Monday, March 22, 2010

Glam Slam Part I

I was searching for Justine's past time show "Les 12 travaux de Justine Hénin" and was amazed at her 3rd mission: Top Model. She's looking absolutely stunning here! I always know that she has a very beautiful face, nice facial features but with makeup she's too gorgeous totally opposed my earlier views on how handsome she can look. This time round, it's not the handsome Justine but the gorgeous Justine!

Who still dares to say that Justine is not good looking? Better bang their heads against the walls (sorry for the violence but this video will make them eat their words!)

Justine has a very sexy voice at the beginning and really like a professional career woman, say, if she didn't smile, she looked pretty cool and cold but beautiful. Yet when she smiles, it "killed" her coolness but melted my heart!

From the video, I can see that Justine is actually a very fun loving person who's like a little girl (look at her jumping up in joy, super cuteness!)
I've screen captured some of her glam look (sorry that the quality is not good cos the video size is small)

She really looked like a model here

Justine before the catwalk, she's trying to be calm

Getting nervous?

After the catwalk and her "voila"! Successfully completed her catwalk, love her pose here and she smiles very nice!
This is when Justine posing with the camera after the winking. ;)

She's looking good in here!
Some pics I got from the internet:
She looks so COOL and stunning beautiful! I always love her in suit!

Pouting? Is this pic taken when she's trying to change back cos her hair is untied.

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  1. Oh Queen Ju in white suit = classic

    I love the pout too ^^