Sunday, August 29, 2010

Relaxed Justine part I + Adidas Barricade Anniversary

Since I'm gonna be busy again....I shall post some more pics of cute Juju here b4 going MIA again (it's gonna be a habit of mine, sorry)

Think these were taken yrs ago...Ju finding the adrenalin rush, not from sky diving but also from roller coaster!

Are these two cartoons characters from Disney or just random character? Looks like Donald Duck and Goofy imitation to me. Juju laughing so heartedly!

It's going down and prepared!

Is it my imagination or is the woman next to Juju has a very long neck? looks very flexibly stretchable!

Ju doesn't seem to be scared at all and looks enjoying herself!!! 

How many times did Juju ride the rollercoaster? The ppl behind her are different ppl. 

This pic below has nothing to do with roller coaster but juju in training...
Sorry but I think she looks relaxed with the kid inside the pic though she's training. Fit Juju, I love it!

Ok, till I'm free to blog again, or maybe some quick updates if there's any news on Justine. Btw, just saw on the forum that Ju has recently attended the Adidas barricade Promotion thingy in new york on 27 Aug. Here's one pic I've gotten from the forum:
Ju is in good shape and looking as charming as ever, her top is unique and cool! For once I really thought the shoe is a real enlarged shoe, didn't know it's a cake! =X Very creative indeed!

And some more from GVTennisNews twitpic (I only post those with lovely Justine inside..she looks great and natural!):

More pics in the forum!

*Update (some more found from Tennis Forum):

*Update: Video on the event (youtube credits to DtL Tennis <Site link>)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: more interesting article from Tennis Served Fresh (I've gotten the link from the TF):

She really does sounds relaxed and happy and CUTE!!! Love this interview alot! Very down to earth Juju and I love the questions they asked her, very different and creative from those "normal standard interviews" and hence some "standard replies" from her...but this is different, Ju's answers to the questions are very interesting!


  1. I loved the mini interview too. Nice and different questions ands answers.

    She looks really cute in this sort of "trendy" outfit. But I guess they're so behind in American that they don't get it or haven't noticed it. This sort of shirt is big in Asia - remember those girls from the Japanese techno-pop group PERFUME always where this type of thing. And the color is sort of correct too, since it's suppose to go away from brights in fall.

    I note a bit less muscle tone on her upper body (probably from not much swining those big hitting 1-HBH's during these past months. But her arm oddly is rather fit looking. Most likely didn't do much weights or stuff like that either - jogging? bike riding? anyway. She's also less tanned than Ana and Murray. - What Murray? LOL

    There usually is a WILSON party too. I hope it's this weekend and they force her to attend this one too. (Yeah, we gotta love the sponsors making her work!)


  2. Hi Greenout, yes yes, we Ju fans and I think maybe some other Tennis fans love this interview pretty much, cos it really shows the funny and interesting side of hers apart from the cold intense on court look.

    And yup, even in Singapore, I saw quite a number of gals wearing this kind if similar outfit, it's pretty trendy and cute, Ju sure looks good in it, and I think she has a good fashion sense!

    I didn't know about her upper body muscles mass but I do notice her arm, esp her injured right arm has surprisingly looked more toned, maybe it's really is the camera angle and maybe it's always been this toned, just that her adidas wear always cover her toned arms partially?

    So there's a WILSON party! I didn't know that since I only know of Ju this yr. And yes, we all gonna hope they "force" her to attend this party! (*evil laugh...) I want to see more of Ju!

  3. Ju looks really relaxed and enjoying herself too. Love the interview where it also indicates a lot of laughters throughout. Would be great to see her in other events. She is hot! I bet many ppl want to see her appeared even though she is not playing. She looks fit though, her upper arms look bulky, winder if she has been training physically. Oh so miss her. Time doesn't fly fast enough. Maybe she goes training in her Florida club soon while she is in the states?

  4. I miss her play tennis too :{ but this off-court appearances/activities are worth the void filler atm.

    "How many times did Juju ride the rollercoaster? The ppl behind her are different ppl."

    haha, more than 4times, good eyes ST
    O_O Ju can ride a roller coaster like it's just carousel ;)

    nice from TSF to ask these kinds of questions though it's short, Ju and the interviewer must have really enjoyed the conversation.

  5. Jo, Ju is really a very hot and charming gal. I'm sure ppl would love her off court too since she's so warm and friendly, sort of surprised those who thought she's a cold and hard person that she portrayed during matches.

    I'm not sure what kind of exercises she can do right now to tone her arm, but sure she looks fit, and I'm glad to see her looking good and fit!

    Still not sure if she'll train in her Florida Club, maybe a visit?

    Sly, will miss her playing tennis too, but have to wait till 2011 :( However, off court appearances do satisfy our "appetite" for a while. I hope she attends more of these functions if possible. :)

    Do you really count the roller coaster rides? I doubt it's only 4 times, there can be more, maybe it'll catch up with the no. of times she sky dived O_0!! And I nv ride a roller coaster b4, nv got a chance frenz all said I've got no childhood, haha! I'm not sure if I can be so calm and happy like Ju riding it.

    And yup, this is the kind of interview I always hoped for Justine to be interviewed. Interesting questions and amazing surprising answers from Ju. So she loves her phone so much eh? I wonder if she got ipad? Even from reading the interview, I could sense the enjoyment in both of them.

  6. Hi Gang,

    I uploaded FLV files from the Sporza interviews of Justine that she was shouting about! LOL It's on our Forum now. I haven't taken a look at the interview yet, but it's filmed at the Adidas party. According to Ilse during the Sports Weekend show broadcast last night they said Justine was only in New York for 3 days. So, yes it was work for Adidas, but I think it's great that we got to see her, and she chatted with tennis bloggers. This was good, I also liked that she could clear up gossip about her quitting again, it's an injury. Nothing else - so no need for negative gossip.

    I hope we have more and more of these updates from Justine personally. :)

    If it wasn't for Justine being in New York, I really doubt that I would care about the tournament. So, she's done good work. I sort of will watch now - hope Murray wins it. Yes, I'm biased - but.... HAHA

    Speaking of Adidas. Hope you all took the copy of the screen from the Adidas web site that we all enjoyed from the shoe page. It says something like "Go Speed"
    "Be Speedy" in English.

    I like it so much. I might use it for my new wallpaper on the imac. This one or one of the pics of Justine, Jo, Ana and Andy with the cake. :)


  7. Thank you Greenout for the info and the clips! I think it's really sweet and nice of Justine to attend this event specially just for her mega sponsor Adidas. :)

    I nv doubted about her being back on tour..nv questioned whether she'd quit tennis just because of injury. Because I know Ju wouldn't quit so easily now that she'd ignite the "once long lost" flame in her. I hope she'll get her wish granted and win Wimbledon eventually, but most importantly is that she enjoys playing Tennis as much as we fans enjoy watching her game.

    I've saved the pic you've linked but it's size is not suitable for my wallpaper screen size, however, i think it's an amazing pic. My wallpaper I will use Justine's amazing and suave looking oncourt photos :P

  8. Hi all, The photos of Justine were taken in 2001 at Movieworld on the Goldcoast, Brisbane, Australia. She was competing in the Australian Hardcourt Championships. The ride wasn't the only thrill she had, because Justine won the Title.

  9. Wow, thanks Annmarie for the info...I knew the photos are taken long way back cos Ju looks so young in the photos.

    And Justine does seems to enjoy her day in Australia and even more so when she's winning ;)