Friday, July 29, 2011

Just a little Ju news

Just saw this video from youtube...yes I'm skiving again at work..shhh...

Justine as a sponsor for a tennis tournament-Petits Princes (Annecy), I think:

Somehow I look at this video I find Justine looking like what she was when she was a teenage with short hair, yes definitely much younger looking...old brings back the old times eh?

And thanks to suhu san, I get to find these pics, also posted on Ilse's facebook. Suhu's san blog is here:
So Justine was present at the Tour du Wallonie event and loving her smiles in there:
news info here:
The little girl is so cute!!! Justine as handsome as ever :P 
I can't decide who is the most handsome, sorry beautiful Justine, you're a good candidate as the most handsome and beautiful lady 
what caption should I put for this pic? 
Justine is the guest of honour right? 
This guy is so thin like more pls, both of you :) 
Beautiful flowers for beautiful Justine 
Justine as small as ever...I think she tiptoed in this photo to make herself looking taller besides the tall guy =X 
Motherly Justine at work again, the children are soooooooo cuteeeeeee! Just like Ju, hehehe!

Miss Justine, miss her tennis, miss her unique powerful artistic backhand, miss her on court interviews and smiles, miss her off court shows and dancing and singing, basically missing her everything.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The different days of my Justine desktop wallpaper

Firstly, sorry for not being able to update this blog reguarly, ever since my attachment started, I don't have much time to blog though I will forever be missing Justine. Ok, I admit sometimes during attachment I'm slacking away but there's no much news on Justine and most of her pics are stored in my personal harddisk at home. So to blog about her at work is hard.

Today's topic is hella boring, as it seems, it's about the desktop wallpaper of Justine pics. I keep changing the wallpaper of my workplace desktop because, I wanna see the different faces of Justine. The com is Win XP version, so I doubt there's auto change desktop pics function in it =X

The wallpaper pics I've found is of course from google images...yes, I'm slacking again surfing Justine's pics, sshhh...some of them are not really suitable for my 4:3 ratio desktop but will be good for my laptop wallpaper =)

Some suggestions:
 Monday wallpaper...when I have Monday blues and dun feel like working =X
Tuesday, when I'm starting to get pumped up like this Justine..alot of wallpaper to choose on this day..
Wednesday, continue to work's mid-week! Also alot of wallpaper to choose on this day...
Thursday, when it's the second last working day of the week, beginning to smile ;)
Friday, It's TGIF, so I will be as happy as an oyster! Really loves this pic of smiling Justine!
Saturday..where I can finally act blur, relax and enjoy the fun of the weekends!
Sunday...Be ready to welcome the sky/ocean blue monday...say bye bye to your weekends

And the following monday, I will have this look again:
But of course, not as beautiful as Justine...the biggest difference->when Ju looks sad, ppl would wanna hug her, me looking sad, ppl dun dare to disturb me because I got a murderous sad look...>=(

but hey, today is Tuesday, let's pumped up like this:
My beautiful handsome Justine! I miss you!

Other wallpapers for the day when you feel blessed and rewarded:
The golden touch and the silver kiss! Priceless~ 
And yup, it's this my fav wallpaper again, simply love the motherly goddess look of Justine, be rewarded *o*

And I would like to end this post with...
Praying for Justine, praying for all~ May there be peace & love <3

Wait, just let me post this one here...recently did I just found out there's another facebook page for her Club Justine Henin -.-||| I'm such as slow poke!

 This one used her head logo as the profile pic unlike the other one which is more of the logo of her 6th sense academics. It had created some events, those living in Belgium, interested can go take a look.
Ok, enjoy the week, every souls!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chez Justine!

Yes, I'm here to "broadcast" the message as well. The new restaurant of Club Justine Henin which is called "Chez Justine" has a new facebook page and a new website, go and 'like' the facebook page!

The Facebook Page link:!/pages/Chez-Justine/250488734978327

The "Chez Justine" website is here:
You may click on the image to go to the site

I personally love the site layout and design, it looks simple and elegantly 'chic', the menu looks interesting and for the gallery, the photos are very artistic as well. Though I wish there's more photos of the restaurant look. If I live in Belgium, I would sure wanna try the food out! 

I was wondering if the site will provide a facebook link to its page as well. And her facebook Club Justine Henin can have the 'likes' of her Chez Justine page too since the restaurant is part of her club? 

And there's an event coming soon in this restaurant, it's written on its facebook page (Copy &amp; Paste, that's wad I'm best at =X ):

Any Belgians who happened to stumble onto this blog interested, can join in:

Soirée Grecque
28 July · 18:30 - 23:00

Club Justine Henin
Avenue Leon Fournet, 20
Limelette, Belgium

Created by:

More info
Ahhh, là Grèce !!!!

