Sunday, August 29, 2010

Relaxed Justine part I + Adidas Barricade Anniversary

Since I'm gonna be busy again....I shall post some more pics of cute Juju here b4 going MIA again (it's gonna be a habit of mine, sorry)

Think these were taken yrs ago...Ju finding the adrenalin rush, not from sky diving but also from roller coaster!

Are these two cartoons characters from Disney or just random character? Looks like Donald Duck and Goofy imitation to me. Juju laughing so heartedly!

It's going down and prepared!

Is it my imagination or is the woman next to Juju has a very long neck? looks very flexibly stretchable!

Ju doesn't seem to be scared at all and looks enjoying herself!!! 

How many times did Juju ride the rollercoaster? The ppl behind her are different ppl. 

This pic below has nothing to do with roller coaster but juju in training...
Sorry but I think she looks relaxed with the kid inside the pic though she's training. Fit Juju, I love it!

Ok, till I'm free to blog again, or maybe some quick updates if there's any news on Justine. Btw, just saw on the forum that Ju has recently attended the Adidas barricade Promotion thingy in new york on 27 Aug. Here's one pic I've gotten from the forum:
Ju is in good shape and looking as charming as ever, her top is unique and cool! For once I really thought the shoe is a real enlarged shoe, didn't know it's a cake! =X Very creative indeed!

And some more from GVTennisNews twitpic (I only post those with lovely Justine inside..she looks great and natural!):

More pics in the forum!

*Update (some more found from Tennis Forum):

*Update: Video on the event (youtube credits to DtL Tennis <Site link>)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: more interesting article from Tennis Served Fresh (I've gotten the link from the TF):

She really does sounds relaxed and happy and CUTE!!! Love this interview alot! Very down to earth Juju and I love the questions they asked her, very different and creative from those "normal standard interviews" and hence some "standard replies" from her...but this is different, Ju's answers to the questions are very interesting!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One old interesting article of Juju

756 people, including Belgium's former tennis champion and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Justine Henin (C), make the longest toilet queue to set a new world record in support of UNICEF's WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) campaign in Brussels March 22, 2009. 

More pictures:
~Unite for Children~
Justine surrounded by the media and the ppl
Justine signing for the kids ^^

Thanks sly for the Youtube link:
Another similar youtube link by UNICEFBELGIUM:

As this event was organized by Unicef, Justine no doubt once again supported it by joining in the queue. I didn't know that there's this event to raise public awareness and also raise funds to provide hygiene education for children in third world countries. 

Very meaningful event, oh I love our gracious kind hearted Juju!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Full Justine speech for the Belgium/Holland bid

Source from youtube by hollandbelgiumbid (they have more videos regarding the bid, and also can have a view on Belgium city)

And one small part of Justine in the TV behind in the video: (at 1:16-1:21, there's even a short clip of little Ju playing soccer)

Justine really sounded nervous with alot of pauses but considering that English ain't her first language, she's pretty good in giving the speech...she really looked like a politician to me. Justine always got this "career woman" aura just like the pics below:

I simply love Justine in suit! Be it White or Black suit :-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick updates...

This is Justine's message to us on her website:

Click to enlarge

Her elbow injury is definitely more serious than anyone would have thought. It's healing slow but at least it's healing good. Though it's sad that this would indicate her rest of the season in 2010 would be cancelled but I'll wait for her brand new start in 2011. 

Fans of Justine, please pray for her good health! Let's pray that no more injuries for Justine in the future and more luck for her! I believe Justine would be stronger mentally, probably physically too in 2011!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Allow me to go MIA for a while

I'll be pretty busy these few days so I may not have the time to blog, so do pardon for me going "missing" for about a week. I will be back to blog the moment I'm finished with my work.

Meanwhile, do continue to support Justine Henin!!!

Photo credits to Hans-Westerling on flickr

Friday, August 13, 2010

Justine's EU kids breakfast campaign video (more info)

Thank you Greenout for the information on Justine's EU kids breakfast campaign video.
So in addition to my previous post on Justine: "You Can Do It-Stay Healthy Kids!", here's the full link to the website which has the video (it has the enlarged version) of her as well:

Click on the pic to view the site

And I agree, Justine should be given more credits for all the charity work or all the community work she had done. Anyway, our Queen Justine shows that she has a kind heart and despite being rich and famous, she does not appear arrogant ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some rare pics

Alright, I'm given the permission to post these beautiful rare pics of our queen Juju here but with some conditions:
Please do not post elsewhere on the internet, tennis forums, or on Facebook, thank you!

Photos credits to: Didier Mossiat

Once Again, Thank you Greenout for these photos!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Justine as Ambassador for the FIFA World Cup bid Netherlands/Belgium

Full text in the link below:

And some pics taken from the JH forum:

Justine gives the speech:

And as for the wonderful pics that Greenout you've given me the permission to post, I'll post it next time with a new post just for those splendid pics, thank you very much!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gifs animation I

I've made some of Justine Gifs yesterday as well as a few days ago....guess I couldn't get rid of the Justine's addiction :-)

And yes, Sly, I like your Happy Henin video so much that I used some parts of it as an idea for gifs making.

Oh and sorry about the alignment, I had some problems with blogger.

Let's start from her on court gifs:

The WB2001 SF perfect shot against Capriati ^^

Sorry Ana, but I love this power Backhand shot by Justine.
Here's another one in AO this yr, simply delicious bh!
Justine's pissed off action: "Open Your Eyes!" at the judge for not seeing the ball is out?

Justine's overhead Smash, look at how she moves in agility!

And three from the exhibition match:

And When Ju wins a match:

She heaved a sigh of relief after finally winning on a close match

Ju can't hide her happiness from Winning!
Yes it's this pic I made it into gifs, super cute Justine looking so astonished!
Ah this is so sweet~ I love Ju's smile, esp her winning killer smile

Now off court gifs: (3/4 from Une Star Une Femme-Sorry but I really like that exclusive programme of Ju)

Justine trying to calm the kids down?
This is the real sweet Justine-so relaxed and so friendly
I don't know what's she's laughing at-after she watched a video of her brother commenting something about her? I'd love to know the French language.

Justine actually has a very rich expression, do not be fooled by her serious expression during matches...she's just concentrating on her matches. She's a very professional player and a very respected person.

If there's a chance, I'd love to see her in person but I don't think I ever will, so maybe in my dreams :)