Saturday, October 30, 2010

Francois L'Embrouille Justine Henin (Candid Camera?)

So I found this very old video of Justine, (I know I'm kinda late to view this video, fans who followed Justine since her 1st career certainly had seen this vid b4)...seems like a sort of candid camera show and their target is Justine Henin, hehehe...
Here's some screen captures (video after the pics):
Yes! Justine's smiles, always my medicine as a stress reliever~ 
Although Justine was eating, she was aware of her surroundings, she saw how this guy talked to his assistant (I think his attitude wasn't that good) 
I heard him saying "Magazine" this he acting as some Magazine Editor or something and wanted Justine to be featured in his magazine? 
So CUTE!!! Justine looked really very young though her cuteness level nv decreases over these few years, Justine is still very cute right now and more charming 
Oh no...Justine's getting angry...her smile disappeared! But Justine, your angry look is not convincing at all, where got ppl still looked so cute when being angry? I guess she can't help it... 
Her smile reappeared but a forced one...that's b4 she decided to leave the restaurant 
I don't know what the guy had said but she looked hmmmm "scared" and a bit shocked 
Justine when she found out she was on Candid Camera, she laughed and Carlos went up there to hug her...  
Justine can't believe she's being tricked?
Facepalm reaction for Justine, haha! 
And...a hearty laugh! I love her!
The version I uploaded had the watermarks from tudou, sorry, that's the version that I can find with Justine entering the restaurant and the ending part with her reaction (again, I think this clip was first uploaded on Youtube? And sad to say, the site shown in the video is no longer available)

Here's another one without watermarks and more complete one? It does show how Justine is being "tricked", and in the early parts, I think that guy asked her if her training would make her body bigger like a man? (I heard him saying women and this is just my speculation) And yeah, the quality is pretty good also, not too blur:

If only I understand French then at least I can know what they're talking about...first time I see Justine got so irritated and fed up with someone, whatever had he done to make Ju felt so angry? I guess she's sort of angry with him for being so rude to his female assistant? And you can see from the video that although Justine was angry, she did not want to make too much of a commotion and chose to leave the restaurant, avoiding further arguments. Such a polite lady, haha, (all these are again, my own thinking, I had no idea what they're saying)

And Justine must be damn too hungry? She's eating her food fast and somehow I think she's trying to ignore that guy and keep on eating her food. (Justine, do you eat the tomatoes?) She seems too busy with her food than to listen to that guy, hehehe. She looks so cute when eating and drinking too (I'm too crazy over her)

Good luck and Good Bye Elena Dementieva!

This post is not about Justine but a great gracious tennis player whom I liked as well. Elena announced her retirement and it's sad to see her go just like that. I wished her all the best for her future and hope she enjoys her life without Tennis, good luck!

News on her retirement on WTA site:

Tribute to Elena-Her best moments:

It's sad to say good bye but you will dearly be missed, Elena!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Updates updates!

Oh no...I've committed a "sin"! I haven't been able to follow Justine these few days due to me rushing my school assignment which is to be submitted tmr. Procrastination is no good....should adopt Justine's hardworking attribute...

Anyway, thanks to the forum, I'm able to keep myself updated on Justine for what I've missed. So...there's a video on her official website, go check it out!
*Edit: Just saw the's hilarious and Justine is so charmingly cute! I always love backstage videos, it's fun and interesting! And one point to note: I love high pitch Juju!

And meanwhile, I got these 2 pics from the same forum - Can I copy and paste the whole quote here (I'm a lazy bum):
Justine was supporting her team(She's a member of the group that owns the basketball team Spirou Basket Charleroi)  in Charleroi against Roma during the Euroleague basketball tournament last night in Belgium. Oct 27, 2010.
Hmmm, interesting wear, pretty stylish here, Juju. But how come that dress underneath her jacket looks familiar as well..the floral patterns..hehehe, maybe it's a new wear and it certainly looks good on her! 
I love this pic! She's smiling! And she looked radiant! Now I wondered if Justine do play basketball during her leisure time ( if there's a slightest possibility that she does, it would be interesting to see our cute queen jumping about, catching a ball other than Tennis!) I would probably swim in my pool of saliva again if I ever get to see her on a basketball court dribbling the ball...hmmm...yummy~

Anyway, I'm missing Justine terribly on court now, even more when I'm stressed with my school work...she's my stress reliever (I would watch her past tennis matches to relieve stress-recommended by Dr Chia..hehehe and it's effective!)

