Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Right on Track!

Yes, this time round I'm early cos I thought Justine's match has been played and wanna check out the results, it was only when I found out that her match was still going on and I've been following the scoreboard live.

She has won!!! She won against V Zvonareva by 6-1, 6-4! All the way Justine! You can do it! Congratulations on ur win! Luv you so much!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Good work Ju!

I know I'm late but am as happy and proud for Justine as ever! She has beaten Dominika Cibulkova 6-4, 6-4 in almost 90min of play. She may have made some mistakes but I always have faith in Justine in beating seeded players, especially when she's the Queen herself!

Now, move on to face 11th-seeded Vera Zvonareva in the Round of 16. Hopefully she'll defeat her opponent as she normally did! As I'm still unable to watch her playing live, I can only wait for the results and hopefully a good one!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great, just Great!

Yes, Justine won the second round against Dementieva with a score of 6-3, 6-2. I'm abit surprised by this score considering the fact that they had two tiebreaks during AO second round, I'm so proud of Juju! Looks like her serves are ok and improving, great! I'm still quite worried abt her beating Elena and am praying so much b4 I could see the results of the match online.

Is this the same pink suit that she wore during IW?

Allez! Tht's when she screamed for success!

In focus.... check out her thigh muscles!

"Watch out for my backhand!"

There you go girl...

Poor Elena, I kinda like her cos she seems nice and handle defeats better than some other players, lady luck doesn't come upon her with her being two times drawing Justine in the early matches, certainly not wad I wished for, but I'm so glad for Ju, now I can happily do my homework, hopefully she'll continue her success to the finals and win the title! Allez again!

Now for Elena Dementieva, I hope she'll not give up now and continue to play as I enjoyed her game too! Let's give us the entertainment in Tennis Ju and Elena!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A nice victory

Before I knew it, Juju has won the first round of the match with a score of 6-2 6-2. I knew the match was starting early today but I didn't have the time to check the results out until I was in the school library using the com to anxiously typing "Justine Henin" in the google search bar and hit the "enter" button.

It was when I saw the result that I'm sorta relaxed abit, though Ju still needs to brush up her serving. She still made 5 double faults! But I have faith in Ju's ability and skills that she will have to believe in herself in order to defeat Dementieva.

So Juju, let's hear you scream "Allez!" again!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miami Tournament

So this is one other tournament that Justine is gonna competing in. The draws are out. Her first round opponent is Jill Craybas whom if she defeated her, will met up with Elena Dementieva again.

Sad case is, I probably will miss the matches again because of heavy school work and assignments and exams are about a month away. Let's just hope that Justine will prove her ability to rise to the top and claim the title! I will still follow up her news online and giving her support!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Glam Slam Part I

I was searching for Justine's past time show "Les 12 travaux de Justine Hénin" and was amazed at her 3rd mission: Top Model. She's looking absolutely stunning here! I always know that she has a very beautiful face, nice facial features but with makeup she's too gorgeous totally opposed my earlier views on how handsome she can look. This time round, it's not the handsome Justine but the gorgeous Justine!

Who still dares to say that Justine is not good looking? Better bang their heads against the walls (sorry for the violence but this video will make them eat their words!)

Justine has a very sexy voice at the beginning and really like a professional career woman, say, if she didn't smile, she looked pretty cool and cold but beautiful. Yet when she smiles, it "killed" her coolness but melted my heart!

From the video, I can see that Justine is actually a very fun loving person who's like a little girl (look at her jumping up in joy, super cuteness!)
I've screen captured some of her glam look (sorry that the quality is not good cos the video size is small)

She really looked like a model here

Justine before the catwalk, she's trying to be calm

Getting nervous?

After the catwalk and her "voila"! Successfully completed her catwalk, love her pose here and she smiles very nice!
This is when Justine posing with the camera after the winking. ;)

She's looking good in here!
Some pics I got from the internet:
She looks so COOL and stunning beautiful! I always love her in suit!

Pouting? Is this pic taken when she's trying to change back cos her hair is untied.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Justine as a soccer player?

