Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Un apéro chez Justine Henin

Aiyayaya! I'm late again to present Juju news, sorry about that...but I'm so happy to see Juju once more...on the Internet. Thank you Danielle for the news links and the translation:

I will copy and paste her translation of one of the articles here:

An apreritif at Justine Henin
LAURENCE DUMONCEAU PUBLISHED on Monday, August 05th, 2013 at 05:38 am - Updated on Monday, August 05th, 2013 at 06:45 am

WALLOON BRABANT The third greedy aperitif was enhanced by Justine Henin's presence, in her club.
" I played tennis here in winter, a few years ago, I recognize spaces, but I had never seen the garden, for example and the installations were completely renewed … It is magnificent. "

" Even in inhabitant Limelette, we do not think of coming to the Club Justine Henin to have a drink or have a bite to eat It is as in the Castle of Limelette, we think of hotel and of balneotherapy, but not inevitably to the restaurant. "

It is some comments collected on Saturday evening to the Club Justine Henin, show of the interest of the organization, by the City, of the third greedy aperitif to Limelette, within the framework of the program of animation summer City carried by the aldermen of the Tourism and the Trade.

Objective: allow the inhabitants to discover during a triple festive aperitif at the same time the commerces of the Place of Europe, but also the Castle of Limelette and the Justine Henin Club and his restaurant.

Places which the inhabitants know obviously, but whose doors they have sometimes never exceeded.

" We live in Limelette and we had never returned, neither in the Castle of Limelette, nor here in the Club Justine Henin, show Yves and Robin Guiot. In the Castle, we were received in the garden and it was very pleasant, here, we meet Justine Henin and then it is great to see these two infrastructures under another angle. "

Announced on Saturday evening, the champion of tennis was very present, very available and accessible, entering into the spirit of the game souvenir photos and collecting compliments on her sporting career.

" Here, I am at my home, specifies Justine Henin, I am available, it is normal. That it is naturally imposed to participate and to support this initiative of the City. It is very nice that the inhabitants can see the Club which is near them and what they can better know our project. Here people came to spend Saturday evening in a relaxed way. The proof that the Club is an accessible place to all. "

The photos below!!!
It's really really really very refreshing to see Justine wearing this kind of outfit! And yes, her right arm still has some muscles...probably by carrying Lalie alot?
I think this is part of a dessert making programme organised at Juju's club 
Somehow, her left arm lost all the extra muscles but she's looking great anyway~drools...
Smiling Juju always so welcoming, I envy the ppl there to get to meet this motherly Juju. 
The picture above is not in the same event, I just took it from belgapics...always nice to see Justine relaxing and enjoying life ^o^

I still hella miss Justine alot and I've also downloaded some of her tennis matches but have not uploaded on youtube yet...yes, for sure, I miss her tennis but looking at all these photos, I am equally happy that she has found peace and happiness of her own and I hope it will be forever this way-being cheerful and outgoing. She can now get to wine and dine as she wants, without any restrictions anymore. And did I say that I'm loving the motherly aura from Justine?