Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chez Justine!

Yes, I'm here to "broadcast" the message as well. The new restaurant of Club Justine Henin which is called "Chez Justine" has a new facebook page and a new website, go and 'like' the facebook page!

The Facebook Page link:!/pages/Chez-Justine/250488734978327

The "Chez Justine" website is here:
You may click on the image to go to the site

I personally love the site layout and design, it looks simple and elegantly 'chic', the menu looks interesting and for the gallery, the photos are very artistic as well. Though I wish there's more photos of the restaurant look. If I live in Belgium, I would sure wanna try the food out! 

I was wondering if the site will provide a facebook link to its page as well. And her facebook Club Justine Henin can have the 'likes' of her Chez Justine page too since the restaurant is part of her club? 

And there's an event coming soon in this restaurant, it's written on its facebook page (Copy & Paste, that's wad I'm best at =X ):

Any Belgians who happened to stumble onto this blog interested, can join in:

Soirée Grecque
28 July · 18:30 - 23:00

Club Justine Henin
Avenue Leon Fournet, 20
Limelette, Belgium

Created by:

More info
Ahhh, là Grèce !!!!

Prêt pour un voyage?
Prêt pour la bonne vie?

Alors venez nous rejoindre au Club House pour une soirée d'exception !!!!!

En effet, ce jeudi 28 juillet prochain, Pascal & Cynthia ont concocté un voyage à travers les sens !! Nous allons recréer la Grèce, sans besoin de valises, ni avion !!

Plein de gâteries "Zorba-ien" vous attendent sur notre buffet!!

Venez heureux! Venez nombreux!

La Grèce à porté de main

Avec son pilote
Et son hôtesse
Vous propose son package
Destination :
La Grèce à
25,00 euros par personne

Ce package comprend
Une soirée entre ami(e)s,
Du vin local (1/2 bouteille p.p.)
La cuisine du terroir (à discrétion)
Le Folklore en pleine gloire

N'oubliez pas de réserver un coin de paradis pour vous et vos ami(e)s AVANT le 26 juillet !!!

> Par téléphone : 010/43.56.06
> Par e-mail :
> simplement au bar du Club House


Hereby wishing great successes to Justine's club and everyone, everything else inside it! Work, work, work! Tomorrow is TGIF! Can't wait for weekend to come! 


  1. That's so cool, I wish I could go to Belgium and eat there :) Justine loves her homeland, and says people are very warm there. That's true, like herself :)
    Best wishes too for Justine's club success and all of her endeavors, and yes I can't wait for the weekend to come too :D when you said TGIF you reminded me of Katy Perry's song x)

  2. Wow Sarah, you're super fast! I just posted this not long ago..
    Haha, Ju loves Australia as well too, I'd love to visit Belgium and Australia one day if my $$ allows.

    Come on Weekend!!! I haven't heard this song yet but maybe I will now. =D

  3. Whoah I just realised I am pretty fast :P I guess Australia's time difference is noy much more than Singapore so i check at times you are likely to be on? Yes I heard that, I'll be glad for her to come visit, Singapore looks great too :)
    There are a couple of songs about Friday recently, Katy Perry's TGIF and the dreaded Friday by Rebecca Black :P Soo glad its the weekend now :D

  4. Haha, I guess the time difference isn't that much too. I wish she'd visit SG but that will nv nv happen. And well, can't say I love SG that much myself too, so...(ok, I love my family, frenz and the food here, not so much on the ppl in the political terms)

    I guess I'm those weird music lovers who listens to songs but don't really take note of them, and I also tend to stick to listening to the same old songs over and over again which leads me to underexposed to many other songs. =X Now uploading videos of Ju's matches, so miss her.

  5. You never know, she might visit sometime, don't lose hope :) Singapore is known for it's city life and all but I understand why you wouldn't like all aspects of it.
    Hehe when I listen to a song I like for the first time I get obsessed with it and listen to it over and over again :P I'm like that too actually, I listen to so much of Michael Jackson and Guns N' Roses but not too many others because no one's like them ^_^ I miss her too, theres no one like Justine out on court :( but I hope she is enjoying what she's up to now :)

  6. I would rather she visits Australia than SG even though I so wanted to meet her, I don't want her to get suffocated here by the overpopulation. I hate it when every morning I had to squeeze into the sardines packed train and sometimes with the inverse lottery luck of having someone's hairy armpit just about the height of my nose -.-

    But it's alright if she visits SG to get to taste some of the delicious food here. Not sure if she likes Asian food.

    Unfortunately I seldom listen to Micheal Jackson's song but more of watching his dance, I love his cool dance, always nv fails to amaze me just like Justine's tennis. Oh but there's one song which I've listened when I was young with my brother->Beat It! which my bro would sing that song over and over again.

    I'm sure Justine will be enjoying her life now with her family and friends which in the past she may not have the luxury of time to do so.