Monday, March 25, 2013

Lalie is cute & beautiful!!! Sweet family photo!♥♥♥

Thank you Justine for sharing this sweet photo of happiness on your facebook page! Lalie Bertuzzo beautiful photo with her papa and mama:
This is so super sweet, It's attracting ants on my desktop! 

Well, the baby is indeed still too small to determine who she looked like. Looked like Benoit or Justine? But one thing I can bet on is that little Lalie will probably has big beautiful eyes like her parents since Benoit and Justine both have big big pretty eyes! 

little Lalie is 3.2Kg and 49cm, I remember my mum told me when I was born, I am (could be) lighter than her. :-P

Omg, I suddenly feel the urge to have a baby and to be a loving good mum looking at this photo...spreading the love around~ 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Congratulations to Justine for being a mum!

Allez! The long awaited moment has come! Justine just updated her status on Facebook and announced that she has given birth! I'm so happy for her! Really!

And so now we know her baby is little Juju, named Lalie, as Justine called her, the little fairy! Omg, I'm still too excited to sleep now, really too happy for Justine already, since we all know how much she wanted to be a mum and loving the kids too! I'm sure, she will make a good mum, all the best to Justine and Benoit and her fairy! <3

Loves you Justine, always~ be a good mum ^o^

I forgot to say that "Lalie" is a very beautiful name, I truly think that so, and hopes this little girl will grow up healthily, happily and be a talented, intelligent and kindhearted lady :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Justine For Kids New Website Layout + 10 KM des grottes event!

Justine For Kids has a new website layout with new contents! I've screen-captured the website and let you have a peek at the design!

Also please read for more information of the event in the site itself, for those who can make it geographically, physically and mentally, please support this event by participating in it, details in the site (sports 4 life, sports 4 kids!)

Please also like this meaningful event 10 KM des grottes on facebook page if you haven't done so, refer to here (likewise, you may click on the facebook logo on the JFK website) :
This is the event facebook page, best if you participate in the event itself on the upcoming June <3

(I have changed my laptop OS to Ubuntu, and not really used to Ubuntu, so I didn't trim the screen captures, oh my Chrome browser also translated the page from French to English so translation may not be exactly what it is to be meant, but I think good enough)
Click on the pictures for actual resolution:
The top of the site 
The center of the site with "Justine's Roland Garros commentator look" photo 
And at the bottom of the site, the dream land of hopes for the kids!

Nice refreshing clean design, I like that! Esp the bottom part where it is really like the disneyland kind of design, really very kids friendly ^o^

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marching on~ looking forward to little Ju

It's MARCH!!!! Soon, we will see little Ju/Benoit! Months ago, I did a virtual baby making of Ju and Benoit out of fun and nothing else so no offense ya! :)

Here's some photos of the virtual babies of Ju and Mr Cute for entertainment:

First up from
 Boy version:

 Girl version:
How come both the boy and girl version look so twins like? And in my opinion, looks like Del Potro (Pls don't kill me eh~)

And from the website:
Boy version:
So cute right?

 Girl version:
I think I must have made the focus points wrong...this one looks nothing like Justine and Benoit but still  cute at least

Not specifying any gender:
But I think looks like boy more leh~ And how come the eyes are blue? :-O

And here comes the atrocious thing I've done: 
OMG!!!! I didn't know how alike Justine and Benoit look until I did the atrocious thing which is to try to morph them together...ok, Justine and Benoit maybe sharpening their knives and coming after me if they ever see this.....which, I don't think so...lucky!