Thursday, August 5, 2010

Late Update: Justine will play Hopman Cup next yr instead of Brisbane

This is two days ago news, I'm always a slow poke, sorry. Anyway here's the sources:

It sounds interesting and exciting to me....since when was the last time she played mixed doubles? It was like million of yrs ago. Justine will pair up with Steve Darcis for the Belgium team and yes, both are single backhand player ;)


  1. Hi ST,

    There's a nice little Steve article in the Belgian media. He's so excited about Justine requesting an invitation for him to be her partner. Yes, she personally asked for Steve to the tournament director. Happy guy was so thrilled and pleased he sent Justine a "Thank you" SMS Text.

    I posted a translation on our Forum. :)

    I think that's nice of Justine - and yes, I'm happy to know he's begun practicing already for New Years 2011!
    He's gotta step it up!



  2. Wow, Greenout, thanks for the information! So nice of Justine to invite him...I better go to the forum now for more info, thanks again! :)

  3. nice informations from both of you, thanks G and C ^_^