Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The different days of my Justine desktop wallpaper

Firstly, sorry for not being able to update this blog reguarly, ever since my attachment started, I don't have much time to blog though I will forever be missing Justine. Ok, I admit sometimes during attachment I'm slacking away but there's no much news on Justine and most of her pics are stored in my personal harddisk at home. So to blog about her at work is hard.

Today's topic is hella boring, as it seems, it's about the desktop wallpaper of Justine pics. I keep changing the wallpaper of my workplace desktop because, I wanna see the different faces of Justine. The com is Win XP version, so I doubt there's auto change desktop pics function in it =X

The wallpaper pics I've found is of course from google images...yes, I'm slacking again surfing Justine's pics, sshhh...some of them are not really suitable for my 4:3 ratio desktop but will be good for my laptop wallpaper =)

Some suggestions:
 Monday wallpaper...when I have Monday blues and dun feel like working =X
Tuesday, when I'm starting to get pumped up like this Justine..alot of wallpaper to choose on this day..
Wednesday, continue to work harder..it's mid-week! Also alot of wallpaper to choose on this day...
Thursday, when it's the second last working day of the week, beginning to smile ;)
Friday, It's TGIF, so I will be as happy as an oyster! Really loves this pic of smiling Justine!
Saturday..where I can finally act blur, relax and enjoy the fun of the weekends!
Sunday...Be ready to welcome the sky/ocean blue monday...say bye bye to your weekends

And the following monday, I will have this look again:
But of course, not as beautiful as Justine...the biggest difference->when Ju looks sad, ppl would wanna hug her, me looking sad, ppl dun dare to disturb me because I got a murderous sad look...>=(

but hey, today is Tuesday, let's pumped up like this:
My beautiful handsome Justine! I miss you!

Other wallpapers for the day when you feel blessed and rewarded:
The golden touch and the silver kiss! Priceless~ 
And yup, it's this my fav wallpaper again, simply love the motherly goddess look of Justine, be rewarded *o*

And I would like to end this post with...
Praying for Justine, praying for all~ May there be peace & love <3

Wait, just let me post this one here...recently did I just found out there's another facebook page for her Club Justine Henin -.-||| I'm such as slow poke!


 This one used her head logo as the profile pic unlike the other one which is more of the logo of her 6th sense academics. It had created some events, those living in Belgium, interested can go take a look.
Ok, enjoy the week, every souls!


  1. Ah I'm happy to see tennis pics of Ju again, I miss her so much. I'm honestly thinking of looking through your old posts when she was still playing :( I love seeing more of her non-tennis wise, I just miss seeing the fighter, true hampion that I saw in her, that made me like her. Sorry I'm just rambling again... I like the Athens wallpaper too, reminds me when she won gold, I feel proud for her :)

  2. I miss her alot too, well, actually I only started to get to know her tennis in 2010 when she just came back so I can only say, I missed out her entire 1st career so my old posts doesn't have much memories of her 1st career if there's any.

    It's ok for the rambling, I do that too because of Justine ;-) Oh Justine is just so goddess like, I would totally "worship" her tennis! So beautifully played and with so much variety! I never wanna watch the women's tennis again without her.

  3. "murderous sad look" LOL I want to see that,hee~hee ♥

    Been watching JU's past matches again (07 Madrid Final, 07 USO Final, and 2010 Rosmalen SF) ahhhhhhhgggg, I miss Justine on court...

  4. Hi Sly, sorry for late reply. Hahaha, you wouldn't really wanna see that look. It'll haunt you in your sleep.

    I haven't got the time to watch her past matches in full, only bits of here and there and continuing to uploading the vids! I miss Justine too...