Friday, June 18, 2010

Justine Into the Semi!~

Yahoo! Ju won though the first set could have ended I think 6-4 but she wasted the break point and ended up 7-5 to close the first set. Ju had some misshits, I wonder is it the grass that she's not used to it? But the second set, she's playing much better and she had a total of 7 aces! Must have been the most aces match for her record? I'm pretty satisfied with her serve despite DFs on critical moments.

"Huh? I'll show you what it takes to win!"

Anyway, a win for her is good and happy for us fans too! She also tweeted after the match saying:

"Happy to be in Semi! Start to take the marks on the grass... I feel better and better on the court but I need to work again! Now time to sleep... Have a good night! ;-)"

That's good to hear from her, feeling better and better on the court, hopefully she'll find her own good rhythm to play on grass for Wimbledon. Let'shope everything's fine for Juju!

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