained~ but it will not deter the hero from getting his challenges done! Allez!

Here's one of the cutest photo of Justine:
I really love this photo alot, alot!

Sorry if I offend anyone with my lame captions, it was merely for me self entertainment, with this, I ended my post, can't believe it took me quite an amount of time to update with this post, but at least I'm enjoying it because it's about our Juju <3