Thursday, May 29, 2014

Justine for Play Tennis mag interviews + others

Hi all, sorry for being lazy again...yes i know there's recent news on Justine regarding her interviews for the "Play Tennis" magazine. For Ju's fans outside of Belgium like me, Danielle has kindly translated the words into English. Thank you very much! For the fear of copyright issues since it's supposedly a paid magazine, I won't publicly post her translations and scans here. To read them all, pls join this group:

I will post only the magazine cover and a photo of her here:
In this magazine, she talked about her club, her daughter, Carlos and more 
Not sure if this is her photo when she's doing the interview or a separate photo of her in other events...

I have posted the links of the translation parts here:

Justine won't be commentating in Roland Garros this year though, but a side note is that her JustineForKids marathon - 10km des Grottes will take place on 22 June 2014, hope ppl can go and support her and her cause!

Now shifting some focus onto her man, Benoit. i have never really heard him speak, so I found this youtube video of him talking about his role in a movie or something called "Je te survivrai":
What do you think of him? He is cute right? The way he speaks with big the clip esp. the part at 1:32 to 1:35, sorry Benoit, I'm gg to make this part into a gif, hahaha! Sorry Justine, pls don't kill me, both of you are just too cute, the perfect couple with the most expressive faces! Oh Lalie will be very beautiful who has inherited either of you big eyes ^o^

Just a few more days and it will be Justine's birthday! I still miss her on court and her slides on the clay court!