Saturday, August 14, 2010

Allow me to go MIA for a while

I'll be pretty busy these few days so I may not have the time to blog, so do pardon for me going "missing" for about a week. I will be back to blog the moment I'm finished with my work.

Meanwhile, do continue to support Justine Henin!!!

Photo credits to Hans-Westerling on flickr


  1. Love the calmness in Justine's eyes!

    and a closer look on her baller wristband...
    babies on diapers in her bracelet??? cool!

    comeback soon ST... :D

  2. Hi Sly, I love this pic too! (I hope Hens-Westerling,if he/she ever found out this blog, wouldn't mind me posting it)

    I didn't really notice the babies on diapers on her bracelet, haha, you really had a good eyesight!

  3. Wow! you have such great eyesight. :)

    Yes, the photo is from Justine's trip to the Congo in January 2009. Hans (It's a man) Westerling is the name of the photographer who came along on the UNICEF trip. He does famous Belgian personalities, wild life and Greenpeace too.

    Study hard ST!



  4. SORRY! Wait - my error. The photo is from Sept 2009 in Cambodia for UNICEF! :)

    Here's his gallery of the trip.

  5. Hans didn't go to Africa with Justine - only on the Cambodia trip.



  6. Hi,

    I'm off to enjoy a nice Saturday jog, but I want to drop off these links of Justine's trip for UNICEF in Cambodia. Nice clips of her visit and the immunization project they did. These are from the UNICEF Belgium official site. :)
    Enjoy. Yes, the project was sponsored with the help of Pampers.

    It's really cute hearing Justine pronounce the word "Kampong". LOL

    Day 1 Diary Unicef field trip to Cambodia w/ Justine.

    Day 2

    Day 3

  7. Wow, Greenout, thanks for the vast sources of information! Mr Hans has good photography skills, I really love this pic of Justine and it's nice to capture the every single moments of the life in Cambodia.

    I'm loving Justine even more now after seeing all her charity work and as ambassador for Unicef. And I'll be sure to "download" the youtube clips and maybe next time I will post up these clips again to show her greatness ;)

    And thank you, I will study hard, meanwhile, have a nice good job. My side here is going to rain heavily though.