Yup, I know Justine is good in sports, she has the sports genes and is a very active person, the best is that she can kick the balls well, and perhaps some asses? oops! These pics are wad she have done for a mission of her show after she retired and b4 unretired:

She's doing the men style pushup? Tht must be tough for a small lady to do so, but Ju is strong!
Juju in training with the hunks :) she looks so small here
Watch out! A potential soccer star in practice!

Juju as a goalkeeper? I'm not sure if her delicate hands can take the force of the ball flying towards her though I have no problems with her being alert in catching the ball (her agility may be better than the guys)
Let Master Ju teaches you how to kick the ball and score!

Dribble and kick it high

"My legs aren't for perfect footwork in tennis only"

Focusing on the ball and I dun mean tennis ball
This is how you should practise kicking the ball:

"I'm coming!"

"And here I go!"

"Allez! Ole? ALLEZ!"
Here's a vid on how she goals!

Haha, I seriously think that Juju can be a soccer player if she ever thinks of retiring (No!!! I dun want her to retire from the tennis world, else my passion for tennis may die down again...) Just think that Ju can have a leisure hobby kicking balls with the hunks and who knows? She may find her love in the field of soccer? Oh my, I'm thinking wild again, sorry!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hit for Haiti Women doubles-juju!

Ok, I know it's all over but then I managed to get to watch the match uploaded by TheForehand youtube user. Thanks to him/her! I've trim the videos to include 2 interesting rallies:
This is one interesting part!

I can see that Justine is trying to be funny here not through words but actions, how cute! Justine is trying to hit high and making them do the volley shots back and she goes hitting it back high again, Martina hardly get to hit any shots here. Time for Justine to get funny for a while eh? I can see that Steffi and Lindsay knew Justine's trying to be funny so they keep hitting back to her until I think they got tired of it so gonna end it :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funny Faces?

I happened to look thru my set of Justine pictures and found some of her having some funny faces pics (though some of them still have her serious look!)..and decided to post up here:
Not sure if tht's the actual length of her tongue..if it is, then it's pretty short? Normal? Lol, but she looks cute!

This is the screen capture from her semi finals olympic match with myskina...She's drinking water! Another unusual thing I found myself common with her: I also like to drink a big gulp of water and hold it inside my mouth b4 slowly swallowing them down the throat. Juju definitely look the cutest here, look how big her eyes are, with the winning determination look!~

Wad is the thing that makes Justine so confused? I dunno neither..

Ah~ This is the pic I got from http://www.tennisforum.com/showthread.php?t=379889, there's more edit to this pic, with her face compared to a smiley (sorry I couldn't find that page as the thread is too long to find one by one but there are many other interesting funny pics of other players in this thread!) but this is one epic pic though, she really looks like a smiley! May click on the pic to enlarge!

Let me give you a big inflated kiss of victory! MUACKS!

I know Juju is a great soccer player too, she can kick the ball well but seriously wouldn't this outfit restricts her movement? Wearing Jeans underneath a tight skirt..hmmm..doesn't look that bad to me on her but definitely would be sweating like hell if I ever wear like this in Singapore.

I believe there are more interesting pics of her but I've yet to go find them..ok let's just say this is Funny Faces part 1, will post a part 2 if there's more pics of cute Justine!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hit for Haiti

I didn't get to watch this exhibition match again due to time difference but I learned that Justine/Martina won 8-6 for the match and the whole event raised 1 million dollars which is good!

I wanna watch the whole women match for this cos Justine's there but from wad I've heard, the men match is much more interesting with jokes (except for those out of hand ones) I wish Justine would talk more but I guess she's really the shy type and scared of her jokes turned into cold one so she kept quiet...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Justine lost the second match which is so unusual of her against an opponent out of top 20....I didn't watch the match and dunno wad's wrong with her, anyway, hope she will reflect on this match and identify her errors and hope she'll come back much stronger and win the miami tournaments and all grand slams!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A bright start to success!