Prêt pour un voyage?
Prêt pour la bonne vie?

Alors venez nous rejoindre au Club House pour une soirée d'exception !!!!!

En effet, ce jeudi 28 juillet prochain, Pascal &amp; Cynthia ont concocté un voyage à travers les sens !! Nous allons recréer la Grèce, sans besoin de valises, ni avion !!

Plein de gâteries "Zorba-ien" vous attendent sur notre buffet!!

Venez heureux! Venez nombreux!

La Grèce à porté de main

Avec son pilote
Et son hôtesse
Vous propose son package
Destination :
La Grèce à
25,00 euros par personne

Ce package comprend
Une soirée entre ami(e)s,
Du vin local (1/2 bouteille p.p.)
La cuisine du terroir (à discrétion)
Le Folklore en pleine gloire

N'oubliez pas de réserver un coin de paradis pour vous et vos ami(e)s AVANT le 26 juillet !!!

&gt; Par téléphone : 010/43.56.06
&gt; Par e-mail :
&gt; simplement au bar du Club House


Hereby wishing great successes to Justine's club and everyone, everything else inside it! Work, work, work! Tomorrow is TGIF! Can't wait for weekend to come! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Internship Workplace decorations ^^

Being bored, I shall show my pics of my workplace here and the simple weird decorations that I have made myself:

Look at my desk so clean and like been abandoned for ages b4 I came in. Pls ignore the little head that pops up in the pic behind...

This is the food (tidbits) combined with my friend's, some to be spread over to my desk. One box of chocolates already finished so not inside the pic...
And for sure, the first thing I do, is to set my desktop wallpaper to Justine Henin artistic shot!
And this is the box of chocolates that I had finished (pic taken from google images), sorry I didn't buy Belgium chocolates...
And the chocolates wrapping papers are being folded into boxes and cranes and 2 different types of un-glam flowers...decorations :P
And also made into those "ninja darts" big and small and also a boat. The two big boxes are made from used paper and I tried to draw Justine head logo on it. The left side is first attempt which I think I drew her nose too wide. The right side is the second attempt which I like better. Sorry for the copyright infringement of her logo. 
And this is ME! Yes the smiley is being reused again..hahaha! I had a very comical yet fierce fierce angry dying look in this pic, so better not show it up here to scare any souls...

And this is the best present I've ever got for my birthday! Thank you Richard! =D The beautiful box on the left was to contain the beautiful book on the right inside. Though I'm not sure how authentic the contents inside were but it was rather interesting to read and I've finished within 2 days. First time I get to finish reading a book, oh I'm so happy! Most of the time the books that I borrowed from the library have only the same fate of ending up in the book drop after I read a few pages of it, the record being 100+ pages. This time round I've broken the record and no, this book is not ever gonna be in the book drop. ;-)

And I haven't got the time to upload Justine's matches this weekend, will do it the next weekend. I'm going out now, cheers to everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Now at work...changing the desktop wallpaper to Justine Henin's wallpaper ;-P

I think I can only blog during the weekend le, I secretly blogging right now...I miss Ju.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Justine...a godmother of a ship?

So here's another update from the facebook, thanks to Ilse. According to her translation, Justine and Tia Hallebaut became the "godmothers" of the two new ships of the company DEME. Justine is the godmother of the ship "Congo River", the pics below are from this link:

Justine & Tia (the motherly godmothers) 
Ju's "godship"->Congo River, so green!  
Definitely missing her holding the racket, this must be the first time I saw a person wearing so smart for tennis
So Ilse said Ju hit the tennis ball to baptize the ship
A grand occasion with so many big ppl, really think the Congo River ship is so unique! Unique ship's godmother is unique too!
Nice hat!!!  Another first time seeing her wearing this kind of hat =D
Is this the same suit she wore for the fed cup thing? I love seeing her in suit, so businesswoman like! But I must say, I love this photo with that radiant smile of her!
Another nice photo with Ju's bright smile =) So angelic!
Now this is where Justine's handsomeness flows in a nice gentleman, oops! I know Justine is beautiful lady but the way she holds her hat and the glass of champagne plus that look, makes me think she's more handsome than most other guys =X 
The guy is more interested in Justine than the woman in the middle, seems like the center woman not very happy with this...Ju attracts more attention =P hehehe, just joking, both are beautiful ladies!

 Been hibernating with stress from work lately...brain malfunctioning as well, hopefully there's still some healthy lively cells left in it, be it less than 5 or more.Good luck to everyone! God bless me too...hate next coming week, hopefully my work will be smooth.