Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Justine 4 Kids-The article

Ok, I got this article link from the facebook Justine news and media:

Let me copy and paste Ilse's translation  here:

Around 400 people were present saturday evening in the Cultural Centre of Ottignies. For more than one hour Jean-Charles de Keyser was singing with passion and emotion the most famous songs of Jacques Brel, one of the greatest Belgian singers ever. With this performance he supported the work of Justine Henin. And yes, also Justine came on stage with her interpretation of Brel's song: "Quand on a que l'amour", the surprise of the evening!

"Justine, you invest yourself with whole your heart in your npo, an immense task?"
Justine: "I want to make this ill children smile and pass my energy to them for helping them overcome their disease. I decided to act in their daily lives and try to alleviate their suffering. For that, we make personal visits to the pediatric centers of various hospitals in the country, while also participating in various recreational activities."

A task that you do with whole your heart?

"I always wanted to do something for children, they are our common future. I thought about it since the illness of my mother. When a family member is sick, the whole family gets sick. I want to bring dreams to this children by sharing time with them. This is an exceptional therapy. With them, I become someone like everyone else. And everything goes with great simplicity and purity.
And when I see their courage, really, they give me more than I can give them."

And you also have a long-term dream?

"Yes, I want to open a holiday home where multiple activities could be offered to this young people. And then, making trips with the kids ...
A huge dream that I really want to make concrete."

There was Yannick Noah. And now there is Justine Henin?

"I have much less talent than him. But I love music, it reloads me. It's also a passion of me and a remedy of escape that generates a lot of emotions."

You have your center in Limelette, you're here now in Ottignies, and Carlos, your coach has his house a few kilometers further. Are you becoming une "Brabant wallon"? (someone of the province Brabant Wallon in Belgium)

"It's important for me to return to Belgium, it's my home there. And I feel myself a bit of everywhere there: I am often in Brabant Wallon, but my roots remain "les Ardennes"; and now I live in the capital (Brussels)!"

And soon you will return to sport?

"Yes, with Carlos, I work a lot now. It's pretty tough, and my elbow holds it. But my body must get used again to all this work."

Justine's first sport appointment is fixed on December 9 against Kim Clijsters in Antwerp, before the Hopman Cup and the Australian Open in January.

It's always sweet to know that Justine always wanna plays a part in making the better lives of the sick and needy children. Her long-term dream is really very admirable and thoughtful. Reading through this article really makes me love Justine more and more and all the more proud to be a fan of hers. Such a wonderful beautiful woman she is! Let's hope her dreams come true soon and win more grand slams especially Wimbledon and also to open a holiday home!

Allez Juju, Justine Henin-You are one unique interesting great lady! 


  1. I share your feelings exactly! Justine is unique and great, and I love your blog! I will visit all the time. I just discovered it, and you capture so much of the "joy" and giving nature of her that many dont seem to realize. Justine would be so happy with your efforts here. I feel sure of that!

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, Christie. And thanks for the compliments, greatly appreciate that! :)

    I believe all Justine's fans are just as passionate as I am for her, and i'm sorry to say that I may not update the blog as frequently since I may be busy with school work, but I'll still try to post some cute pics/videos of her whenever I'm free to do so ^^

    And since I'm a slow poke, I often get Justine's news from sources like the unofficial forum or the facebook Justine's media and news or the chinese baidu forum. These links are on the right side column of my blog too. If I forget or too busy to update her news, you can try those sources out to keep an update on Juju's status :P

    Justine is a very down to earth person and very kind hearted too, that's no doubt for sure. I recommend you to download (if you haven't had a copy yet) "Justine Une Star Une Femme" from "Justine Henin Poetry In Motion (Matches DL)" link-Rottweily's site, that clip showed more of Justine's personal side, you can download her past matches from there as well.

    Sorry for the very long comment, once again, thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time here, ALLEZ TO JUSTINE AND HER FANS!

  3. Oh... hey, Chia? Don't apologize for the "very long comment". Thanks for the info. I will definitely download what you said. I appreciate the comment being that you are so busy with school, which reminds me.. I feel so OLD now.. I am old! lol.. 40s. However, I read an interview yesterday where Justine mentions that she really likes having friends older than her and that her best friends are in their 40s .. yea! (but you and I do have the same astrological sign). Anyway, I will visit here often, and maybe I will email you?
    :-).. I am a bigger fan of Justine now than before she retired. I think I took her a little for granted before, and now am afraid she wont be able to play many more years, but I hope she can! ALLEZ JUSTINE !

    ps. I like what you said about her eyes. Sometimes I dont pay enough attention to her tennis because I am trying to see her eyes all the time.

