Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good luck and Good Bye Elena Dementieva!

This post is not about Justine but a great gracious tennis player whom I liked as well. Elena announced her retirement and it's sad to see her go just like that. I wished her all the best for her future and hope she enjoys her life without Tennis, good luck!

News on her retirement on WTA site:

Tribute to Elena-Her best moments:

It's sad to say good bye but you will dearly be missed, Elena!


  1. Thanks for the tribute to Elena Dementieva. There was always loads of mutual respect between Justine and Elena, she has also never said a single snippy or bad comment about our Justine, especially in the Russian media whereas others have done so. Elena played in Belgium many times, and invited to play at Justine's exhibition event at Charleroi. She's one of the few players Justine always liked as a player and person.

    Elena is probably one of the few players that the majority of Justine fans like and appreciate. It's probably the gracious, quiet personality, and the fighting spirit. I'm really pleased that Elena is leaving on her own terms.

  2. Oh greenout, thanks for the comment. I can't believe that I'm still feeling abit sad right now, I really do believe that she still has a chance to win a GS but she chose to retire at this point of time, it's very saddening because a great respectable player just left the field.

    I had no idea that Elena is one of the players that Justine liked, but well, it's not shocking anyway since even I also liked her as a player and as a person. Elena is gracious in winning as well as in defeat and always tries so hard to give it her all to play a good tennis. I think it's really AO this yr that I like Elena as well, though Justine had won, but I feel sorry and sad for Elena that they had to meet so early in the draw. Her attitude on court makes me respected her and I thank her and Justine for bringing such an exciting and high level game to us.

    Seems like Elena is low profile like Justine and she chose to retire in a rather quiet way as well, anyway, I'm glad that she makes this decision her own and hope a bright future awaits her! Tennis fans will certainly remember her, best of luck to Elena!

  3. I was just talking to someone about that great AO match between Elena and Justine... great battle! I am quite sad to see her leave as well and sad she never won a GS, but she does have an Olympic gold medal, and that is a fantastic achievement. I hope she has a happy life after tennis.

  4. Yes Christie, it's a sad day for WTA and tennis fans...and yes, I'm sure Elena is very proud of her Olympic Gold medal too! It's an honorable achievement as well, at least she can keep her head held high and leave the Tennis world with pride.

    Let's wish her success in her bright future!