Thursday, October 28, 2010

Updates updates!

Oh no...I've committed a "sin"! I haven't been able to follow Justine these few days due to me rushing my school assignment which is to be submitted tmr. Procrastination is no good....should adopt Justine's hardworking attribute...

Anyway, thanks to the forum, I'm able to keep myself updated on Justine for what I've missed. So...there's a video on her official website, go check it out!
*Edit: Just saw the's hilarious and Justine is so charmingly cute! I always love backstage videos, it's fun and interesting! And one point to note: I love high pitch Juju!

And meanwhile, I got these 2 pics from the same forum - Can I copy and paste the whole quote here (I'm a lazy bum):
Justine was supporting her team(She's a member of the group that owns the basketball team Spirou Basket Charleroi)  in Charleroi against Roma during the Euroleague basketball tournament last night in Belgium. Oct 27, 2010.
Hmmm, interesting wear, pretty stylish here, Juju. But how come that dress underneath her jacket looks familiar as well..the floral patterns..hehehe, maybe it's a new wear and it certainly looks good on her! 
I love this pic! She's smiling! And she looked radiant! Now I wondered if Justine do play basketball during her leisure time ( if there's a slightest possibility that she does, it would be interesting to see our cute queen jumping about, catching a ball other than Tennis!) I would probably swim in my pool of saliva again if I ever get to see her on a basketball court dribbling the ball...hmmm...yummy~

Anyway, I'm missing Justine terribly on court now, even more when I'm stressed with my school work...she's my stress reliever (I would watch her past tennis matches to relieve stress-recommended by Dr Chia..hehehe and it's effective!)

For more pics of her cap 48, or info on her updated news, can visit the forum, or Ilse's facebook (links on right side column of the blog), ok time to do my damned homework again and watching Juju matches, oh yeah!


  1. You have my approval to post the Justine basketball photo quotes. I enjoy entertaining fan blogs!

    Now the new Justine video on her OS is very funny. It's nice to see Justine hanging out with her female friends, and a bit different without macho man Carlos. And wasn't that great seeing Sarah (Justine's sister) backstage too, being excited? :)

    Study hard(er). ;)


  2. Haha, thanks for the approval, Greenout!
    Yes, this new Justine's video is very very funny and certainly the most entertaining I've watched (IMO) out of all her OS videos. The other videos are interesting as well but not as much as this one.

    Justine is so carefree and like a million times I've said->CUTE! She's so cute, I feel like grabbing her out from my com and hug her like a Teddy bear!

    And can I say there's some Not-suitable-for-children scenes in the video?--> Does Justine enjoys her relaxation time looking at *ahem* men? And she thinks this has no class, hahaha!

    Sarah is looking very beautiful too like her sister. And it's the close up look that I find some resemblances in the looks between her and Justine. Nice to see Justine had her sister's support out there, very sweet!

  3. HAHAHA! Did that video actually have reference to a "pickle"? Oh, why is everything so funny to me today? I dont think I got enough sleep last night. (probably because I watched an old tennis video of Ju after working at my desk until 4am!) ST, you make me laugh too because your blog is so funny and entertaining. I like how Justine admits she is nervous. She is so cute. I just wanted to give her a hug too and tell her she would be fine, although I am not slobbering all over her like you, ST. ! lol. Oh, the basketball photos --just look at her eyes -something amazing always about those eyes of hers. Cheers!

  4. Haha Chrisite, I had no idea for the pickle part, it's too random. I see you have a funny day, at least that's good! Laughter is the best medicine!

    I had been sleeping at around 4am for these few days doing my assignment but well, it's just an excuse of again my procrastination. I should change my bad habits (countless times I've said but breaks my promise yet again)

    And glad to make you laugh, I love entertaining ppl to make them laugh, cos that's the time you will get infected by their laughter and your day will be happier. Juju is a human after all (even though we often think that she sort of possess superhuman ability to execute those beautiful Tennis shots and being such a caring beautiful person inside out) so yeah, she'll get nervous too!

    Next time Justine is on the public, she better gets some macho security guards to protect her from suffocating hugs by fans all over the world =P

    Her eyes are magical elements that interest ppl, if only mine are like hers, as usual, compared to her 10000000000000+ Volts, mine's already short circuited. (If you dunno what I mean, it's ok, just my morning lameness)

  5. oh, ST, you are too hard on yourself. I guess we both do that. To clarify or educate you in X-rated parts of that video,.. hahahaha.. remember they were talking about relaxing by looking at pictures of naked men? (and Justine talked about it being no class, funny). Well, then "the boss" had someone bring her a big pickle to eat. Didnt you notice the narrator saying not to "look for any symbolism" - a pickle can refer to a certain part of a man's anatomy... certainly not the video I expected.. HAHAHA!

    I think nowadays Ju would welcome all our hugs. She seems to have bloomed into such a sweet, affectionate, and more open girl. I think she probably always had that in her, and its great to see that side to her more and more. As a fan, I want her focused and tough on the tennis court, but seeing how human, caring, funny, sweet she can be off the court makes me only root for her even more ON court, if that is possible!

    Okay, back to work for me. I cant seem to shut up about her lately... gee

  6. Oh Christie, is that what the pickle in the video meant? Omg but it's ok since we're adults...and Justine is so happy in the video, so I like it.

    Her fans will root for her on and off court, whatever she does, her every actions are like precious gems..hehehe.

    Have fun working and thinking of Justine during work!

  7. Hey Shu,

    Really also want to say it here: congratulations with your blog!
    And thanks also for mention my fb page !

  8. Hi Ilse, you finally got it figured out! Welcome to this overly Justine obsession blog!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog on your FB page too!