  4. hello Christie, you can call me ST or Shu Ting ;)
    Being 40s is not old, haha, so long as you're young at heart!

    Oh Justine has best friends in their 40s? I believe so..Juju has a very mature mindset and has gone thru so much in her life that it's hard to imagine she's only 28. I believe in her teens, she's already matured much faster than gals of her own age. Maybe that's why she can share some of the life experiences and precious moments with friends much older than her.

    Same astrological sign you say? As in both of us are "Cancerian"? Haha, so can I be biased to say Cancerians are nice? I think all Ju's fans are nice. And sure, you can email me anytime and I will surely reply them, thanks for visiting! :)

    B4 Justine's retired in her 1st career, I didn't know her yet, but I guess I would be just as crazy? But surely this new Justine has added an extra attribute to her personality-FUN. In the past, she tends to not reveal too much of her emotions to the public, even though it's still the same her, but I guess now she's more open to the public and being more easy with ppl around her.

    Seriously, I could nv imagine myself to be able to see Justine dancing and singing! Haha! I'm unable to forget those scenes and it's making me excited...I believe her retirement about 2 yrs ago was a right choice, to make her feel refreshed, a better view of life and a more relaxed Justine.

    I too have take her for granted and out of selfishness, I would want her to play many years as she could, because I dun want to miss great tennis again. I missed her once, I'm gonna cherish this chance now...but so long as she's happy and smiling, I'll be grateful.

    And hehehe...I pay attention to her tennis when she's playing but to her eyes and her expressions all these during the changeover and when she's gonna serve. Her eyes have like somewhat 1000000 Volts, dun ya think so?

    Oops, I didn't realize the amount of words I have typed together with this last sentence...sorry for the long post again..often get myself carried away when talking about Justine! Allez to her!

  5. Shu Ting,
    You are funny... and you make your blog so entertaining with your photos of Justine and all the little captions with them... love that. To clarify about her "eyes", I guess I said that wrong. I really DO pay attention to her tennis, but am always waiting to get a look at her eyes, so maybe I get distracted by doing that too much. I was not even aware for a while I was doing that, and I dont know what it is exactly, but its as if you can see right into that passionate little person through those eyes. With her light-colored hair and those big dark eyes peering out from under her cap.. well, she captivates. I dont see how anyone could call her "cold" or "boring". I have read these comments before. I find her totally complex and fascinating, especially with the song and dance added... lol. In reading interviews where she speaks of her life growing up, she touches my heart, honestly. This may sound odd, but really, when I watch her play tennis, I want her to win so much because I want HER to be happy. I just enjoy watching how she plays, and she does not have to win for me to enjoy it, but if she loses, I feel heartbroken for HER. I guess I am one truly hooked fan, huh? Anyway, I guess the public does not need to see my long notes here, so I will send you an email soon and visit here very often!..

  6. Haha Christie, I'm just being lame, my sense of humour ain't that huge ;P

    I do understand about the "eyes" part, I also believe that you pay attention to her tennis, after all, who would risk the chance of missing her great tennis? It's so beautifully executed with the drop shots, volleys, backhand crosscourt, down the line, the commonly played boring power baseline game.

    Her eyes are really mesmerizing (can I use this word? My English is poor, sorry) and yes captivating would be a better word to use. ppl call her cold but that's cos they didn't try to get to know her better, they ignore reading her interviews, watching her videos, they stereotyped her. I do agree that Justine looks "cold" on court but that's just the intensity she gives out, and I love that, I will blog about that later.

    I too will be very touched by some of the interviews of her especially the part where she talked about her mother, it's sad but it reflects how strong of a character Justine is and no matter how weak inside, she does not show it out but grit her teeth and moves on.

    And some imbecile haters, they fail to see the fun side of Justine and they missed out the golden opportunity of great Tennis being played (I think they only prefer violent power shots), anyway, I shall not talk about them further, it's their choice and I dun care anyway.

    We want Justine to be happy and of course, part of it would be to see her holding trophy and one day the "golden plate-rosewater dish" in her arms, that's what fans and Justine wished for. I'm sure all her fans dun wanna see her disappointed look. It pains us in the heart to see so. And yeah, I have written an essay again =P And glad to chat with you, take care!

  7. I like your "essays"... I was looking forward to the next one when I came on here and you had just left me one! yea.. hahaha.

