Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Old pics of Justine-Vacation?

Sorry, I'm busy busy busy with school work again, gonna be away for...hmmm, let's make it a few days? Meanwhile, let's see some old old pics of Juju I found on the net:
A magazine cover of Ju and a cute dolphin! (I wanna try hugging a dolphin too!)
Another pic of Dolphin & cannot see the eyes of Dolphin.
Seems like this pic is from the old Ju OS, so sweet when she kisses the dolphin! I'm so jealous of that Dolphin! Hahaha! 
Juju, why are you so talented? From sky diving, skiing, singing, dancing, Tennis, and this...what should I call this sport? But it's cool, if only i could try it out too! I want some water sports! And our cute Ju looks so suave! 
Sorry, didn't mean to post this pic, but wad's past is already in the past right? So I guess it's harmless for me to post Ju and her ex past pic here. I hope any Ju fans who happen to see this, won't kill me for doing so. I only focused on Ju's smile in this pic..and yeah, what is PY trying to do? I can imagine a big splash on Ju's head afterwards. 
So mother nature! Juju on tree! Haha, oh in relaxation without shoes...

Ok, gtg, if these pics and any of the pics I posted b4 are of any offending and in any sense insulted Justine, let me know and I'll delete them, but at the moment, just enjoy Justine's smiles!


  1. Its ask Juju about all her talents. I am still working on finding my ONE talent. :-)
    This is not fair! LOL

  2. hi christie, I'm sure you have more than one talent! Everyone should have their unique talent but I still couldn't identify mine yet...