Yes! Justine won the 1st round against Magdalena Rybarikova, 6-2, 6-2, in just 68 min! It's really a good start cos she's been "missing" from Tennis matches for 1 month to heal and train on her physical fitness. I haven't been able to watch the match cos I have lessons in sch. But I'm dying to know the results and am glad that she won the 1st round with ease. Luv it!

“It was a very good feeling. This is a tournament I like a lot,” said Henin, who will meet Gisela Dulko of Argentina in the second round. “It's been a break of one month with no competition so I was glad the way I went into the match today. Not everything was perfect, but I found a pretty good rhythm and felt I could go a lot to the net and I felt really good on the court, actually.”

“I still think I need a few more tournaments,” said Henin, a seven-time Grand Slam champion. “In Australia I proved to myself that I could make it, that I didn't really need a lot of competition to be at a pretty good level. But I see further than that. For the French Open and Wimbledon I hope I can be at my best level.

“I need to get used just to being back on tour. That's not that easy, to find a rhythm, to really find my place. I still have to build my confidence, I have to win matches, I have to feel strong enough mentally and physically.

Hopefully, she will regain her best level in the near future and wins every tournament, at least as many as possible including that elusive Wimbleton! Once again, ALLEZ JUJU!!!
All violet? Pink? Even the undergarments the same colour too! It's a very striking colour just like the player!
Nice motion and pose!
And here she won!
Pictures Credits to Greeny (taken from http://blog.goo.ne.jp/suhu blog comments)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Indian Wells First round

So according to the website, it's supposed to be Wednesday 10 March 11am which is the day Justine will compete for the first round. There's a time difference of 16 hours from my side (here's already nighttime and gg to 11 March)..so it's like 4 more hours b4 the start of the play but I won't be able to watch it.

I hope Justine will win for every match and win her first title for 2010...she deserves it and hopefully can snatch the rightfully hers no. 1 position from Serena Williams in the near future!!

Justine Henin, God will bless you! I will give you my support always! Luv ya!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What does Justine mean?

So I was bored and went to search the meaning of Justine, so here's wad I gotfrom this site:

Gender: Girl

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Righteous, just, fair

Origin: French

Meaning: N/A

Used in: English and French speaking countries

Additional info: French feminine form of Justin, from the Latin 'Justinus'.

Pronunciation: (zhoo STEEN); jus TEEN) [Guide]

Form of:Justin

So, Justine's native language is french, but surprisingly there's no meaning of her name in french yet in latin, her name means righteous, fair. I guess tht's right, she deserved the title, it is fair to be no.1 for her skills and talent in Tennis. I sometimes wondered if god decided to gift her the intelligence for the "compensation" of her short height (though she's considered average to tall in asian countries).

The reasons why she can be very dominant in Tennis b4 and hopefully after she unretires too are cos she has the brain working out fully on court, very cunning tactics and excellent footwork! The female Federer indeed! Sometimes I even think that Federer may not be as good as her in terms of backhand moves!

I even think that if she's a man, maybe she can win and be on top of the ranking in ATP too! She lacks height and maybe add in abit more strength (surprising for a small gal like her, she can hit very fast and hard too! Must have tough training, she really gives 200% to Tennis for her whole life!)

<3 Justine Henin!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is Justine Handsome too?

I find her face pretty interesting. She has the facial features of a woman, definitely, but I also find her face to be quite handsome, maybe much handsome than some of the men in ATP, haha!

This pic shows that she can be quite pretty yet quite handsome too!

Oh, I simply love her smile (though there's some wrinkles everytime she smiles..but her smile is charming!)

Let's analyze her face here..big sharp eyes with deep concentration, beautiful pointed sharp nose and small thin lips->definitely the looks of a woman but can be a pretty boy/man too! I really love her nose here and her big black eyes, simply beautiful!

Now this is the pic that I could proof how handsome she can be, with her killer charming smile and big beautiful double eyelidded eyes!

Simply Love her as a professional Tennis Player with her well-known most beautiful single backhand, love her as a beautiful woman inside out and also as a handsome "young man" (no offense to miss henin, but u captured my heart!)