Justine Henin Academy

First of all, for anyone stumble across this page, and wondered how Justine played in tennis, I'll paste the video of her playing style in slow motion which I've uploaded ages before, here:

I hope for her academy to produce talented players who can play with such artistic skills like her and of course to produce a result successful like her too!
Here are the info regarding her academy with all the sites and facebook links. Wish I have the fate of touring Europe and visiting her Club!

May she manage her academies well and hope they're a big big success! Hope to see more talented young players who would share her values and play brilliant tennis with a lot of variety styles like Justine. I'm sure they will produce many good and smart players! Allez Justine! Allez!

The above head logo is no longer valid.. =( Justine changed the logo to a pink tennis ball logo, but I still love this head logo, don't ask me why but I just love it. The new logo is fine as well, the bright pink tennis ball with a unique in-curve which looks like a "C" symbolizes a bright future of her tennis 'C'lub