Sunday, March 7, 2010

What does Justine mean?

So I was bored and went to search the meaning of Justine, so here's wad I gotfrom this site:

Gender: Girl

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Righteous, just, fair

Origin: French

Meaning: N/A

Used in: English and French speaking countries

Additional info: French feminine form of Justin, from the Latin 'Justinus'.

Pronunciation: (zhoo STEEN); jus TEEN) [Guide]

Form of:Justin

So, Justine's native language is french, but surprisingly there's no meaning of her name in french yet in latin, her name means righteous, fair. I guess tht's right, she deserved the title, it is fair to be no.1 for her skills and talent in Tennis. I sometimes wondered if god decided to gift her the intelligence for the "compensation" of her short height (though she's considered average to tall in asian countries).

The reasons why she can be very dominant in Tennis b4 and hopefully after she unretires too are cos she has the brain working out fully on court, very cunning tactics and excellent footwork! The female Federer indeed! Sometimes I even think that Federer may not be as good as her in terms of backhand moves!

I even think that if she's a man, maybe she can win and be on top of the ranking in ATP too! She lacks height and maybe add in abit more strength (surprising for a small gal like her, she can hit very fast and hard too! Must have tough training, she really gives 200% to Tennis for her whole life!)

<3 Justine Henin!

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