    Actually, I love the word "mesmerizing" to describe her eyes. ..I misunderstood her a little at first. She wasn't really cold. It was her intensity and focus, and now I love that too! The more I got to know about her, the more I truly felt for her and rooted for her. There are times when I want to tape a match first because I am so nervous to watch. I sound like a jittery mother or something. As far as her tennis, there is no one else like her. I doubt there ever will be, but this long wait to see her play again is driving me crazy! I keep telling myself that at least she is not retired for good, but she has had some rotten luck with the injuries. She has said.. "My fans suffer a lot"... uhh, yeah, we do sometimes!

    --dont worry about your English. I truly enjoy the way you write. Hey, I am American and your vocabulary seems larger than mine.. hahaha.
    Talk to you later. :-)

  8. There, I posted the Ju's intensity with all her AO's pics, and yes the focus she kept during the match, even the audience can sense it too.

    some ppl misunderstood her expression, thinking that she didn't enjoy playing Tennis that much even though she said in her press that she's enjoying life and Tennis much more now than in the past. They got fooled by her cold look on court haha!

    And you're not the only one. I'm also too nervous to watch her online live match, sometimes when I saw her losing, I was so nervous and frustrated that I went to the toilet to calm down for a while and then 5 min later went back to watch her match, hopefully she would be winning by then. yeah I have a weak heart, from the lack of cardio exercising.

    Justine also knows that her fans suffer alot sometimes, but I just love this kind of excitement from watching her tennis. I think it's inevitable that we experience this kind of "almost heart attack" moments when you idolizes someone from the sports industry. You can nv experience the same adrenalin if you idolizes other ppl from music or entertainment industry. Guess this adrenalin rush is good for my blood circulation, though I want her to win much more smoothly next time :)

    And luckily you understand my English, I'm afraid to express my thoughts in the wrong way cos my English is not strong enough. And cheers, have a nice day!

  9. talking about Justine's eyes, have you seen this close-up pic guys?

    it's not her on-court look but Justine's eyes is so enchanting indeed ♥

  10. Hehehe sly, when you paste a link here, it's always something very nice. Yes I've seen that pic b4 and yup, her eyes are very big and captivating, enchanting, mesmerizing..♥

    Sometimes she looked so cute and her eyes seemed to be cross-eyed. I love her eye lashes, so evenly spread out and long and she has nice double eye lid..the problem with me is, I always admire and feel so envious of ppl with big double eyelid eyes cos mine is small and so single eyelid...if only my eyes are like Justine, I can go and electrify alot of guys, wahahahaha!

  11. I had not seen that pic... thanks sly.

    S.T.. OMG!.. that toilet remark. Well, I cannot claim to have done that, but my heart does beat too fast from the adrenaline sometimes, and remember that I am a lot older than you, and I cannot take the stress!! lol.

    I love the "ferocious" pics. I would never want to insult Justine by saying this, but because she is so petite, no matter how intimidating, serious, ferocious, cold... whatever she looks, she is still cute at the same time. She is the most wonderful combination of contrasts in so many ways. :-)
    --oh, but the "double eyelid" ??. I am not sure what you mean, sorry for my ignorance, but ,,??

  12. Haha, Christie, my heart seems to age much faster than my's getting old, as much as I want to feel young at heart, it's failing me when I watched Justine's match. My heart would beat faster than a roller coaster. Maybe I'll become stronger after her match, after these cardio exercises ;-)

    Well, it's not insult, more of admiration. I think it's good to be so "pumped up", so intense during a match, shows how much desire she has to win the game. These reflects her determination and also the fire in her eyes. Of course she is cute when she's smiling and relaxed, a sophisticated young lady.

    Well, I think single eyelids are found typically in asians, though not all of them are single eyelid. To me, I think for girls with double eyelids look much better though it depends.

    Sorry, I do not know how to really explain the "double eyelid" term, perhaps you would want to google it? If you saw pics of ppl with single eyelid, you'll know what I meant. :)

  13. okay... I googled. I had to check because was so curious.. saw a youtube video of an Asian girl putting glue on her lid to make that defined crease to create the double eyelid. Well, I definitely have the double, but have never liked it... hahahaha. I think its too much eyelid, but have had other people tell me its a good feature. I guess none of us are ever happy, are we? I doubt Justine cares what our eyelids look like.. lol. I imagine she is just happy to have fans from all over the world, which she does :-) (now, THIS was a totally silly post from me)

  14. Haha it's not a silly post, quite interesting to read though. Yes, we're nv be satisfied ;)