Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Justine Henin Academy Video :)

Hi, there's a new video of the Justine Henin Academy uploaded about 2 days ago which I think is pretty interesting to share over here. The video talks about the nature of the academy, how they train their players and their philosophy and values.

You can even see Justine appearing in the video herself and speaking English with a heavier French accent now haha! 

But it's good, good to see how organized their programs are, allowing work and play in balance. It's not all about Tennis, there's entertainment, friends and....FOOD! Oops, sorry for the glutton piggy me. I love how they have video games, table soccer for them to relax and also providing school education for the players. 

For more info on the academy's programs and facilities, feel free to visit the website:

I look forward to the day when I travel to Belgium and visit her club, then I will take tons of photos and post it here. Ok, time to save $$$ now, travelling to Europe still needs $$$, time and some planning for me.

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