Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great, just Great!

Yes, Justine won the second round against Dementieva with a score of 6-3, 6-2. I'm abit surprised by this score considering the fact that they had two tiebreaks during AO second round, I'm so proud of Juju! Looks like her serves are ok and improving, great! I'm still quite worried abt her beating Elena and am praying so much b4 I could see the results of the match online.

Is this the same pink suit that she wore during IW?

Allez! Tht's when she screamed for success!

In focus.... check out her thigh muscles!

"Watch out for my backhand!"

There you go girl...

Poor Elena, I kinda like her cos she seems nice and handle defeats better than some other players, lady luck doesn't come upon her with her being two times drawing Justine in the early matches, certainly not wad I wished for, but I'm so glad for Ju, now I can happily do my homework, hopefully she'll continue her success to the finals and win the title! Allez again!

Now for Elena Dementieva, I hope she'll not give up now and continue to play as I enjoyed her game too! Let's give us the entertainment in Tennis Ju and Elena!


  1. Oh... O_O yes, she really trained those legs after the AO... omo, more strength indeed... now her speed should go back after a few more tournaments... yay, another win, another match...3rd round it is... ^___^

  2. I also like Elena, but more like a character appreciation than tennis-and-attitude-wise like... she doesn't accept/love tough moments the way Justine does... but she's a great fighter... so I appreciate her too... =)