Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts again on the first round in unicef open

I've watched the HL of 1st round match of Juju today and I shall change my previous post saying how "shitty" Ju has played at some points of the games, maybe I should say, "not as smoothly played" rather than "shitty". Overall, I think she played pretty amazingly for the volleys and her BH! I'm really amazed at some of the winners she made, so beautifully done! I must have missed out on those great points while the live streaming is extremely lagged on my com.

And I agree that she looked much more calm in playing the match even after losing some points. So I guess she'll play the second match tmr, and I can't wait to see her playing again! Hopefully she can make me sleep well with a WIN!!!


  1. LOL 'sh***y'... ST, Ju most of the time plays like that... I mean I have seen lots of her matches with 0-2 score in the 1st set... like the interviewer said, she's a bit of a diesel ;)

    ...slowly but surely she geared up as the match goes on...

    I agree her volleys are crisp and very beautiful... but her backhand is divine! ^^

  2. Ju displayed a wonderful series of BH weapons again today! I'm so happy to see her win!