Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Quick Updates

source: http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-sport/henin-fit-and-raring-for-clijsters-clash-20101005-164m8.html

Sorry, I'm too lazy...just copied and paste it here (but I'll exclude the last part... =P )

Former world number one Justine Henin has confirmed she will return to competition on December 9 for an exhibition tournament in Antwerp, where she will clash with fellow Belgian Kim Clijsters.
The 28-year-old Henin, a seven-time Grand Slam winner, has struggled with an elbow injury since June last year after a fall at Wimbledon, but after returning to training two weeks ago says she is now fully recovered.
"I've played eight times in two weeks, without pain. It's very positive, the doubts have faded away," Henin said.
After the Antwerp event, Henin will compete in the Hopman Cup in Australia for mixed teams in which she will play alongside compatriot Steve Darcis.
"I've only been back for 10 days, it's still a little early to talk about the calendar and my objectives," she said.
And yes! I'm so glad to hear that she has fully recovered! Now, she just need to tune herself up abit. It's not easy to play after recovering from a serious injury. Let's hope she's keeping it well paced and doing it well. 
C'mon Ju! You can do it! 


  1. Really pleased to see Justine out there and in charge of her own press conference. Great to see her pumped up and taking charge. All tennis fans were questioning Justine's motivation because wishy-washy Justine seemed so out of her nature. Great to see her pumped up and taking charge. This is what we all love about Justine, right? All that God given tennis talent wrapped in a sheet of deterimination and spirit. :)

  2. Hi Greenout, yes, I'm so glad to see Justine again. She's always very motivated and task oriented which is what I admired too.

    We love simply everything about her, her fighting spirit, her loveliness, her handsomeness, her cuteness and her big great heart as a player and as a person ;) She's just simply perfect in my heart, simple yet sometimes sophisticated too!

    Let's hope god will love her and recognizes her hard work and dedication to Tennis, let's grant her wish of winning Grand slams, including Wimbledon pls~

  3. Oh... that reminds me, your comments about her being "handsome" make me laugh out loud, but I know EXACTLY what you mean! There are so many ways to describe her.. (right now the song "Suddenly, I see" is playing here..and I love that song!)

  4. Haha Christie, Justine is really handsome looking, not only her playing style is handsome but also sometimes her look as well.

    I'm not trying to insult Justine, but her face is pretty perfect to me, her face can look very gorgeous as a woman and very handsome at the same time. You can hardly find another person who can look good in both sexes...again, I meant no insult to her. I sometimes wondered whether I could find a guy who could look as good as Justine, and be as good of a personality as Justine too. That guy would be too beautiful to me though...

    The guys will find her to be very beautiful <3

    And I like this song "Suddenly I see" too, I like the lyrics!