Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Fired Up" Justine's Fierceness (pics) part 1

Ok, this post is only to show how much pumped up Justine is when she's in the game and the pics selected are her most fierceness look, yes only those pics that are ferocious, not the usual fist pump...

I'll start from the famous AO this year (one of the pics even got nominated as most dramatic expression award on the WTA website):

Oh and pls vote for Justine on this site...left two days:

Ok, the above pic is not that fierce, but Ju's frowning can frighten you cos you know she's getting serious with her business...

Some not-so-fierce allez-pump (maybe not very fierce cos cannot see her glaring eyes): 
I love pumped up Justine! Such high intensity...can sense the blood boiling at 100 degree Celsius inside her.

Ready for her glaring eyes? Cold and intense Justine in action:
Justine gives her opponent a deadly glare...
Even her side view can solidify you...this one pic is just like her childhood's pic, she didn't change much, did she?
Alright back to the AO settings:

Let's have some teeth grinding look:
This is fierce...really...
Such lovely ferocious pic of her...can put as desktop wallpaper to make yourself motivated!

And now her Fire Fist Allez!

 And the pic that I like the best? The nomination pic:
 Oh I'm loving it! 

Part 2 will be other than AO 2010 pics of her fierceness...will include her 1st career's pics too. Good to see her intensity so high, though I got goosebumps when I blog about this post cos Justine is too fierce and cold, what a different image she gives off court and when she won the match, she's all smiley.

Seriously, Justine already looked very cool and intense when she's playing a match, but looked even more ferocious when she put eye liner (she did right?)...the pic below showed her with no eye liner:
Compare with the very 1st pic...she looked different but still very intense (intense this word is my fav word now)

Justine has a very expressive face. And she can portray many different images..sweet, cute, cool, suave, gorgeous, handsome and............................intense ;-)


  1. Hi,

    Yes, she did have eyeliner on. ;) Did you notice the nail polish during the AO final? Intense and powerful, but her hands are always elegant. That pinky finger sticking out like a tea drinker and the gold Rolex sums up the elegance. But then she does something like this on court during a match, and the duel nature of Ms. Henin simply amazes.

    Air 1-handed Backhand from the Australian Open 2010.

  2. Hi Greenout, thanks for the youtube link! She's a small powerful elegant lady! And I can't believe I missed out her nail polish!
    Maybe I'm too busy concentrating on her eyes or something...but yeah, her trademark pinky when she hits a powerful forehand, that's hard to miss!

    Justine shows her elegance on and off court, neat and clean, even her shots are just the same, cleanly beautifully executed in style. That Rolex suits her perfectly and I really like the how they described her on their website: "Personification of Grace under Fire" Whoo hoo!!

    Just like many fans would say, Justine nv fails to amaze me! I'm drooling oveer the Air 1-handed backhand of her right now, she's really flying!

  3. Justine posted a new message on Facebook just an hour ago... :)

    And you should visit our Forum, I uploaded some exclusive Adidas promo videos.



  4. Hi Greenout, yup, I just saw her message a few min ago when I got back home. What a nice soothing msg, hope her training goes well and sweet :D

    And sure, i'm gonna visit the forum now, so excited about the exclusive vids, yeah! ^^