Friday, June 25, 2010

Bravo Justine, simply amazing!

Always a fighter!
Woohoo!!! Justine beats Nadia Petrova in the 3rd round of Wimbledon with a score of 6-1, 6-4!!! Bravo Justine! Excellent play and match statistics! I was surprised with Justine's form, especially her serve which I'll nv thought of reaching >60% for the first serve and she surprised me with a 87% in the first set!

Borrowed the following pic of this match statistics from the JH unofficial forum: And surprisingly so few UE from Juju!!! I'm so happy! I hope she maintains this level or even better to raise her level when needed against bigger opponents/threats! Her serve speed is pretty good too!
Overall, I'm very very satisfied, in fact, as I watched her play, I've already fallen in love with her! (Well, I've already do from the first time I saw her play in Brisbane this yr, but this time round, I'm seriously obsessed in her BH!!!) So beautiful Backhand crosscourt!! Not even Roger Federer can compete with her BH? (That's what I think, IMO) I love Federer as well :)

Juju I wanna see your winning smile like this always!
And here's the article from the Wimbledon website:
Some facts: It was Henin's 14th win over Petrova in their 16 meetings and Henin improved to 27-0 in her career in Grand Slam third round matches. She is also 101-12 lifetime against Russians and has now beaten Petrova in straight sets in their last six meetings.
Cool! Nadia played ok, she's rather passive while Justine's being aggressive with nice backhand volleys and drop shots! Sorry Nadia, but you always seems to draw Justine in the early rounds, haiz~
And I wanna see Justine do this "Allez Dance" on Monday, so hopefully she wins Kim. It's time to take Revenge, Justine! Time to shove Kim aside, Allez!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

R3 To beat Nadia Petrova!

Justine advances to the next round where her opponent is Nadia Petrova. So far, Juju played great but I hope she won't lose her concentration like what she did in the second set where she was leading 5-1 which eventually leads to a 7-5 to close out the match.

Always giving fans heart attack, Justine! Pls, my heart is very weak, so pls play consistently and well against ur Big opponent Nadia in R3!!!

Nadia has a power serve and hits pretty hard (I hope the grass will slow down her balls, hehehe, and absorb some powers) but I believe Ju can still beat her since she has experience in handling these kinds of heavy servers. Still, Nadia is a threat and if Ju can win, her 4R opponent most likely to be Kim Clijsters..bleh! Lousy draw, all the belgians are in the same quarter, "killing" each other while the Williams sisters are happily slaying off other ppl. Damn!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ju's 2nd Round match starts today

It will be around 19:00 (my singapore time) and hers is the first match on court 2. I hope she'll win her opponent Barrois whom she just won at the Unicef Open last week.

And here's an article where Martina Navratilova says that she wants Justine to win!

" Justine to come out of retirement and complete her career Slam singles set would be wonderful."

It's always nice to see great champions rooting for Justine! I hope they're right! Allez Ju!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Justine Wimbledon R1 wins!

Justine won the 1st round of Wimbledon!!! I didn't watch the match, sorry, it was too late to stay up to watch it (for my time) but I just woke up to check the result and it was good. I read the thread on Women Tennis Forum and ppl said that Ju played pretty solid game, just need to work on her serve ;)
Considering her 1st Wimbledon match for 2/3 yrs since her un-retirement, it's pretty good to win in straight sets to me and she had 24 winners :D
Now step by step, moving to R2, hopes she continues to play better as she will encounter the likes of Nadia Petrova/Kim Clisters in the later matches, but I always have faith in Justine beating them. Ju, relax abit, dun get too tensed up! Good luck!!! God bless our Queen Fighter Justine!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Justine The Comeback kid

Here's one interesting article I found online thru google.

I wouldn't hope for much, now we shall see step by step for Ju's matches but it wouldn't hurt to wish the best for her and hopefully she'll take the title. Maybe VW in the article above could be right?

Ju has to have the confidence in winning, I believe she does and she'll do her best, Allez Ju!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Justine Henin Won the Unicef Open 2010!!!

