Thursday, November 17, 2016

Congrats to Justine & Benoit soon to welcome their 2nd child!

I know I'm late but I wanna congratulate on Justine and Benoit in having a second child soon sometime in the next spring! Little Lalie is gonna be a big sister, and now I really hope it's a boy that looks like mama Ju and will be very very handsome! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

JH Matches 2 channel

Hi there, long time nv update this blog, I'm very sorry about it. Tomorrow, I'm getting married and I'll have even lesser time to update this blog, sorry for not keeping to my promises.

Anyway, I'll try uploading Justine's matches onto youtube, so far I'm only until year 2008. Her comeback years I haven't got time to upload yet and also some of her past matches were again deleted by youtube, there's nothing I can do about it.

So I give you my channel here first:

Enjoy the videos uploaded onto this new channel! As for the rest of the videos, wait till I'm free again which I had no idea when but I hope to upload all of her videos soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy 34th Birthday to artistic queen Ju!

Happy Birthday Justine!!!! So miss your artistic tennis, your sexy voice, your Allez! But luckily we still get to see your killer eyes, you haven't lost your seriousness in those eyes of yours!
Those are the eyes that first captured my attention and made me became a fan of you

But why cover them? Although you look so cool with sunglasses and yes, a racket and balls in hand!

Now you're no longer playing but in the audience stand or player box...back to the time when you told your mum that someday you're gonna be out there playing and you're gonna win, you're gonna be a champion and you succeeded, that's why I admire you Justine, you worked hard towards making your goal a reality

And a tennis cake for you:
Happy Birthday Justine!

Oh and btw, I loved your interview with Roland Garros!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday to Lalie!!!

Today is Lalie's Birthday 20 March 2016! Hereby to wish little Lalie a happy joyous birthday! Sometimes I would forget if it's 2nd or 3rd or the 4th  birthday for Lalie, I hope I don't remember wrongly. Anyway, little Lalie,  you must be a good beautiful girl and always cheerful and smiling ^^

Here's my usual google image birthday cake for you. Sorry, couldn't send a real cake over even if I had used fedex or DHL or others, I just lived too far from Belgium, way too far.

Always stay optimistic, looking on the brighter side of life like a sunflower:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

JHMatches2 in progress

I have decided to try to re-upload Justine's tennis matches one by one slowly back onto youtube in honour of Justine induction into the hall of fame. Maybe let me try if I can avoid detection from the shitty copyright thing with some neutral video titles. If I'm caught again and my video channel being deleted again, I might just give up on youtube.

When I've uploaded more of her matches, I will reactivate the "Justine's Matches" tab on this blog. Right now, I will upload some of them first and monitor for probably a few weeks?

Wish me luck then, and youtube, pls have mercy on this poor Ju's fan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Justine Henin inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame!

Congrats to our artistic tennis queen Juju! This is a remarkable achievement for her and being a fan, I am no doubt elated at the news! And Justine is the first of her country to be inducted into the hall of fame, what an honor!

Marat Safin and Justine Henin - Official page share their thoughts on becoming this year's Hall of Fame inductees!
Posted by International Tennis Hall of Fame on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Here's some of the related articles:

So what does our Juju have to say? The quote is from her in one of the articles:
"It's a big honour. I was five years old when I started playing tennis and my dream was to become a champion. All of the things that then happened - all the dreams that came true, all the victories and Grand Slams, and every emotion that I lived in my tennis career remains something very important in my life today.
"Being part of the Hall of Fame says that it will remain something forever, and that is very special. I am really honoured."
And I shall post a famous Adidas poster of Justine, our almighty Ju!

 And videos of her famous single backhand strokes and shots!

Who can resist her beautiful backhand?
Even her backhand slices are so beautiful!
And not forgetting this shot too! It's not an easy shot and Ju made it looks so easy

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

JHMatches is no longer available

Bad news...JHMatches is no longer available on youtube, I've got the third copyright strike by WTA Tour Inc. Looks like we're still living in a very restricted rights world. Let me make this clear here: I do support copyright as I think there's a need for it but sometimes I feel that there should be a limit placed too. I have never, not in the least bit of intention trying to make money by uploading Justine's tennis videos onto youtube, I did not make a single cent out of it, it was pure intention of sharing the good stuffs, but there will always be $$$ suckers out there to destroy it.

Good bye to my account JHMatches, and I can't express enough how disappointed I am at youtube, WTA officials, wasted my countless of hours trying to upload Justine's beautiful tennis matches, and the end result is this.

I wanna question youtube this: why is it that I still see many other matches out there and not taken down? Why target me? Why target an account that only uploads matches of a retired tennis legend?Is it because I didn't help youtube make money from it? Goodbye WTA forever (well, I haven't been following much anyway, the current generation sucks, the game sucks, it's boring and uninteresting, not even one of them will attract the attention of mine like Justine does)

I just hope Justine's artistic tennis can still be seen through all these videos and let more youngsters adopt her style and make the game more interesting, to let them see how tennis should be played and not just brainless ball bashing with no tactics but only trying to over power opponent which is not the right mindset at all.

I am still not keen to find other video platforms to spend hours again to upload Ju's matches, not when now I'm working and getting busy. In the past, I still have the time to upload her videos as student but now, it's hard for me to do the same, I'm very sorry. But well, never say never right? I still bear the hope of wanting more ppl to get to know Justine, especially her tennis. Trust me, it's really a delight and no regrets to watching her play. I don't care much for Serena and her achievements, her way of playing will never interest me forever, this, I can say never.

Thank you Justine very much for your tennis, letting me appreciate the true art of tennis.