Thursday, March 7, 2013

Justine For Kids New Website Layout + 10 KM des grottes event!

Justine For Kids has a new website layout with new contents! I've screen-captured the website and let you have a peek at the design!

Also please read for more information of the event in the site itself, for those who can make it geographically, physically and mentally, please support this event by participating in it, details in the site (sports 4 life, sports 4 kids!)

Please also like this meaningful event 10 KM des grottes on facebook page if you haven't done so, refer to here (likewise, you may click on the facebook logo on the JFK website) :
This is the event facebook page, best if you participate in the event itself on the upcoming June <3

(I have changed my laptop OS to Ubuntu, and not really used to Ubuntu, so I didn't trim the screen captures, oh my Chrome browser also translated the page from French to English so translation may not be exactly what it is to be meant, but I think good enough)
Click on the pictures for actual resolution:
The top of the site 
The center of the site with "Justine's Roland Garros commentator look" photo 
And at the bottom of the site, the dream land of hopes for the kids!

Nice refreshing clean design, I like that! Esp the bottom part where it is really like the disneyland kind of design, really very kids friendly ^o^

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