For more pics of her cap 48, or info on her updated news, can visit the forum, or Ilse's facebook (links on right side column of the blog), ok time to do my damned homework again and watching Juju matches, oh yeah!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Fired Up" Justine's Fierceness (pics) part 1

Ok, this post is only to show how much pumped up Justine is when she's in the game and the pics selected are her most fierceness look, yes only those pics that are ferocious, not the usual fist pump...

I'll start from the famous AO this year (one of the pics even got nominated as most dramatic expression award on the WTA website):

Oh and pls vote for Justine on this site...left two days:

Ok, the above pic is not that fierce, but Ju's frowning can frighten you cos you know she's getting serious with her business...

Some not-so-fierce allez-pump (maybe not very fierce cos cannot see her glaring eyes): 
I love pumped up Justine! Such high intensity...can sense the blood boiling at 100 degree Celsius inside her.

Ready for her glaring eyes? Cold and intense Justine in action:
Justine gives her opponent a deadly glare...
Even her side view can solidify you...this one pic is just like her childhood's pic, she didn't change much, did she?
Alright back to the AO settings:

Let's have some teeth grinding look:
This is fierce...really...
Such lovely ferocious pic of her...can put as desktop wallpaper to make yourself motivated!

And now her Fire Fist Allez!

 And the pic that I like the best? The nomination pic:
 Oh I'm loving it! 

Part 2 will be other than AO 2010 pics of her fierceness...will include her 1st career's pics too. Good to see her intensity so high, though I got goosebumps when I blog about this post cos Justine is too fierce and cold, what a different image she gives off court and when she won the match, she's all smiley.

Seriously, Justine already looked very cool and intense when she's playing a match, but looked even more ferocious when she put eye liner (she did right?)...the pic below showed her with no eye liner:
Compare with the very 1st pic...she looked different but still very intense (intense this word is my fav word now)

Justine has a very expressive face. And she can portray many different images..sweet, cute, cool, suave, gorgeous, handsome and............................intense ;-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

More video on Cap 48 event

Ok, so I found one more backstage video of Justine for the Cap 48 event from the RTBF site...I've trimmed out only Justine's parts into 2, sorry if the quality is very poor cos the conversion reduced the quality...anyway, they are very very short clips lasting only at 1.12 min together.

The front part is Justine's performance...then at the later part of the video, there's someone speaking to Justine.

Justine in red..hehehe, too bad I didn't understand french, I would like to know what she says, anyway, she really looked cute and energized with her hair tied up! I think she's in a hurry to get changed b4 her performance starts later?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Justine 4 Kids-The article

Ok, I got this article link from the facebook Justine news and media:

Let me copy and paste Ilse's translation  here:

Around 400 people were present saturday evening in the Cultural Centre of Ottignies. For more than one hour Jean-Charles de Keyser was singing with passion and emotion the most famous songs of Jacques Brel, one of the greatest Belgian singers ever. With this performance he supported the work of Justine Henin. And yes, also Justine came on stage with her interpretation of Brel's song: "Quand on a que l'amour", the surprise of the evening!

"Justine, you invest yourself with whole your heart in your npo, an immense task?"
Justine: "I want to make this ill children smile and pass my energy to them for helping them overcome their disease. I decided to act in their daily lives and try to alleviate their suffering. For that, we make personal visits to the pediatric centers of various hospitals in the country, while also participating in various recreational activities."

A task that you do with whole your heart?

"I always wanted to do something for children, they are our common future. I thought about it since the illness of my mother. When a family member is sick, the whole family gets sick. I want to bring dreams to this children by sharing time with them. This is an exceptional therapy. With them, I become someone like everyone else. And everything goes with great simplicity and purity.
And when I see their courage, really, they give me more than I can give them."

And you also have a long-term dream?

"Yes, I want to open a holiday home where multiple activities could be offered to this young people. And then, making trips with the kids ...
A huge dream that I really want to make concrete."

There was Yannick Noah. And now there is Justine Henin?

"I have much less talent than him. But I love music, it reloads me. It's also a passion of me and a remedy of escape that generates a lot of emotions."

