The book is on sale from this weekend, and it will not go unnoticed. First, because Justine Henin was the largest Belgian star, and everything that relates to boost sales.Then, because his father, Jose Henin is a little known figure about which it has not denied the rumors peddled the most unpleasant, even nauseating. In the absence of development on one side or the other, we thought: "If Johnson decided to leave his father and much of his family, to not invite to her wedding is that he had serious things to happen. "
By publishing Luke Worse "Justine, my daughter, my champion," wrote along with Christelle Gilquin, a journalist from the same region, Jose Henin is freed from the weight of a life, not only lived seven years, an outcast , separated from a girl that the world admired and who was his pride. "I've missed any of his matches, whatever time of day or night," he recalls. But not about to join the other was a special moment that I wanted to take one, because these virtual meetings were very challenging for me. "
Dipping the roots of his life as a vital self-psychotherapy, José Henin back to the child he was overprotected by a grandmother and a mother hen he loves, the very young in appearance, at ease with his quick success with girls, but in fact inhibited, anxious, fearful, whose life was dictated by others and who has not flinched when he was commissioned studies which did not correspond .Some of his relatives have only discovered by reading the book.
"I never wanted to realize my own dreams through her '
Jose Henin looks back as if to exorcise the past, his own and that of his family, in a cathartic process. He tells Justine about small and illustrates the previously unpublished photographs from the family album, defines the unique bond forged from the outset with his brother Thomas, his passion for tennis three or four years (at that time, we realized she was gifted, believe it or not) in the shadow of a father listed only C15-4. "I had no sporting ambitions, and I never wanted to realize my own dreams through her. Instead, because of my personal history, I was shown a lot of pessimism about the future. It was she who wanted with all his might reach the top and made me want to believe. Justine was born champion, she's in my blood. "
Throughout the drama, "the unspeakable suffering that only time can ease," José Henin avoueque "the little flame that was in my heart and hope to be called eventually burn up." He saw the Calvary terminal and courageous Françoise Rosière, "the woman of my life, beautiful, spiritual, teacher, independent, modern, serious side with a small, idealistic revolutionary way May 68, in a word amazing."
Cancer of his wife, the death of her daughter Florence under the wheels of a reckless driver, the intense fear of losing another of his children (David brushed killed in the accident which precipitated a reunion with Justine), enhanced death by two grandchildren, are all blows which, added to the departure of Johnson, have fueled his stress, his overweight, the feeling of being cursed, "to have unhinged the wheel of fate. At the wedding of Justine, which I was excluded, the police have told me that they feared a move ... to Monica Seles. As if I was abusing my own daughter! "
He has earned this family happiness found. "From Mother, also a part of you is gone, Justine wrote a beautiful preface, Mom was quiet strength, she'll tempered, we must admit. When she left us you've become even more protective dad, a dad and a little clumsy too, a father sometimes suffocating. At the time, I'll have wanted to be like that. With hindsight and maturity, I can now write that you were primarily a single dad who did as he could with his four children. Whatever you did for us, you did for love. I understood much later ... fortunately not too late. Only today I realize just how many injuries you are ... wounds that will never heal. "

I'm touched by Ju's preface words, she had matured and definitely understood the meaning of life much more than the others. I don't really understand the above content with the translation because sometimes translation can bring a different meaning to the original one. I just hope Ju has much happiness with her family, now that she is not alone anymore.