Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Justine Henin Academy Video :)

Hi, there's a new video of the Justine Henin Academy uploaded about 2 days ago which I think is pretty interesting to share over here. The video talks about the nature of the academy, how they train their players and their philosophy and values.

You can even see Justine appearing in the video herself and speaking English with a heavier French accent now haha! 

But it's good, good to see how organized their programs are, allowing work and play in balance. It's not all about Tennis, there's entertainment, friends and....FOOD! Oops, sorry for the glutton piggy me. I love how they have video games, table soccer for them to relax and also providing school education for the players. 

For more info on the academy's programs and facilities, feel free to visit the website:

I look forward to the day when I travel to Belgium and visit her club, then I will take tons of photos and post it here. Ok, time to save $$$ now, travelling to Europe still needs $$$, time and some planning for me.

Monday, November 11, 2013

ADIDAS Benelux Clinic

Hello, long time no see, no smell, no hear! How's everyone doing lately? I know I haven't been actively updating this blog even though I'm still missing Justine a lot.

Here's the full photo album of the ADIDAS Benelux Clinic at Club Justine Henin, uploaded by Justine Henin Academy:

"The 25th october 2013 Adidas Benelux visit the Justine Henin Academyfor a awesome afternoon. The collaborators of Adidas Benelux was invited for a Tennis Clinic with Justine Henin."

I will post most of the photos but not all of them here, excited to see Ju holding on to a tennis racket and play again!!! Hahaha! (I'm getting lamer and lamer by secs, so beware of any lame captions)
Adidas big banner in Ju's club, a main sponsor and thank you for your support to Ju's projects!
If you can't sleep at night, try this lame solution: count the number of heads in this photo, finished? Repeat this process another 100 times. Still unable to sleep? Look at Ju's mesmerizing eyes in other photos of her, now dream.
Nice artistic decorations on the wall behind, just like Ju's tennis :)
I admire Ju's presentation composure, she looks so natural in giving speeches, like a boss! And I probably will stammer all the way until ppl feel like slapping me hard in the mouth hahaha (sorry for the violent desciption) 
This has become my new wallpaper, Ju's smile attacks! Btw, there's gonna be a flooding of tennis balls behind soon.
3 youngsters, Ju still looking youthful in this photo. Yeah, motherly youthfully mother..wait, what?
nice to see them playing tennis with focus
The physical training room I assume? Nice putting her 2004 Olympics poster up there, a very good motivation!
It's more than a gym, training all your muscles and flexibility!
I feel like going there and try to do all these, hope I won't find myself on the ground, looking at my dirty shoes to the ceiling.
The step on ball thingy looks fun but tough to balance?
Shuttle run?
What is she smiling about? Looking pleased ^_^
Another potential wallpaper spotted!
they are so lucky Ju is at the opposite side of the net!
I wanna play with Justine too but then I mostly excel in playing "air tennis"
Ju in action!!! Haha, don't know why, but I find her very cute in this photo
Her expression nv changes, that seriousness when the ball is coming in contact with her racket! Look how focused her eyes are, fixed onto the ball
Backhand!!! Slice? Dropshot? I don't care, it's a backhand!!! So long didn't get the chance to see her this fabulous backhand...Ah, Ju is enjoying playing, good good, nice to see her enjoying tennis that much
That looks a little Roland Garros trophy replica, just a little elongated, but still a nice trophy, even nicer if presented by Ju herself 

And because it's lunch time right now in my country, and I'm a little hungry, let me post these photos to make myself hungrier so that I will gobble up everything including the plates later:
The food that the restaurant in her club serves, looking delicious! 
I bet everyone enjoyed the event!
Oh no, here comes my stomach washing machine!!! 
Looking at them eating...did you hear it? "Gruuuuuuu...." That's the sound of the strong "detergent" acting up in my stomach washing machine...time for lunch! I'm stretching and ready for some mouth exercises!

On a side note, I really miss Justine a lot on court. I've recently watched some youtube clips of her wonderful single backhands and all the goosebumps were back again! Single backhanders are really a dying breed and even more to extinction for players like Justine :'-(