You have your center in Limelette, you're here now in Ottignies, and Carlos, your coach has his house a few kilometers further. Are you becoming une "Brabant wallon"? (someone of the province Brabant Wallon in Belgium)

"It's important for me to return to Belgium, it's my home there. And I feel myself a bit of everywhere there: I am often in Brabant Wallon, but my roots remain "les Ardennes"; and now I live in the capital (Brussels)!"

And soon you will return to sport?

"Yes, with Carlos, I work a lot now. It's pretty tough, and my elbow holds it. But my body must get used again to all this work."

Justine's first sport appointment is fixed on December 9 against Kim Clijsters in Antwerp, before the Hopman Cup and the Australian Open in January.

It's always sweet to know that Justine always wanna plays a part in making the better lives of the sick and needy children. Her long-term dream is really very admirable and thoughtful. Reading through this article really makes me love Justine more and more and all the more proud to be a fan of hers. Such a wonderful beautiful woman she is! Let's hope her dreams come true soon and win more grand slams especially Wimbledon and also to open a holiday home!

Allez Juju, Justine Henin-You are one unique interesting great lady! 

Photos on Justine 4 Kids event + Hopman Cup updates

Thanks Greenout for the info from the forum...the photos I post here (I only selected some) will be from

Giving more hope and make a brighter future...indeed! Justine For kids is a very meaningful charitable organisation/foundation. 
I wish I was there to hear you singing live, Justine...I can see the "imaginary hyper active music cells" in your body...
I'm sure you will be a Karaoke queen...oh and I heard you saying that you're a bathroom singer? How envious of your neighbours to be able to hear you sing!

Somehow the above pic reminds me of our cute little Juju singing and dancing in the Cap 48 charity show..sweet! 
One moment she showed some seriousness....

And the next moment, she was all cheeky! Sorry Ju, your expression in this pic is so cute! 
The ultra super lucky guy who won the autographed racket from Juju...and even got the chance to cheek kiss Juju! This is even better than winning lottery~ 
And a happy Juju! I always love to see her smile, it makes my heart melt...even in winter time (though Singapore is all summer...melts even faster)  Sweet sweet contagious killer smile from Juju! 

*There's more pics from that site as well in the facebook-Justine Henin media and news updates 

Btw, update on the hopman cup:

Ana Ivanovic & Novak Djokovic
(4) Belgium
Justine Henin & Steve Darcis
Alicia Molik & Lleyton Hewitt
Yaroslava Shvedova & Andrey Golubev 
Serena Williams & John Isner
(3)Great Britain
Laura Robson & Andy Murray 
Francesca Schiavone & Potito Starace
Kristina Mladenovic & Gael Monfils


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just a Reminder from Justine

Justine just posted a message on her facebook...

 "8.30pm tonight, concert for the association "Justine for Kids" in Centre Culturel d'Ottignies (Belgium). I hop to see you there!! Enjoy your weekend ;-) "

Those who are available and free to go, especially those who lives near, please please support this event, for Justine, for the kids! More information on her official website. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Old pics of Justine-Vacation?

Sorry, I'm busy busy busy with school work again, gonna be away for...hmmm, let's make it a few days? Meanwhile, let's see some old old pics of Juju I found on the net:
A magazine cover of Ju and a cute dolphin! (I wanna try hugging a dolphin too!)
Another pic of Dolphin & cannot see the eyes of Dolphin.
Seems like this pic is from the old Ju OS, so sweet when she kisses the dolphin! I'm so jealous of that Dolphin! Hahaha! 
Juju, why are you so talented? From sky diving, skiing, singing, dancing, Tennis, and this...what should I call this sport? But it's cool, if only i could try it out too! I want some water sports! And our cute Ju looks so suave! 
Sorry, didn't mean to post this pic, but wad's past is already in the past right? So I guess it's harmless for me to post Ju and her ex past pic here. I hope any Ju fans who happen to see this, won't kill me for doing so. I only focused on Ju's smile in this pic..and yeah, what is PY trying to do? I can imagine a big splash on Ju's head afterwards. 
So mother nature! Juju on tree! Haha, oh in relaxation without shoes...

Ok, gtg, if these pics and any of the pics I posted b4 are of any offending and in any sense insulted Justine, let me know and I'll delete them, but at the moment, just enjoy Justine's smiles!