Saturday, March 20, 2010

Justine as a soccer player?

Yup, I know Justine is good in sports, she has the sports genes and is a very active person, the best is that she can kick the balls well, and perhaps some asses? oops! These pics are wad she have done for a mission of her show after she retired and b4 unretired:

She's doing the men style pushup? Tht must be tough for a small lady to do so, but Ju is strong!
Juju in training with the hunks :) she looks so small here
Watch out! A potential soccer star in practice!

Juju as a goalkeeper? I'm not sure if her delicate hands can take the force of the ball flying towards her though I have no problems with her being alert in catching the ball (her agility may be better than the guys)
Let Master Ju teaches you how to kick the ball and score!

Dribble and kick it high

"My legs aren't for perfect footwork in tennis only"

Focusing on the ball and I dun mean tennis ball
This is how you should practise kicking the ball:

"I'm coming!"

"And here I go!"

"Allez! Ole? ALLEZ!"
Here's a vid on how she goals!

Haha, I seriously think that Juju can be a soccer player if she ever thinks of retiring (No!!! I dun want her to retire from the tennis world, else my passion for tennis may die down again...) Just think that Ju can have a leisure hobby kicking balls with the hunks and who knows? She may find her love in the field of soccer? Oh my, I'm thinking wild again, sorry!

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  1. The last pic is so cute, it's a gesture she does when she won a tournament eh?...haha

    Justine the striker! Allez!