Friday, October 8, 2010

Shake your body, Shake your body!

Ok, I'm very damn late in posting this, because it's like a few week b4 that Ju already announced to participate in the charity show on 10 Oct and clip of her rehearsal is already out: link from Ilse's facebook, the link:

The above link showed cute Juju! The forum also has news on it too! I initially am too lazy and also busy to blog about it but after watching that video, I couldn't help it! Juju is sooooooooooooooo super cute * infinity! I can rewatched her dancing over and over again! Here's *2 Gifs that I've made of her shake shake:
*Edited: Added 1 more GIFS of cute Juju :-P

Oh Justine, why are you so cute? Merry merry Juju! I'm drooling again~

Ok, I'm disappearing for now, my FYP is killing my already scarce brain cells, making me reading alot of papers and my core module I haven't been able to catch up with my studies, oh gosh!

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