Finally a win after being down from 0-3 in the third set to win the match with a score of 3-6, 6-3, 6-4! Andrea Petkovic is playing pretty well but I guess mentally, she cannot be compared to Juju, who's able to keep her cool and come back and win the match!

It was just a "heart twisting" match, when Ju was like she's gonna lose when she's down 0-3 in the third deciding match and I really couldn't breathe well. My heart was beating so fast that I could even hear the sound of my heartbeat while watching her play. I'm so glad that she eventually won! And yes, it was damn windy there and may have affected both players to play at their best form.

And now to borrow this pic below, cos I think it's so sweet and cute of the medal/trophy? Ju was holding it up so happily and being the ambassador of the Unicef, this win surely means alot to her:
Now on to Wimbledon, I hope Juju will be playing with more consistency, playing much better and of course, I hope her body condition is good too! No illness, no physical strains, mentally healthy and positive! That's all she needed to win for she has all the skillsets she needed. Good luck my queen Juju!

Allez Justine and may you triumph again on Grass in Wimbledon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jusine Henin into the Finals of Unicef Open!!!

What a delightful match from Juju against her opponent/fan (Alexandra Dulgheru ) winning in 6-2, 6-2 and a set up match with Andrea Petkovic in the finals!

Juju showing her powerful backhand slice..yummy!

I'm so happy for Ju and the way she played is getting better and better! She's always capturing my heart with those volleys and her backhand and her serve's getting better too with lesser DF! Good Ju, good! Keep up th good work pls and win this title!

Too bad Kirsten Flipkens didn't win the match, and it was a tight 3 setters match for her! I wanted a Belgian finals, but too bad it didn't turn out that way, so well, Justine, pls win for Belgium and win for urself! ALLEZ!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Justine Into the Semi!~

Yahoo! Ju won though the first set could have ended I think 6-4 but she wasted the break point and ended up 7-5 to close the first set. Ju had some misshits, I wonder is it the grass that she's not used to it? But the second set, she's playing much better and she had a total of 7 aces! Must have been the most aces match for her record? I'm pretty satisfied with her serve despite DFs on critical moments.

"Huh? I'll show you what it takes to win!"

Anyway, a win for her is good and happy for us fans too! She also tweeted after the match saying:

"Happy to be in Semi! Start to take the marks on the grass... I feel better and better on the court but I need to work again! Now time to sleep... Have a good night! ;-)"

That's good to hear from her, feeling better and better on the court, hopefully she'll find her own good rhythm to play on grass for Wimbledon. Let'shope everything's fine for Juju!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2nd round Won!!!

Good job Justine! Keep up the good work! Now to the third round, hopefully you get better and better with more confidence on each win!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts again on the first round in unicef open

I've watched the HL of 1st round match of Juju today and I shall change my previous post saying how "shitty" Ju has played at some points of the games, maybe I should say, "not as smoothly played" rather than "shitty". Overall, I think she played pretty amazingly for the volleys and her BH! I'm really amazed at some of the winners she made, so beautifully done! I must have missed out on those great points while the live streaming is extremely lagged on my com.

And I agree that she looked much more calm in playing the match even after losing some points. So I guess she'll play the second match tmr, and I can't wait to see her playing again! Hopefully she can make me sleep well with a WIN!!!


Today Ju won the first match in the Unicef Open! Keep it going Justine! I'm glad that you've won and some of the points are superb! I admit that some parts of the game, Ju played pretty "shitty", sorry Ju, even as a super fan of urs, I still have to say it out.

However, no matter how "shitty" Ju played, she always managed to find a way to win, and that's good! I always believe in Ju and I know she hates to lose that early, and I believe she'll love the grass season more and more with the queen's blood flowing inside her, she'll get used to playing on grass and all surfaces and eventually she'll win!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy? Birthday Justine!

Dear Juju,

though you have lost the french open, after reading your interview, I still have very much faith in you that you'll come back stronger both mentally and physically.
Now I feel abit lost without being able to see you play in RG, but well, today is your Birthday and I hope that you stay cheerful and positive always!

Happy Birthday Ju! I'm 80% sure that your birthday wish is to win Wimbledon, and may god grant your wish! (Pls do not disappoint us, god!)