Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Randomness~My thoughts on Ju and her knee

Today I fell down, very heavy on my right knee. It is bruised in a very colourful way, red, green and blue, you name it. Not exactly very painful but the impact is pretty great on the moment I hit my knee on the ground. Now come to think of it, I wonder if Ju fell very heavily on her right arm too? For normal ppl like me, it's of nothing serious, but for Justine, who plays competitive sports, it could be deadly.

Anyway, my right knee suddenly reminds me of the scar on Ju's right knee.
I know Justine had a knee surgery b4, could this scar be the result of it? 
The scar is not really visible from the front view, so I nv really noticed it b4. Btw, I think Justine has a very nice pair of legs, very slim and slender, all lean built, just like her arms, hardly any fats at all...I want my arms and legs like hers!

Nowadays, without Justine playing matches, I would lament to the god on why the unfair treatment to our little queen Justine, making her bound with injuries, didn't fulfill her dream to win Wimbledon this year and for the past criticism and incidents that she had endured...but I still keep the faith eventually that god is fair to everyone, since he gave Justine this special talent to excel in Tennis, I'm sure so far, all these "mishaps" are part of the tests that were given to Justine, and I'm sure Justine didn't fail the tests, in fact, I think Justine pretty much scored them, she's able to handle her emotions well, able to stand up from where she fell and graciously admits defeat but never gives up. 

This is the Justine I admired the most, even if I didn't know her in her first career, I was able to see the determination and the effort she put in, the desire to succeed, and willing to take the risks in such a way that she had to change her game play from the one she had got accustomed to, all just hoping for a greater return. you have to really kudos to her for doing so, not everyone is willing to make such changes and risks. After all these tests, I have faith in Justine taking on challenges and winning them. Winning Wimbledon is one of the challenges, and a dream which is to be realized. Let's hope Ju takes it all!



  1. Wot happened ST? is your knee okay now? Always be careful on your steps, those bruises can really be nasty sometimes...

    Oh Justine's scar, here's another pic:

    hmmm, come to think of it, it's really a relief that JH didn't need another surgery this time for her elbow... I hope her elbow heals well and no more injury next year ;)

  2. Thank you Sly for your knee is alright, just added a new "tattoo" on it, that's all.

    And yes, the pic you gave me here has a bigger clearer view of her scar...poor many injuries, and luckily, this time round no surgery for her. I want no more injuries for Justine, no more pls...and damn! There's hardly any news of her, it's making me crazy worrying

  3. Hi,

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend. :) But please do take care of your knee.

    It's US Open finals weekend, so current top star players like Justine or top 16 regulars keep a lower profile if they are not the ones in the final four. This is normal, and part of the tennis mentality where you are always only as good as the daily results. So, most players look ahead to their next tournament or goals rather than hang around in New York.

  4. Hi greenout, sure, I will enjoy my holiday but also studying too (If I'm not too lazy) and thanks for your well wishes.

    My knee isn't that painful anymore though still very colourful, lol!

    Thanks for the clarification but her low profile character makes my heart itches, really longed to see her. Misses her so much! I hope she's enjoying "holiday" too while doing some light exercises!

  5. :) I hope we can get more of those touristy photos of Justine at famous landmarks.

  6. Yes, I hope there's lots of them in the future, esp with Ju posing with the trophies!

    Hopefully there's one too in England! Praying for her next year!