Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tennis Dancing Queen

Thanks to all the info (Danielle and Greenout) from the forum, and also thanks to lavenirnet for uploading the clip:

Justine is capturing the hearts of many at every precious she's dancing much smoother, isn't she? Rehearsal is going pretty smoothly well and I always smiles when I see her enjoying so much, it really makes me happy! Thank you Justine! 

And btw, didn't I find her suit very very familiar? Looks like the one she wore during the opening of her Tennis academy (maybe it's another suit)...anyway, she looks really very beautiful and charming! Hope tonight performance will be splendidly executed by our queen Justine! Tissue, anyone? I'm gonna get drowned by my saliva again...

*I almost forgot to mention....Justine has such a nice sexy voice! She really sings well, I never doubt that when I saw her singing in one of her missions, a multi talented humble girl! you rock Juju! Allez 

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